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Macbook Air Delete Key Not Working: What You Should Know

If you are trying to do a 'Catch and Release' with the delete key, make sure to also hit the 'Catch and Release' (default) key with your other fingers while you are moving the delete key. The delete key doesn't work. How to remove it, and what key it's on? — Reddit How to Remove Deletion Key On MacBook Air For the delete key on the MacBook, try [keyboard code=”D”]C[/keyboard code=”C”] [/keyboard code=”D”] or [keyboard code=”Q”]C[/keyboard code=”C”] [/keyboard code=”Q”] If that doesn't work, check System Preferences > Accessibility > Keyboard > Slow Keys. If you don't see it, you shouldn't be able to select that option in the first place. How to Fix the delete key on MacBook Air If you are trying to “Catch & Release” the delete key you can try setting your keyboard to 'auto release' by using Apple's System Preferences > Keyboard. If you are on OS X v10.9.6-12 it might be a system key issue. If it's still not working after that, you might try the following.   You might be able to fix this with a different keyboard control panel such as FKM AC, for example, here. You need to download and install Kathak to get it to work. Furthermore, you can find Kathak at this link If the “Delete” key does not appear to work, but the function keys do work normally, then you have to open your Control Center, then uncheck Slow Keys by clicking it. There's a section called 'Keyboard & Other System Preferences'. You need to deselect every single option except for slow keys. Make sure you do not have any non-alphanumeric characters in the text box as well. If it still doesn't work or if you have no idea what all of this means, please post a comment. I'll be glad to help you out! —M How to Uninstall Text Delete Key on MacBook Air After doing all the steps above, try to remove the text delete key from the main interface of your MacBook Air by going to Edit > Preferences > Other and unselecting 'Slow Keys' in the Keyboard section.

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Instructions and Help about macbook air delete key not working

Hi this is gary with let's look at the many uses of the delete key on your mac's keyboard macmost is brought to you thanks to a great group of more than a thousand supporters go to patreon there you can read more about the patreon campaign join us and get exclusive content and course discounts so the delete key is near the upper right corner of your mac keyboard you can use a variety of different things most of them of course having to do with deleting or removing something so the most obvious use is in a text document you can place the cursor anywhere by clicking and then you press the delete key and it will delete a single character before the text cursor and another way to delete text is to select the text first and then press delete so you can select several things like that then press delete and it will delete whatever is selected now on windows keyboards there's a delete key and a backspace key and what we're doing here when we press delete is really backspacing so how do you delete or as it's known on the mac forward delete the way to do that is look for the fn key on your keyboard on newer mac keyboards this has a globe on it hold the fn key and press delete and it will delete the character after the text cursor another way to do this is to use the keyboard combination control and then d that will also forward delete in most apps now if you hold the option key down and you press delete it will delete from the text cursor all the way back to the beginning of the word so look where the blinking...


How does the Mac keyboard map to the Windows OS?
The answer varies somewhat depending upon how Windows is installed and what keyboard you're using. If you're just using a full sized Mac keyboard (which they may not even sell any more) then Command bes the Windows key Option bes Alt function keys 1-12 map over only when the Function key is pressed in conjunction and some of the more esoteric dedicated keys like Eject may be non-functional. On the newer mini keyboards such as on the newer Macbook Airs there is no backspace key and so Function+Delete must be used instead. However if installing Windows using Bootcamp the Bootcamp Setup Assistant may be used prior to installation to install Mac-related Windows drivers to a USB key. These drivers map some expected functionality to the otherwise non-functional keys e.g. Eject works as expected as do volume control and keyboard and screen brightness. The following video reviews the new Macbook Air and describes (at around the 33 mark) a bunch of the translated functions when using Windows instead of OSX.n
Why do people like Apple products?
