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Delete Key On Macbook Pro: What You Should Know

How do I get the delete button to delete forward?  Press the delete key at the beginning or end of the row you wish to delete and release it How to Delete Backward — Reddit How to Delete Backward — MacRumors (Reddit) What if I want to delete a folder in another location? Simply rename it to something else and that will delete it.  Can I use Finder, or other apps, to create a new folder on the desktop? This is an interesting trick. On Mac OS X it has to be a new folder with a.desktop file in it. On Windows it doesn't have to be a new program, it just has to save a.desktop file. If an app is creating a folder on your file system, it won't delete it, it can only show it.  What does.desktop mean? An.desktop file is a shortcut file to a program that has an icon on the desktop of your system. You simply drag and drop it into the desktop window with other shortcuts in the same folder. If you need any more information on where.desktop files can go you can read some wiki pages. Just don't expect this program to show up in any of them. How to Delete a File With No Desktop.desktop — (Note: I had to edit this to say “without any desktop file”, not “and no.desktop file.”) If you simply drag the file to a folder (in Windows this is done by right-clicking the file and selecting “open with...”), it won't appear in the program bar. Open the program, and you'll see what you have. To delete it, simply double click it in the program bar. How to create a file.desktop with no extension in Mac? In Mac OS X (10. 6. 2 only) you can create a file by double-clicking on it and selecting the “New...” shortcut that appears. If you have a specific document that you want to share with others in the Mac, you can create a .DSK file with no extension in your desktop folder. You put the .DSK file (just a file), and then share it with another person. I have a guide here on how to use this.   How can I Delete Files, Folders, or Folders Without.

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Why doesn 19t the delete key on MacBook Pro delete selected files on Windows? I have installed Windows on Mac.
Not exactly sure what you mean by installing Windows of Mac. Are you talking about running it inside a Virtual Box Parallels or Fusion virtual machine or through Dual Boot? Regardless if your delete key doesn work in your Windows installation then it usually means that the proper keyboard driver isn installed or the delete key been remapped. If youre using VMWare Fusion or Parallels make sure that you have the latest version of their tools installed to make sure all of the drivers are properly installed (video keyboard SCSI driver for the drives Bluetooth Modem etc.). Same with Dual Boot.
My delete key on a Macbook Pro stopped functioning. What should I do?
Oh i want to share my experience Last month i cleaned my MacBook keyboard with wet clothe while it was powered on but in sleep mode Later that night i found four keys were not working I tried everything but failed eventually i had to order the entire keyboard online and replaced it myself took 3 hours since i had to tear down the entire hardware and had to un screw 56 small keyboard screws and now i have a working keyboard You can find the keyboard of your model at Find Quality Wholesalers Suppliers Manufacturers Buyers and Products from Our Award-Winning International Trade Site. Wholesale Products from China Wholesalers at . I purchased mine for $18 US bucks Hope this helps I dont find any solution to replace the delete key to eject key since there are four keys we can switch via settings which are cmdalt contol and one another Meanwhile when i was waiting for my order i used to work by opening the onscreen keyboard You can simply find how to use the onscreen keyboard by google
Where's the delete button on MacBook Pro (to delete a folder)?
To delete a folder on the Mac drag it to the Trash (it's at the far right of the bottom-of-screen Dock.) As far as I know you can't delete a folder by pressing Backspace. The shortcut generally used is Command + Delete. To delete a file select it by single-clicking on it and then pressing Command + Delete. Worth noting Many Mac shortcuts are extremely different from their Windows counterparts. For example Command + O opens a file while Enter renames it. If you would like more information check out this page Apple's official list of keyboard shortcuts. s Thank you for the answer request!
Why is the MacBook power button located right next to the delete key?
There already a great answer to this Roderick Chow's answer to Why is the MacBook power button located right next to the delete key? answer aid 449789 but I feel there another reason. Why did Apple do it? Because they can - because theyve mitigated as many adverse effects as possible already in the way their OS works. On a Windows PC it might be annoying to bump the power button by mistake because it likely that the machine would immediately start going into standby hibernation or turning off. On a Mac that process is less of an interruption because it a very quick standby that can be reactivated within a couple of seconds by tapping it again. On a Windows PC you have to repurpose an existing key. Apple devices don concern themselves with legacy support - your Macbook isn suddenly going to get a DVD drive retro-fitted any day soon - so there no loss of functionality. Update for the modern era Macbooks no longer have power keys they have a touch ID sensor which doubles as an on switch. You can use it to turn the machine off at all you have to do that through software. Standby is achieved by closing the lid. So all in all it a simple optimisation of space with no drawbacks. It because they can.
