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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how to get sidebar back on preview


In the Feedly sidebar, the link to the Index page recently disappeared. How do I get it back?
on the button highlighted as yellow on the home page.n as the sidebar will appear once againyou can use the toggle button Pin to make the side bar collapse and expend.n Hope it should help.
How can I get back to a Windows phone 8 from preview for developers?
From the Windows Phone Preview for Developers page s n n You cannot revert or return to a prior operating system release version after you have updated your phone to a preview update. We will move you forward to a released state but we cannot take you back to a prior released state.n For most people on the Developer Preview programme the best advice is to simply wait until the official 8.1 update bes available from their phone manufacturer and carrier (e.g. in Nokia's case the Lumia Cyan update)
How do I hide the sidebar when I open a pdf using OS X El Capitan's Preview application?
In the upper left corner right under the red close window button there is an icon that looks like a box with something on it's left side. There is a down arrow next to the box. Click it. From the menu that appears check Hide Sidebar. You can also select Hide Sidebar from the Viewmenu or press OPTION-COMMAND-1 on your keyboard.
How can I recover my Facebook account?
There are different steps to recover your account depending on your situation. If the password has changed and you still have access to your email Click on the Forgot Password at the login page. Facebook will find your profile view your specific profile enter either the email address or mobile number and click on continue. Now set your new password and your account will be ready to use again. Let Facebook search your profile by entering your username or email address Click on no longer have access to these as you do not have access to your associated email address. Old facebook accounts have the option of answering security questions to recover their account. 1 New Facebook users can use the option of trusted contacts to regain access to their account. Simply enter the email address you have access to and click on Reveal my trusted contacts. Next enter the name of one of these contacts. Facebook will provide a that only them can access. Ask them to click on the and get the security code for you. Enter the security code to recover your account. 1 If both of your Password and Email has been changed here are some options Recover with email change notification. If your email address has been changed then Facebook will send an email to you previous email address. They will notify you about the email change. Facebook will provide you with a number of recovery options according to the account and security. You may be asked to upload a government ID then Facebook will verify it before reactivating your account. 1