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How To Delete A Page In Word 2018: What You Should Know

Click Delete from the left-hand side of the page. · If all you want to do is delete the contents of the page, click the dropdown to the right of the Delete button. 5. To delete a page in Microsoft Word, you can simply hit Delete on the keyboard: Click on any blank page (i.e., that one isn't empty) or any page you don't want to delete. Click the arrow to reveal the Delete button. Select “Delete” instead of Delete all. 6. If you want to copy the contents of a selected page, select the text by clicking the copy button and then paste the text into another application. 7. If you want to copy the first word or the first letter then simply click the arrow next to the arrow to the left of the Delete button. 8. Hit the Delete key to save the changes and then close Word. Microsoft Word does not have specific page removal tools like Pages and Keynote. Instead, the company focuses on creating new tools to facilitate tasks like document organization and collaborating digitally. How to Delete an Unwanted Page in Microsoft Word — Delete Pages in the Navigation Pane Aug 5, 2024 — To delete any pages in the navigation toolbar, just click on the Delete all option in the Navigation pane. Windows has dedicated deletion tools for every document type, so your most likely solution is to follow the instructions we've outlined. How to Remove an Unwanted Page From Word — Add a Page to Your Favorites Dec 19, 2024 — This page appears when you launch Word in Windows and you don't want to see it again. If you want to change that, you can add a page to your Favorites or delete the page completely using to Delete a Page tool. 1. Open Word (or open Word if you're on a Mac). 2. Go to File or Options in the Ribbon. 3. Click Favorites. 4. Click Add Page to Favorites on the page that appears. 5. Select a category of content. 6. You can also add multiple pages at the same time by using the Add page to Favorites function. 7. Select the page or pages you want to remove. 8. Click the Delete button. 9. Click Yes to confirm. 10. Click the arrow on the top to close Word.

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