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PDF has been the standard for more than two decades and remains stable and unchanged. Files look the same no matter what device you’re viewing them on and their quality doesn’t depend on the browser you’re using.
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PDF files work with fillable fields. The document’s author can place blank boxes anywhere on the page and request information from a recipient like text, date, and electronic signature. This type of file also accepts security conditions and access permissions.
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How to delete pages in PDF online quickly:

Upload and open your document with an advanced online editor.
Make edits and type text. Change the font, color, and size.
Blackout or highlight important information.
Change or remove pages in your PDF.
Enhance your form with interactive dropdowns and smart fillable fields.
Add unique annotations, comments, and watermarks.
Sign your document electronically with a built-in Signature Wizard.
Press DONE to download, save, and send the form or start over again.

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Choose the best online PDF editor! Take a look at how popular deleting pages solutions’ features differ from each other. Our performance comparison chart frees up your time and makes it easy to search the web for the best editor.
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Merge PDF
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What Our Customers Say

This tool makes it so easy to remove pages! I didn't even have to install anything. All I need is a couple of clicks and it's done.
Small Business Owner
Business Owner): It's made my bookkeeping so much easier. It helps me delete the pages I don't need from my PDF files.
What I like most about this PDF Editor is the ability to easily update my documents by deleting pages. It saves me a huge amount of time.

How to delete pages in PDF files

This online tool enables you to remove unnecessary pages from PDFs in a matter of seconds. Upload the file, select the pages and get your new document instantly.

Using Your Browser

on MS Windows

with Mac

Using Adobe Acrobat

How to remove pages in PDF files using your browser

Modern internet browsers offer a number of additional features for document management. For instance, Google Chrome enables its users to install browser extensions. Therefore, the tool for deleting pages in PDF documents will always be just one click away. However, regardless of the browser, you can easily remove an unnecessary page from the file using online without any installation and free of charge.
The simple step-by-step guidelines below will help you delete a page in PDF document within a couple of seconds:
Type our website address in the search field of your web browser.
Open the website and import the document you want to change.
Press the thumbnails of the pages you wish to remove or enter their numbers in the corresponding field.
Submit the changes.
Save the new document to your device or cloud storage.
Our tool has one more benefit: instead of downloading the resulting file, you can proceed with editing it in our feature-rich online editor. Besides, there is no need to worry about data security. Due to the cutting-edge encryption standards, the content of your documents is well-protected. Moreover, as soon as the process of deleting is over, the file is also removed from our storage. Our platform has a user-friendly interface, which makes it an easy tool even for not really tech-savvy users. Choose our online solution to save your time and money.

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How to remove pages in PDF files with Windows

The market share of Windows OS users is significantly bigger than that of Mac owners. Nevertheless, devices working on Windows do not have any default app for deleting a page in PDF. There are several ways to solve this problem: install a specialized application on your device, use a professional tool (which can be costly) or choose an online solution that requires neither installation nor payment. Our tool is an easy-to-use resource with a user-friendly interface that helps you complete the process within a few clicks.
Follow the guidelines below and see how simple deleting pages in PDF files can be:
Open your browser and go to our website.
Import the file you want to make changes to.
Select the preview images of the pages you want to remove.
Press Delete and wait till the process is completed.
Download the document or continue editing it. has a number of advantages as compared with other online tools. Firstly, clear instructions on the buttons make the process as simple as possible. Secondly, provided a smooth internet connection, the whole procedure will take a couple of seconds. And thirdly, at the end of the process, you receive an additional option: a full-fledged online editor with a rich selection of tools for editing your PDFs. Use our solution and experience its benefits on your own.

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How to remove pages in PDF files on Mac

Mac users have a privilege in terms of editing PDFs in comparison with those who use other operating systems. Mac OS has an in-built app called Preview that, among other things, enables its users to delete pages in PDF files without any third-party solutions. Except for removing pages from the document, Preview provides a wide range of tools to choose from: page order rearrangement, merging, adding notes, highlighting text and many other features.
See how to remove document in Preview on your MacBook:
Open the file you want to change in Preview on your Mac OS device.
Click on the toolbar to open the sidebar drawer with the list of page thumbnails.
Select the thumbnails of the pages you need to remove.
Choose Delete in the Edit option.
Save the new file.
The process is fast and simple. However, it is always better to have an alternative solution. The best option here is Due to the solution's online nature, you don't need to install anything on your MacBook. Besides, it is free and does not limit its users in the number of documents per day. And the cherry on top is our feature-rich online editor, which you can use after deleting pages in PDF files. Upon completing the process of page removal you will have two options: download the file or proceed with editing.