I have worked in IT with Windowsputers and I use Macs at home. I choose Apple products for the following reasons. BIG NUMBER ONE I am very knowledgeable in technology though that isn necessary for a Mac. The Mac includes open-source Apache PHP Perl and Ruby all of which can be updated or replaced. The Mac is also certified UNIX s which means that I can also apply any knowledge of UNIX or non-GUI Linux to Mac. I don care if Apple products are status products. I only care that they work. I enjoy Apple clever advertising but my purchase decisions are based on my needs their specs and the price. I don't know anyone named Jones so I don have to keep up with them. Low-end Macs and Apple consumer devices (such as phones) can be upgraded but in the real world their users don care. As you go up the product line more customization is possible. When I bought my 27u233 Mac I bought it with the minimum memory and upgraded it to 64GB with third-party memory before I even used it following Apple instructions s . Apple consistently doesn insist that everything it makes is new technology but they do insist that their design decisions are unique. Apple products cost more than if you were to add up the prices everything on the parts list. However the product is more than parts. It includes development and design negotiations for custom versions of parts assembly and shipping. You can build a duplicate yourself for less because parts cost more in low quantities your labor isn free and it takes a lot of timeplus you have to do your own testing. Apple created their own terminology to inform consumers; examples Retina Display. The Retina display is called that because the resolution is greater than the retina can discern. Today manypanies including Apple make products that exceed that resolution but Apple was first. I have never witnessed Apple insulting a customer. Occasionally I have witnessed them replacing and repairing products for free even though they are out of warranty in cases where the customer was panicky or desparate. I have seen them stand up to know-it-all customers with unreasonable demands. Apple customer service is in person at the Genius Bar. They take all the time you need. Diagnostics is always free. I have even witnessed an Apple Genius accurately ex to a customer how to configure Windows. Every rendition of every product (new generation) has technological improvements but not always earthshaking ones. There were touchscreen devices before Apple produced them but they were all difficult to use. I remember a device that was so sensitive to static electricity and operated itself unattended with undesirable results. Apple does not limit your ability to use what you purchased. You can customize upgrade and install third-party software. If you want to buy an app a song a movie you can buy it and import it from any source. You can install software that you didn buy on the App Store. Steve Jobs was an abusive leader with zero technical knowledge. His job was to ensure it looked pretty. That the raw truth. Steve Jobs was a marketing savant! Apple is pretty and from my point of view its place in the market is for consumers who do not know how to work tech and need a ging hand; it is also for experts who don want hardware technology to get in the way of their work. Apple products are not very prone to viruses and malware. I scan my hardware once every six months and haven found any in the last 13 years. Catalina has the operating system in a separate read-only volume that not even a superuser can access (with the sudomand on themand line). Malware can only affect user data but because of the Time Machine feature it would be easy to restore data. I could go on but I think Ive beat this subject to death. I will end with this Some Apple enthusiasts border on cult personality. Oh . . . if you have a dissenting opinion about Apple prepare to get kicked in the shins. Most Mac users are former Windows users who are euphoric that Macs work better. However the overwhelming majority of Mac users are not cultists. They are too busy using the products to worship them. Some people talk about Chinese sweatshop-like conditions and suicide nets atop the manufacturing plants but Macs are built in China by the samepany that builds Dellputers. All the best.
What did you miss the most when switching to a Mac from a PC?
The rare times I've been forced to work on a Mac at prior studios I start by drooling over the metallic finishes then admire my glorious glassy reflection for a few minutes and then I bootcamp Windows7. Why? Because I miss way way too much about Windows. Anyone who is remotelyfortable with Windows can power-use it to such a degree that you can smoke through any work process especially design. One of the biggest things I miss when working in Mac is the extremely robust file dialog operations you can perform in Windows. Here's an example. Rarely do I ever even need to use Explorer for file management. From the Open window in Photoshop alone I can rename files on the fly copy duplicate delete reorganize upload preview etc. I can do the same thing from the Save window . Most of my Mac cohorts don'tprehend how useful this is especially for designers who are working across a giant platform of assets and files. Working with Mac's Finder is an absolute nightmare and the inability to do even simple things like rename a file from inside an Open window in Mac is just deadly. I could go on and on but it really boils down to the little things about the OS thatpletely streamline navigating giant applications like Creative Suite Cinema4D etc. I am a major maximized-state user of applications. I like my software to fully epass my screen as much as possible. I like focus and clarity. Full-screen apps on Windows are a dream and the taskbar + Windows7 peek are minimal efficient and super fast. Transitioning between workflows and applications is far faster for me - but its a slightly different paradigm that lifelong Mac users don't understand and thus refuse to embrace. Different strokes. If you really use Windows you'll recognize the ability to shove apps into acting whenever you want. It's a hard thing to describe succinctly but I spend a lot of time (small micromoments add up when you're twitchy-fast) in Mac waiting for things to dance around animate hang etc. I love how you can right-click or shortcut your way and most importantly keyboard-navigate to a ridiculously fine degree on Windows through any and all UI elements. What I love about Mac are the independent software developers who employ extreme love passion and attention to detail in their UI. In Windows there is a ton of crapware made by legacy developers or people who just don't care about the front-end experience. I mostly use enterprise-level software from the big boys so it's not a big deal. But the for the little things the difference between Panic's Transmit FTP client and the open-source FileZilla is something I can feel though there are much worseparisons I could pull up. So for that I truly appreciate Mac product developers. But general day-to-day ass kicking of creative production Windows by and large has the most amount of lovely OS-native abilities for me to wield.
Should I get a Macbook Air or an iPad Pro?
There are a few things to consider when considering to buy an iPad Pro or a MacBook Air. Performance - Do you need more performance? Do you do tasks that require more power? The iPad has some great apps to handle heavy duty tasks and definitely has the performance needed to do so. Entertainment - Do you use your device for entertainment frequently? If so the iPad Pro is a solid choice as it provides an amazing display with quad-speakers that create an amazing experience. Personal use - If you will be using it for casual things such as web browsing consuming content doing some Word and PowerPoint the MacBook Air is your choice. If youre a college student you could honestly get either depending on your budget and preference. Budget - The MacBook Air is fairly priced especially for students. Whereas the iPad Pro is definitely overpriced for an iPad but can make great things and has great performance and can handle any task you throw at it from personal experience. Im using the 218 iPad Pro 12.9 and it handles everything so the 22 would be the best choice. Battery Life - If youre going to use your device a lot iPad Pro is your choice. The MacBook Air packs a battery of 51mAh whereas the iPad Pro 12.9 inch has 1875mAh and the 11 inch has 7812mAh outstanding battery life. Conclusion - College student? Get either based on your preference and budget. Causal user? - Get the MacBook Air you won be needing much more than that the iPad Pro has features that you probably wouldn notice. Heavy user? You could get some of your tasks done on the iPad Pro but the MacBook Pro would be the obvious choice. Considering portability of course.
