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Delete Blank Page In Word: What You Should Know

Remove Remove unwanted pages—Microsoft Support Remove an unwanted blank page in Microsoft Word How to Delete a Blank Page in the Web Browser You can remove blank pages from the browsers you use by searching for the site you want to delete and clicking Delete.


How do I delete a blank page in Word 2010?
Click the button that shows paragraph marks. It on the Home tab and looks like a paragraph mark. When paragraph marks are visible you might see something that says Page Break. Put your cursor on that and press Backspace. If you don see Page Break you might have formatting in a paragraph that puts a page break before it. That paragraph will have a little black dot next to it. Put your cursor somewhere in the paragraph. On the Home tab click the little arrow at the bottom right of the Paragraph group. Youll see a dialog box with two panes. Click the one that says Line and Page Breaks. In there uncheck Page break before.
What is the shortcut to delete a blank page in Word 2007?
Delete a page You can delete a blank page in a Word document including a blank page that occurs at the end of the document by deleting page breaks. You can alsobine two pages by deleting the page break between them. Delete a blank page Make sure that you're in Draft view (on the View menu in the status bar click Draft). If nonprinting characters such as paragraph markers (ub6) are not visible on Home in the Paragraph group click Show Paragraph mark. To delete a blank page select the page break at the end of the page and then press DELETE. Delete a single page of content You can select and delete a single page of content anywhere in your document. Place your cursor anywhere in the page of content that you want to delete. On the Home tab in the Find group click the arrow next to Find and then click Go To. Word Ribbon Image Type page and then click Go To. The content of the page is selected. Click Close and then press DELETE.
How do I delete a blank page in Word on a Mac?
The first thing I would do is click the button in the Home tab that has a paragraph symbol on it. This will make so-called non-printing characters visible. Then you will be able to see what is putting the blank page in there. Most likely it a forced page break or excessive paragraph returns which sometimes have a tendency to build up at the end of a document. Delete those unneeded elements and your blank page(s) will go away.
How can I delete blank pages on Microsoft Word 2016?
Go to the VIEW tab select Navigation Pane in the Show section select the blank page thumbnail in the left panel and press your delete key until it is removed. Check your sections Go to the PAGELAYOUT tab click the Margins button and select Custom Margins. And if you need cheap MS products try our website 1special. Weve been selling it for years and quite steady and reliable! Almost all 5% OFF! I hope it can be of help!
How do I delete a blank page in MS Word without affecting other pages' content?
Let say you have 3 pages in the document and the 2nd page is the blank page that you want to remove. In this case put the cursor at the first letter in the 3rd page and press Backspace key; it will remove the previous blank page and the content from 3rd page will now be at 2nd page. I hope that helps.
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