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Adobe Won't Let Me Extract Pages: What You Should Know

Extracting pages from PDFs — A Guide For Windows Users Extracting Pages from PDFs — A Guide For Mac Users Extracting Pages from PDFs — A Guide For Linux Users Extracting PDF from PDF Form Not Working In Adobe Acrobat Pro DC How to extract pages in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC? For Windows: 1. Open Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (Windows version), then click Tools > Organize Pages. The Organize Pages tool set is displayed. 2. Click the Page Labels button to open the Page Labels panel. 3. Select the first page you want to extract and then press and hold the Ctrl key on a PC or Command key on a Mac as you select the first page you want to extract from your PDF (for example, select the second page you want to extract from your PDF). How to extract pages in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC on Macintosh 1. Download Acrobat Reader on your PC. 2. Open Acrobat Reader on your PC and click “File” > “Export”. 3. Select the “PDF” location on your PC. 4. In the “Export” menu, click “Get Info”. 5. The “Select format for export” drop-down menu displays both Adobe Digital Editions (PUB) and Adobe Acrobat (OCR) formats. Select the format you want to use for your PDF (for example, PUB). 6. At the “Select format for exporting” dialog box, click “Convert to PUB”. This will convert PUB into an Adobe format, making it available for reading on your iPad or laptop. How to extract pages in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC on Linux 3. Open an appropriate PDF reader or software to extract the content of your PDF. If we were to access a PDF in the “Open With” box, we would get an error message saying that it is in the wrong format. Since we are going to extract the pages in our PDF with the “Edit” program in a Linux system, choose the file that we want to extract from our PDF (in my case, “c:\PDF”. If the content of the PDF is not formatted correctly on the computer/computer you are reading from, that will make your extraction difficult. In the “Files” dialog box, choose the “Open With” list.

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