Has Apple ever made a product with bad design?
Actually Apple made several products with bad designs sometimes really bad. Some of the products made during the Steve Job era revolutionized tech forever; however some of the more recent products are IMHO a total disgrace. Disclaimer I am a bit of an Apple fanboy and I assume itpletely. italic I am a pro video editor and my MacBook is late 211 because it runs dual-core i7 and you can change the battery motherboard and upgrade the RAM. On MacBook from 212 or more recent you can even change the battery! It one of the best laptop ever made Recently in my opinion Apple had failed to deliver professional grade products and got trapped into producing one gimmick after another. Here are some of the worst Apple products ever made. Here is the mouse I use at work It called the Magic mouse and in theory supports multi-gestures like my MacBook trackpad. But none of the gesture I use constantly with my MacBook (like finger-sweeping 1 2 3 4 or 5 fingers recognition zoom pinch etc) work. Literally *none* of them. For instance when Im trying to go sideways scrolling through my Final Cut Pro X timeline with 2 fingers theputer think I want to scroll through all my open apps which normally takes 4 fingers and as result I cannot scroll through my timeline using the touch interface Heck my 211 MacBook have *perfect* recognition of all OS X multi-gestures. Really?! But. I can still use it and it doesn bug me out too much except for when the battery is done because Here is the same mouse charging Now WTF! I can use the mouse when it plugged in. italic First that a mouse designed for iMac which are desktopputers so it doesn even need Bluetooth. italic Bluetooth is just supposed to be a bonus. But here I can use the mouse while charging it. Hell Im working 8 hours a day with this mouse so yeah it happens that I forget about such a moronic designe back the next morning and have to wait for the mouse to charge up before I can start working on my projects. italic I guess Ill just get myself a nice mouse from a third-partypany just to use at work. Wow. To top all off Apple will market this as a pro product which is why I have to work with this. Im out. *facepalm* Here is another design from Apple The infamous new MacBook Pro. Yeah everyone is raving about it! Wow. It so beautiful. It gets a touch bar on top of the keyboard! Amazing! But it all really just a gimmick. Because you know what? In practice appart of making your laptop looking more edgy this touch bar change *nothing at all*. Why? Because if you notice the touch bar actually replaces the row of F keys on top of MacBook keyboards. Here is the touch-bar featuring all the mostmon functions for the F keys. What most people don know is all those F keys were always programmable. italic First you really don need more than the typical functions in order to do perform most tasks people do on aputer. Most of us don even make use of the rewind play and fast-forward button nor the mission control mode or the dashboard I personally use the trackpad for all this! In pro applications you can program your F keys - in fact if you dig a little deeper you could program those keys in all sort of ways. But point is Im already doing what the touch bar is supposed to let you do italic speeding up your workflow by customizing functions accessible with one click; and let you control your application with gesture which I already do with my trackpad anyway! Because of the touch-bar this thing retails at 17$ which is laughable for the performance. I mean look at the specs Display size 256 x 16 PC CPU Intel Core i5 PC Memory 8GB 1866MHz LPDDR3 Graphics Intel Iris Graphics 55 Storage 256GB PCIe SSD VS my 211 MacBook Display size 13-inch screen (non-retina) 1 28 x 8 PC CPU Inter Core i7 PC Memory 4 Go 1333 MHz DDR3 Graphics Intel HD Graphics 3 384 Mo Storage Serial ATA 75gb My MacBook Pro cost me 6 $ italic used and have a better CPU than the latest MacBook Pro costing 27$. Edit the CPU is not technically better since it a SandyBridge i7 VS a last generation i5. I would need to run benchmarksparing both CPUs. However my point is that Apple introduced a 3K machine that doesn have at least a quadcore i7 KabyLake. That a rip-off it you ask me. Yes it not retina (although I couldn see the difference and use an external display for pro work anyway). There are tiny improvements on the RAM (you can get 16 gb of RAM anyway in the 211 edition and I get some nice RAM). Still the GPU on both are really average - it doesn matter for me as Im using an nVidia Quadro K22 (understand a Ferrari) as an external GPU anyway and I only plug it in when I need to render heavy VFX or to edit heavy RAW 4K footage which doesn happen everyday for me. Now