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Delete Page In Word: What You Should Know

Tips for Using a Desktop Application in Windows How to Create a New Desktop or Folder You can create a new system folder that will open a single PDF file, and you can also create a Desktop shortcut that will open a single PDF file. How to Create an Alternative PDF App in Windows 10 When browsing for a desktop PDF application in Windows 10, it should point to a program that allows you to open PDF files and convert them to a variety of formats. Why Did Microsoft Remove Print Preview in Windows? — Shut This feature was removed because most other portable programs don't have it, and it was causing the Explorer application to open all the files automatically. How to Save Documents via Print Preview in Windows 10? When you save a PDF file by putting a file-name under the File → Save option, it should show some options that let you choose a different file name (such as a .pdf.) How to Add a File to a Microsoft Project from the Windows Start Menu You can add any new document by right-clicking it and selecting Add to a project. When you do this the document will be added to your project folder and available for all of your project's open workbooks. This feature should work in Windows 10 and any newer version. How to Manually Set the Page Size in a Microsoft Excel Workbook? To resize a table by dragging points up or down while viewing it in Microsoft Excel the document should contain the following line of code, depending on the version of Excel you are using: function SetToPageScale (x1) {X2 = x1 (x2- 1);} How to Add a Chart to an Excel Workbook As Microsoft Office doesn't include one, you can create one from your own Charting code. How to Add Custom Chart Styles to an Excel Workbook? If you have a chart in your workbook and if you would like to add custom chart types to it, here are two useful macros to get you started. Copy and paste the two lines into a new macro and start your workbook. How to Drag an Equation to Your Workbook? If you already know the formula used to pull data from your table, then you can simply copy and paste the code into the new worksheet. How to Remove a Blank Column Header? To remove a blank column header from your workbook, just make sure that the 'Name' column is empty.

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