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What features would make Quora better?
I love Quora because it mirrors life and just like life it is unfair. It is difficult to make life fair for all. But can we think of something to make Quora fairer. To address this and suggest a feature I bring to you A tale of two famous Quorans. Three weeks ago I wrote an answer. Ravi Atal's answer to Why do a few Indian men stare at the girls walking on the road like they have never seen a girl before? s You don need to read above answer just know that this answer was almost universally praised which I consider to be good since it is a fairly controversial topic. Till now it has 63K Views and i.e 1 upvote per 17 views. Now let dig deep. Table below shows number of views In short the answer view progression can be summed up March 7314 Lean period March 15321 Boom March 22327 Decline and death March 28 Resurgence Are you interested in knowing what happened that lead to this Let understand this by following sequence of events. March 7 I answered the Question March 15 One of the very popular Quoran upvoted my answer. I don want to name her but I am grateful to her. The boom started with her upvote since the answer started to circulate among her 8k+ followers. Since her followers are also people having good number of followers and the answer hit the chord the Boom started. March 22 I had a discussion with another famous Quoran on an unrelated answer (not mine) inment section. Now this famous Quoran is vindictive. He reported my answers on mass basis and within six hours two of my answers collapsed. I assume as this person must has a large presence on Quora his report is acted upon quickly (I don know but I believe Quora must have an internal Rank (similar to CLV) attached to all users. So my answer was collapsed when it was the top answer and was gaining views and upvotes. Now you can say that it is my paranoia but let see these two screenshots The difference between two collapses are 1 minutes. How likely it is that Quora randomly reviewed two of my answers consecutively ? Isn it more likely that someone reported my content ? Now as there was nothing not nice and not respectful in the answer I appealed but me being non relevant guy (again based on my internal rank that Quora has) it wasn reviewed. I sent a mail and then after a few days I got this However this wasn the end. I checked with my friend and it still was collapsed. I appealed again and finally I got this. So it took me seven days to get my answer reviewed and reinstated. Now I understand that people who have invested more time and effort here in Quora over the years deserve to be get weightage and preference. I am not against it and I am ready to pour in my time and sweat here. So I am okay with the logic of how the answers are being circulated and getting views. I just don want that some vindictive and immature person use his influence to collapse genuine answers of new writers. What the solution ? Let borrow something from Cricket - DRS Proposed Change Everyone gets only a fixed number of downvotes and reports per day However if your report leads to a genuine BNBR violation you would get additional report. For example let say I can report 2 answers per week and if I report 1 answer which actually violates BNBR the counter stays at 2 but if the answer is found out not to violate BNBR later (as it happened in my case) the counter changes to 1. Report and Downvote features are needed but they don have any accountability since the names aren made visible. We need to ensure that a new writer is not bullied because of different views. An account should only get a fixed number of report and downvote per week and their history should be monitored as to how accurate is their reporting.