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How To Edit A File On Mac: What You Should Know

How to Convert and Download Photos from One iPhone to Another — Machine How do you delete files on a Mac, without the Finder? Here's the secret... When you want to delete files you haven't deleted, just hold down the Option key and click the . How to make a file hidden — Factories How to Open and Edit the Text File on a Mac — How to open and edit a file? If you don't know how to open and edit a file, the easiest way to do so is by creating one. To do this follow the steps below: 1. Open File > New Folder. 2. In the File Name box, type whatever name you want. 3. In the Type box, select “Text.” 4. In the Save as type box, enter file and leave all the other options the same as below. 5. In the “Select the destination folder” box, choose the root folder where you want to save the image file. When you open the file, you won't see the new name in the File Name box. Just save the file with your name in the Save as type box. Using a Browser to Search for Text — The Mac Observer How do I set a text editor as my main text editor in Mac OS X? A lot of people, including myself, use their default text editor, Finder. If you don't want to change your default text editor, but you still want QuickBooks to be your main text editor, here's how you can make QuickBooks your default text editor: • Go to System Preferences, click on the Library, and click on the QuickBooks Library. • Click on the Library icon, and choose the “QuickBooks” folder. • In the left pane of QuickBooks, locate the “General” subfolder. • Double-click the “Edit” button in the toolbar. • Go to the “Text” tab. • Set all the text under any text field to Edit, click OK. • Repeat the process to make all text for each of your book, blog, website, or file under any entry field in the “General” folder.

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