How can I empty the trash in a MacBook Air?
If you're receiving a message such as this one the last thing you want to do is be emptying the trash. Most probably something has made its way into the trash that should not be there. Every application installed on aputer is there for some reason. Yes even things we may think are not necessary. In point of fact there are many programs which are there which we may not understand as they might be used by the system for some function. Double click on the trashcan to open it and see what's inside there. If when you open it you see something that shows as Kind being APPLICATION or PROGRAM there's your culprit. Tap the lower right corner of your trackpad and when the menues up select PUT BACK and it should go back to where it was before. If that's the only thing in the trashcan then the problem of emptying things goes away. IF this is a case of running out of space on yourputer which operates off of a FLASH MEMORY chip there are tools that can help you structure how many pictures you have on there which might be taking up that valuable space. You can also source adding FLASH MEMORY to your MacBook Air with a simple appointment at the genius bar and letting them know you're having some space issues. The tech you speak with will examine things and make some rmendations to you to assist you with this. Good luck.
Buying a used Macbook Air. What can I do to check that there's nothing wrong with it?
Well before you actually purchase that MacBook Air make sure it isn ly listed. Some sellers put 2 different kinds of listings up to distract you from what the actual MacBook may be. You have to be careful on what you are looking at and what you are purchasing. If the listing provides a model number such as A137 then look that up on s s That website will tell you every single specification that model number has. If the listing ispletely different from what that website has I actually just skip that listing and look at a different one. Here is an example of what Im talking about. The seller writes Os 217 to try and throw people off. There is no Os 217. There High Sierra which came out in 217 but that not the OS name. Going down further on that listing page wee to this. And this is what I was talking about. The seller will actually tell you that it a 215 model but that actually not correct. It a good thing they provide the model number because just doing a quick search on EveryMac that model number is for a Late 21 - Mid 211 model. The first part says it a Core 2 Duo which can be confirmed that it is the Late 21 - Mid 211 model using EveryMac. The second part of the listing is just used to distract you and confuse you on what it really is. This is the entire second part of the listing. It not a 215 model because if you scroll down even more it will actually repeat the Core 2 Duo portion. horizontal-rule So I would say before you purchase the item make sure it not listing different kinds of things to confuse and distract you. Make sure the seller is legitimate. Look through the feedback to make sure it legitimate. People have already been fooled by this. Check the picture below. If youre buying from a person that in your state and you can physically approach that person I would ask them if they can show you the MacBook to make sure there nothing wrong with it. Ask them to turn the MacBook on to demonstrate that it works fine. horizontal-rule If it on eBay or on some other shopping site I would say if you aren confident in the seller message them. If what they write seems fishy I would pass them and just look for a different listing that seems more legitimate. If they show very few pictures there things they are hiding. If they show pictures of generic stock photos of the MacBook and nothing else I would also pass that and look for a different listing. Always always make sure the photos are of the item itself and not a stock photo taken from Google. If you do decide to purchase the item then when the item arrives I would actually take my phone and record you unpacking it. This is in case they send you the wrong item or it not like how it was listed. You can upload these videos to Youtube and then contact eBay or the shopping site and let them know that you got an item that was ly sent to you and you got video proof that it not the item you purchased. eBay will generally take the buyer side if this is your case. They will make the seller pay for shipping and handling fees and will force the seller to refund your money. horizontal-rule Lastly if the item doese in and it what you were expecting I check the screen just in case it might be damaged or have pixelated parts. If nothing is wrong with the screen I would then take the appropriate screw drivers and unscrew the bottom case. Open up the Mac to make sure nothing is damaged inside. Make sure everything looks clean. Then I would turn the Mac on just for 1 last check. I would make sure the storage is the amount that was listed including the RAM size. If everything is in order I would then reboot into Recovery Mode using Command code + Option(ALT) code + R code . Then I would re-install macOS onto that hard drive just for security and safety measures. In case they have installed some malicious software or something that can key log your key strokes. I wouldn really re-intall macOS. What I mean by that is actually clicking on the Erase button in Disk Utility when you boot into Recovery Mode. I would do that on the boot drive itself. Then I would re-install macOS on it. If you re-install macOS onto the current drive without deleting or clicking on the Erase button it wouldn really give you a clean installation. I believe it just installs macOS ontop of what you already have. So the malicious files could still be there. That why I always click on the Erase button to delete everything and then doing a clean installation myself. That what I would do if I were in your shoes. I wouldn use the macOS installation the seller gives you. I know enough to re-install macOS myself and I surely don trust someone else installation.
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