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How to remove pages in PDF files using Adobe Acrobat

The name of this solution is familiar to anyone who works with PDFs since it's Adobe who created the Portable Document Format. Therefore, the solution provides a wide range of tools for managing this file type, including deleting pages in PDF documents. The first thing you should pay attention to is that the platform is not free. As soon as the trial period (one week) is over, you will have to pay for it. Besides, the installation of Adobe's application is a necessity.
Follow the steps below to delete a page in PDF with Adobe Acrobat:
Go to the official website and install the app.
Open your file in the application and choose the Organize Pages option.
Click on the preview image of the page(s) you wish to remove and press the trash bin icon.
Hit the OK button to confirm the removal.
Submit the changes and save the new document.
As you can see, the process is quick and simple. However, if you don't want to install anything on your device or pay for it, is a better choice for you. Our online solution combines a user-friendly interface, fast operation and is free of charge. With reliable internet connection, our tool will help you within a few clicks. Choose and get an opportunity to modify an unlimited number of documents per day from any device or operating system.

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How to delete pages in a PDF file
Open your internet browser and type ‘online PDF editor’ or our website’s address into the search bar. On the homepage, upload a file, choose the pages you want to remove (their thumbnails or numbers), click Delete, and save the resulting doc. Other variants include installing a similar application on your device or using a professional editor.
How to delete PDF pages online
If you don’t want to take up your device’s memory, an online solution is a perfect choice. Open our editor, import a document, click on the unnecessary page(s), and hit the button inscribed with Delete. Provided you have a smooth internet connection, the whole procedure will take a couple of seconds.
How to remove a PDF page on Mac
Mac users can remove pages from their PDF files by means of Preview. The procedure is as follows; open a document in Preview, go to the Sidebar, click on the thumbnail of the page you are going to delete, and press Delete.
Why can’t I delete pages from a PDF file?
The main reason could be because the document you want to edit might be password-protected. In the case, if the owner of the file didn’t provide you with the password, try the printing hack. Simply select the pages you need and hit save file as PDF instead of print.
How to remove PDF pages
If you’re reading this FAQ on your website just, upload a doc, choose the page(s) you wish to remove, save the changes, and download the resulting file to your desktop\mobile device. Mind that many online solutions have a size limit for files. If you aren’t on our website, simply go to and follow the instructions above.
How to delete PDF pages on an iPhone
To delete unnecessary pages from a PDF, iPhone users need a third-party application, for instance, a professional editor (note that it can be expensive), an iOS app, or an online cross-platform solution. The most convenient variant is an online editor: go to the website, import the file, select the page(s) to be deleted and save the resulting doc without having to register.
How to remove a page from a PDF without Acrobat
If you don’t want to spend money on Adobe Acrobat editing tools, there’s a wide range of alternatives: browser extensions, specialized applications, and online solutions. Open our PDF editor in your browser, upload a document, click on the unnecessary pages and save the resulting file. The process takes a few seconds and doesn’t take any memory on your device.
Can I remove PDF pages in Chrome?
Yes, of course. Simply open Chrome, drag and drop a file you want to work with, select Print, then Save as PDF. Click on the pages you want to keep in the new document, save the changes, and after, rename the file.
Can I delete pages from a PDF without registering an account?
There are plenty of online PDF editors that don’t require you to create an account. If you want to use our tool, after editing your document, you’ll need to create one. Import a PDF file, select the page(s) for removal, and save the result. After that, all you have to do is register for your account and get access to a rich set of cloud-based editing tools.
How can I remove PDF pages using an Android?
There are several options available; install an app, use a professional editor, or select a free online solution. Open up our PDF editor, drag and drop or import a file, select the pages to be deleted or enter their numbers manually. Hit Delete and download your new file.