here the thing Most pros in the world of video music production etc use MacBook pros. I haven seen a single one of the new MacBook pros. Not a single one. The new Mac Pros are being replaced with Hackintosh meaning custom-built PC with OS X installed - it more or less legal but manypanies do this. All-in-all as a pro a 211 MacBook Pro satisfies me more than their newest offering. And the average consumer doesn have 27$ to spend on a fancy laptop. I personally rather have my 5$ GPU and save my money to invest in a Gigabyte Aero (with the best screen on the market better than MacBook as it is Pantone X-rite certified) when myputer bes irrelevant. Heck I can buypanies overstockputers for 3$ that perform just as well as the newest Mac Pro. Apple will be obsolete in the pro world even tho it used to be the norm in the creative industries. They will lose their market share for consumer laptops (they pretty much already have anyway). Don even get me started on the new iPhones and whatnot. I really do believe that under Jobs Apple was in a Golden era never to be seen again and smallerpanies like Gigabyte offer much better alternatives. I expect to see less and less MacBook Pros iMacs and Mac pros in my industry and theyll bepletely extinct in 5 years from now.
Should I buy a MacBook Pro?
Short answer no. Long answer Unless you have a specific reason to. If you do iOS app development or want the seamless Apple ecosystem go for it rather than an unstable hackintosh. Good factors about the MacBook Pron1) The trackpad. The trackpad is amazingpared to many other Windows laptops that have awful trackpads. (Disclaimer trackpad sucks on bootcamp) 2) Sound quality. The MacBook Pro has wonderful sound quality (sucks on bootcamp too). The audio is crisp that you be pampered by it and would really hate the sound quality of Windows laptops. Why won't I buy it? There are a few factors. 1) Battery life. Battery is horrible and needs to be constantly charged which causes the battery to deteriorate super quickly. 2) Where are my **PORTS?!** To IT pros this may be controversial but to a normal user that has a whole bucket of USB-A accessories including your flash drive and your external SSD USB-C is not going to cut it without tangling yourself with dongles. 3) Graphics (for 13-inch version). It just sucks. Intel Iris Plus Graphics? Yuck. 4) macOS. macOS is one of the most buggy and unstable OSes which is buggy (as said) bloated and slow. Trust me ask around and you'd find that every Mac user has experienced at least 1 kernel panic in their life. And Apple just doesn't want to address this issue. 5) Display. This may be controversial. The display itself has a high resolution and is actually great but it is the shiny where when your kid touches the display lightly and you'd have a hard to remove smudge on it. You wipe with your finger instinctively. It gets worse. 6) Price. Apple priced themselves out of the market. Really. For this kind of specs 4 USB-C ports and no other ports (ugghh if you have other USB-A accessories) a rubbish display that smudges when you touch lightly on it (even though the display in tech terms is good in resolution) and an absolutely shi t graphics not worth spending S$2699 (or US$1799) for the 4 thunderbolt port version.
Where is the backspace on my MacBook Pro?
Lots of answers saying that it the delete key. That not correct. A proper backspace italic does not delete the character; it just moves the cursor. On a Mac it the leftmost of the set of keys with arrows in the lower right corner of the keyboard. Consider You notice you left out a letter when you spelled bacspace and you want to go back to add the k. If you use the delete key to get there youll have to re all the following letters; if you use backspace you can just add it in.
Where is the built-in microphone located on a MacBook Pro?
MacBook Pro traditionally have the microphone placed at two distinct locations. The MacBook Pro 15u233 with space for the speaker grid on both sides usually have the microphone positioned under the left speaker grid. The MacBook Pro 13u233 (before the 217 model) with more limited space so no speaker grids has the microphone positioned on the left bottom part above the ESC key on a very delicate grid of mini-holes. The MacBook Pro 13u233 (current model) has speaker grids and usually have the 3 microphone array positioned under that area. And for information only the MacBook Air has it on its side. The 212 model one mic and the 213 two mics. It is a very interesting question and my first natural assumption was that the microphones would be located on the display hazel at the top part close to the camera wrooonngggg -) Best regards Leonardo
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