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PDFarranger: What You Should Know

A similar program, is written by Konstantin. Here is how Arranger looks like: Arranger comes with a simple user interface. Arranger also provides some useful functionality that can be easily achieved. Split Arranger supports various PDF documents, including those that are converted to a form of CF file. To be able to convert PDF documents to CF documents, Arranger has support for XPDF2PDF libraries. You can split PDF documents using various standard text file and XML editor's, like vim, or by using the Arranger window. File Management Using the Arranger is pretty simple. You simply press the “F” key to open the menu. From there you can select a file from the menu, move it to a newly created “Arranger” folder in your home folder, or simply delete it. Arranger Features File Selection To select a PDF document from the Arranger menu, just press the “F” key in order to open the Arranger window and open the folder in your home. File Transfer Using the Arranger window, you can transfer the document from one PC to another PC, or vice versa. To transfer the document, press the “V” button. Copy and Paste With the “F” key pressed, you can copy a given PDF document in one file from the Arranger to another. It will also transfer the files containing each other in the same way. If you want to edit the text, press the “V” button, or press the text box in the Arranger window to type the text from your clipboard. Resize and rotate In order to manipulate PDF pages, you can resize and rotate them. The document's text and page text can be displayed separately. To configure to rotate and resize features, click the “R” key in order to open the Window Preferences window. In there, select which PDF page you want to rotate and resize. Resize, rotate and paste Using your mouse, select and manipulate a chosen text document. You can also move the page texts. The page text can be displayed separately by clicking on the “V” button.

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What is the best PDF splitter and merger for Linux?
Besides the popularmand-line based PDFtk have a look at jeromerobert s . It a very nice graphical tool with a friendly and helpful developer
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