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Instructions and Help about mac insert jpg in pdf

Music hey guys on today's show I'm gonna teach you how to convert any PNG file or jpg into PDF so first of all just to show you this is a PNG and right here if I go get info you guys can see that it's a jpg so let me just zoom in jpg all right the other one same PNG okay so let's open this up so to open this up right click on it you guys aren't gonna open it up with preview so open with preview it's very first thing we have to do we're gonna do everything with preview preview is built-in to your Mac you don't have to download it it's a free program it's gonna do a lot with it so on the preview just go into file that's up here alright let me just go right here file from father you guys are gonna put export sure you can go to export as PDF right away but I wanted to show you some of the options that you guys have so it's just going to export under export down here below you guys can choose PDF and the reason why we went this way is because I want to show you all the other options you guys have you guys can also convert this into each JPEG you guys can also compare it into all these other options including the PDF that this video is made for the quality wise you guys should just don't just don't do a filter I don't really recommend the filters because you guys really don't want this unless your PDF is really big then you may want to go back and reduce the file size most of you don't want to do that you want to keep that quality that your JPEG or PNG is that so just leave it as is and that's it just press save so if I go back I should see my PDF Radia alright so it's the same thing if I want to do the same thing with my JPEG or PNG alright so I'm gonna open up this guy go to the exact same thing file export and PDF okay I'm gonna replace it has the same name so that's why but for this sample video the same thing so here's my PDF so again you don't need Acrobat you guys don't need anything in order to do this it's really really simple anyways if you guys have any comments questions you can written down here in the comments area don't forget subscribe and rate thank you Music Applause Music.