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Why Can T I Insert A Page From File In Preview: What You Should Know

You can also choose to save the file to the Mac as a link file if the file type is .pub. The Save As dialogue box appears. You'll need to supply information about the file you are saving so that Photoshop can open it. After you supply that information, you will be presented with a dialog box that asks for your file location. You can save your file in one of two ways as a .pub file. Save the file as an pub file if the file type is pub, .pdf if the file type is PDF — Microsoft Support Or select the .pub option if you want to save your file as a .pdf file. Choose the options that seem best, and click Save. If the file opens in Preview, select the .pdf option with the Preview icon selected in the drop-down menu. Save your file as a .pdf file — Microsoft Support After the file has opened in Preview, you'll be given the option of saving the file to your Documents folder. Note: If you're unable to save a file from the File menu, click Tools > Export… to Export your document as a PDF if it opens in Preview.

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