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How Do I Delete A Page In Ms Word?

Go to the top of the blank page and press the delete button until thr content of the page below comes to the top of this page. Then all the below content would remain intact as well as the page would be deleted

Delete Pages from PDF: All You Need to Know

The reason why you don't want this trick to work is because by doing the trick while typing, the text of that page will move off the screen. So you will be stuck with the page layout you know. The reason for this trick being useful when there is more content than can fit on a cell for example is that you can simply use the same trick to move the text over the content that is currently on screen and still maintain your original layout. This trick was created by an author on this site. The author is an avid gamer. He often finds himself needing to move text around the cell for which he has created the layout within the cell. This trick works for any cell, whether it is a row, column or span. If you want to change your layout of text and pictures in the.

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