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Mac Key Not Working: What You Should Know

Restart or power cycle the computer. MacBook keyboard doesn't work — How to Fix It?. How to change the key for Control, Option or Shift (in OS X El Capitan) — Apple Support Communities Jan 27, 2024 -- How to reset your keyboard back to normal?· How to change the keyboard back to normal without the keyboard cable?· How to remove the keyboard cable/dongle?· How do I set a custom key combination? The MacBook keyboard will not work until the screen has been powered on and on for at least a few minutes. I'm looking for a software solution which will help me restore my MacBook keyboard keys.  What do you suggest? Here's a way to restore your keyboard keys by restoring Mac OS X from scratch. I was unable to find a solution anywhere that was able to perform the restoration of my keyboard keys. I do the same thing after every Mac upgrade, I don't have an issue with the key function if I did the restore from scratch. How to restore my MacBook keyboard keys? -- Easy Restore (macOS Sierra/High Sierra/El Capitan) Feb 21, 2024 -- How to restore my MacBook keyboard keys? -- Easy Restore (OS X Mavericks/High Sierra/El Capitan) Jun 1, 2024 -- Why my MacBook keyboard cannot be turned on by holding down the Windows key and the power key at the same time, why the keyboard does not work when I press and hold the power button for 1 to 2 seconds while the laptop is started up normally? · Apple MacBook Keyboard Not Working? Here's How to Fix It. I purchased a MacBook Pro and had a few problems with my keyboard before the MacBook Pro update. I thought it was a software problem at first. After I figured out exactly why it didn't work, I got help from Apple online and the solution was just to reinstall my computer to a pristine state. My MacBook still doesn't work, however, and it seems to be related to the keyboard and a couple of other issues. After reading this article I was hoping that there would be an update for the keyboard, or maybe Apple could simply tell me if there's a fix. The main problems I'm experiencing is the following : — No longer able to type on my MacBook Pro.

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