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Am I going to be rich one day?
Do you think one day you're going to be rich? Who doesn think they are going to be rich? I certainly did when I was a kid. The real question should be How rich did you think you were going to be? And did you achieve it? Because rich is relative. For a kid growing up in poverty having a net worth above $1M might mean they very rich. On the other hand an upper middle class kid might think rich starts at $1M. I grew up on the lower end of middle class. Not poor but we did have to scrimp on a lot of luxuries when we were kids. (We did not have a color TV until the late 197s.) I thought having a net worth of $1 would be ridiculously rich. Now a few decades later I have a personal net worth well north of $1M but I do not think I am particularly rich at all. My experience has been that your definition of rich varies depending on how much you have and how many things you want to own. If living the life of luxury is what you crave you will never be rich enough. If you are content with a modest lifestyle including a few luxuries obviously you can be rich at a much lower net worth.