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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how to delete screens on ipad


How do I delete an app from my iPhone?
I understand from yourments in another answer that you installed AppValley on your iPhone and now are trying to remove it. First of all installing apps from places other than the official Apple App Store is a really bad idea and is a good way to have your privacy and securitypromised by rouge apps with malware in them. So I highly advise you to restore your iPhone to factory settings and set it up again as a new device to ensure you don have any malware or worse installed. Apps you download from alternative app stores are not vetted like apps on the official Apple App Store to ensure they are safe which means you could easily install malware or spyware on your device without knowing it. You can audit the source code of the apps you install from other app stores which means you are putting lots of untrusted code onto your device. All of this softwarees from various places and people which means you are blindly putting your privacy and security in the hands ofplete strangers. In contrast Apple official app vetting process is very invasive and examines the inner workings of every app on the official App Store in ways only Apple can in order to ensure nefarious things aren going on. Apple does not allow app developers to break the strict rules of privacy and security Apple has in place when submitting an app to the official App Store. This is why you won find things like on-device phone call recorders or many other things that violate app sandboxing and other security measures anywhere but Cydia and other non-Apple sanctioned app stores. But if you insist on continuing to use your iPhone in this unknown state Try restarting the device first then try to delete the app again. If that doesn work go to Settings General iPhone Storage wait for the list of apps to load tap AppValley and tap Delete. Then go to Settings General Profile and Device Management find and tap the AppValley VIP profile then tap Delete Profile and follow the prompts to delete the profile.
What are all of the "over 200 new features" in iOS 5?
iPad Split Keyboard Custom Vibration Patterns Rotating iCal on iPhone shows week view Hoy Weather forecasts You can delete songs from directly off your iOS device Improved Facetime Call quality Emoji emoticons When syncing with iTunes you can use the device normally a no more syncing screen Software update option in settings to check for the latest OS and update over the air You can move and add photos to albums There a new option to print out from the Maps app FaceTime button in iMessage messages at the top now When you in a phone number iOS automatically detects wether it is capable of sending an iMessage so it'spletely integrated into the messages app Improved Usage screen allows you to see exactly how much space each application is taking up iTunes Tone Store Mail improved offline support Personal dictionary Wirelessly sync Exchange tasks Real-time stock quotes Option to speak selection Accessible input for mobility You can set the caller ID for FaceTime calls so if you call someone you can choose it to display your cellular number or email address. Access camera from Lockscreen Edit picture in your iPhone New rounded toggles Private Broswing in Safari Multi app store downloads ordered-list
When I type in my iPad suggested words appear on the bottom of the screen, they seem to be based on past typed words, how do I delete them?
Just turn it off. Here is the way to stop the predictive words from appearing Go to Settings General Keyboard. Tap the Predictive slider so it turns white
I accidentally deleted some pictures from my gallery. How can I retrieve the deleted stuff?
For Android users this - Recover (Android) can help to recover deleted pics from gallery. Watch this video The Most Advanced Android Phone Manager Ever! (World's 1st Android Data Recovery) s
What are the greatest misuses/unintended uses of software?
You may have read some of my answers referencing my early experience (circa 1982-89) withputers. Our family had a series of IBM PCs during this time and we were encouraged to use them for schoolwork. I started right in and I often claim I'm one of the oldest people I know (I am 46) who never wrote a single high school paper (grade 9 onward) that was not on aputer. First it was my own WP software then we got WordStar and then sometime around 1985 we graduated to the fancy stuff Microsoft Word. I can't find the vintage Word screen but the MS-DOS screen looked like this (except not in color we weren't that fancy) nAnyway when she was in her second year of college (1987) my sister Mary decided she wanted to enjoy the benefits of this word processing too. So she sat down wrote a whole paper and then went to save it. Unfortunately to save a file you had to tab down to the fields at the right (not shown). The field Load appeared first and Save appeared next. God help you if you press Load; this told theputer to clear off whatever was on the screen and open another file. No auto-save no backup nothing. (I think there was Norton Utilities back then but we didn't have this software.) She lost hours of work and vowed never to use anotherputer again. She stuck to this. For decades. It wasn't until she entered her 3s and went to grad school (in the mid 9s) that she was forced to useputers again. But only for email and maybe the occasional personal document. Fast forward to 29. Mary is tasked with sending a recipe to each parent in her kindergarteners' class. She's working hunt-and-pecking diligently at her iMac. I asked what she was doing. She was opening a new message window typing in the to field typing in the subject line typing in the recipe and then pressing Send. Then she'd open a new window in another address in the to field and RETYPE THE ENTIRE RECIPE and press send again. She was planning to do this 25 times!! My own sister who had the same access toputers I did still had no idea how group email worked. I showed her how to add multiple addresses how to attach files and how to cut-and-paste her recipe from the Internet (where she originally found it) so she never even had to it in in the first place. This wasn't anyone's grandmother it was my younger sister. She knows how to use email and even nowadays though she has no idea about the internet. Her son is on Reddit all the time and I don't have the heart to tell her (she's only concerned about Facebook because she saw The Social Network.)
iBooks says it has documents and data, but I don't use it. How could I delete it?
You can't. They are part of the default suite of applications that Apple insists stay on every iPhone. But you can get rid of any data you have downloaded that shows up in iBooks. Here's how How to Delete Books in iBooks App On iPhone in iOS 8 Once you have done that move the iBooks application to the very last screen on your iPhone or create a folder for Unused Apps and move it in there to get it out of the way.