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Linux Install PDF Shuffler: What You Should Know

The installer asks me that the folder/folder name contains the name of the package or its version number. Is there something wrong with my system? I found a few other similar videos on YouTube.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing linux install pdf shuffler


I am willing to shift in Linux Mint from Windows 10 permanently. What should I do after the first install?
I suggest you not go cold-turkey all at once. The trouble is it is different. Any change is different. and such means youre going to have some time spent getting used to those differences. Mint is one of the Linuxes where the difference is minimized about as much as it can be. Many things appear similar to how windows did it. But you are still going to find some aspects which are weird read not familiar. For this reason I suggest you keep a Windows installation handy as a fallback. Just in case you run into a situation where you need something to be done right now but can figure it out don have the time to lookup how to aplish this right this moment. At least you can jump into a familiar setting to do it there in a way you have already known from before. This means something like a windows installation kept as extra. Be that anotherputer a dual boot on the sameputer or running windows inside a VM inside Mint. horizontal-rule You mention after the install so Im guessing you already axed Windows. If you did a dual boot (installed Mint alongside Windows) or you still have anotherputer with Windows then ignore this. Only if you really have no Windows available anymore Not to worry get hold of a Windows ISO (download from Microsoft for the official one) install Virtualbox through Mint Software Manager then fire up a new VM in Virtualbox pointing it to that windows ISO you downloaded - it will install windows into that VM and you can then run windows as if it a program in Mint. This is an easy way to get stuff done which you can figure out just now. If there some programs you still depend on perhaps just so you can convert save their data. If you then do get to the point where you no longer need Windows by all means delete that VM. It just files on your storage device. horizontal-rule Anyhow in general the first things to do after youve installed Mint Perform a manual update. Mint has a GUI tool which should notify you if there are updates but just to be on the safe side I suggest you run a forced update just after the install. Open the menu and start typing update the app should appear in the list as you . Following that ensure all needed drivers are present and correct. Again in the menu drivers. One option should be something like driver manager or additional drivers. This opens a program which looks through your hardware devices and checks if there are better drivers available for those - one click to install as needed. In particular things like Nvidia graphics cards can be installed this way to get the best performance out of them. Next Try it out see what and where the programs are which have been included. See if there any you don like or if there are some you like to swap out for alternatives. Peruse the Software Manager to see if there are any others you also want to install. This is very similar to the Google Play store or Apple iStore for phones - only it for Linux Mint. This is also where you uninstall anything you don want. Say e.g. you don like the included Firefox browser but want Chromium instead. That Software Manager is where you both uninstall FF and install Chr. Same applies to all other such programs. If you want even more fine grained control and fiddle about with things such as libraries and dependencies install something called Synaptic Package Manager. Though this is only if you wish to fiddle with stuff. It is not needed for normal usage.
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