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How Do You Delete Pages In A PDF?

If you are using Delete Pages In Pdf Reader Dc, It’s very simple!! Just select the PDF that you want to delete pages from and right click on it and choose open with Google Chrome..Then Click on Print Tab shown in the right top corner and select printer as “ Save as PDF” and choose pages that you want to keep and save and it’s done..The new PDF will be saved on the desktop with only selected pages!! This may work with other PDF converters also.. Have not tried yet..Please try if it works there as well..!! Hope it could help you!

Delete Pages from PDF: All You Need to Know

Thanks to my friend David for the following information. I've just discovered Google Chrome, and I'm enjoying it so far, so I downloaded a beta version of it called Google Chrome 11. It is amazing and I absolutely love it. So I decided to write a little tutorial on how to change the “Page-Break” in a PDF file from a full page to a section of a page, and the “Page-Break” in a PDF file from full page to half page and all the way from a side page to the end. How to Change the Page-Break in a PDF File 1– Open up Google Chrome (not the beta) and type “chrome://settings/content” and then open the settings page and go to the general tab 2– In the general setting page you will see the following options, click on “General” and then select “Change Page-Break” to apply this change 3– Then.

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