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Preview Hide Sidebar: What You Should Know

I've been using the Mac Preview app for many years. However, recently, it doesn't appear to have a sidebar anymore. The only way it appears to have sidebar is when opening a document which has more than one page. After some googling, I found a solution. It's a little complicated, but I've made it work :) Open Preview, double-click on the desired PDF, Select Menu > Preferences > Sidebar Scroll down to View > Show Sidebar That's it.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing preview hide sidebar


How do I hide the sidebar when I open a PDF using OS X El Capitan's Preview application?
In the upper left corner right under the red close window button there is an icon that looks like a box with something on it's left side. There is a down arrow next to the box. Click it. From the menu that appears check Hide Sidebar. You can also select Hide Sidebar from the Viewmenu or press OPTION-COMMAND-1 on your keyboard.
How does a user hide or move the thumbnail sidebar in PDF files on iPad?
You can italic double-click a PDF italic or image file italic to open it by default in Preview Close the sidebar italic Choose View Hide Sidebar italic holding the button then adding pressure; the more firmly you press the faster you move italic through the pages.
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