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Today's presentation is for a tool that we developed at PDF automation station comm and this tool will allow you to place a PDF stamp on every single page of a document or at any range of pages this document as you can see here is 41 pages what I'm going to do is apply a stamp to that first I'm just gonna use this X that's available in the sign here stand menu and I'll make that bigger so that you can see that in the pages panel that I can open right now and you see the X right there and none of the other pages has an X I'll select that stamp and then I'll activate the stamp multiple pages tool and there's a few options here the one that it's defaulted to tells me to apply the selected stamp to all pages and it tells you right here it's one to forty one so I'll just click OK and if you take a look here at the pages panel you'll see the X's come in and that's that's all there is to it it's on every page now if I want to delete all those stamps except for one I just have to select that I'm on page 5 right now and I'll activate that tool again I'll select delete all stamps I'll click OK and it leaves that one deletes all the rest dollars to it again this is available at PDF automation station dot-com thank you for watching.