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Acrobat Javascript Duplicate Page: What You Should Know

Page Duplication with Adobe Acrobat and JavaScript — Floor Sep 28, 2024 — From the Adobe website: You can insert PDF documents into your PDF documents. How to duplicate a page in a document using JavaScript — Floor Jun 23, 2024 — If you want to insert the same page at any other page number, you can use an indexing file like this one. In this example you will insert “page” at page A. page.index (page1) index=page.current index page.index (page2) index+=page1 (page3) index+=1 This example  Page Duplication with Adobe Acrobat and JavaScript — Floor Jun 24, 2024 — This sample demonstrates how to perform a page duplication on a file and then save, to avoid wasting time on reinserting the page. To duplicate a document you will need to provide a new file name to create a new PDF file. How to Duplicate a document, using JavaScript — Floor Apr 7, 2024 — This code will duplicate a page in any PDF file from the same file. Note that there's no way to determine if the user has made the choice to copy the page or to overwrite it. Duplicate Page From a PDF — Acrobat User Tips Jul 24, 2024 — Duplicating a page in Acrobat is very simple if you want to simply replace or remove the page. To duplicate a page, you just select it then enter the new name, for example the page “1” will be duplicated. Page Duplicating in Acrobat — Floor Note: Page Duplicating in Acrobat — Floor does not work in Photoshop or any other Adobe application.

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