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How To Delete A Page In Word 2019: What You Should Know

That's it! If you've completed this, you should see an error pop up when you try to save a document. The reason is that Microsoft has a lot of deleted pages, so if the files are there, Microsoft will not be able to recover them. Delete these files before you do save a version. How to Delete a Page in Word | CreateS pace 21 Jul 2024 — Just select the thumbnail of any blank page in the left panel, and you can then press the Delete key to remove it.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how to delete a page in word 2019


How do I delete the first page in Word?
Open the document up like you normally would and go to where you want to start erasing and either press the backspace or the delete button until the information which you wish to delete is deleted. then attempt to close the document with the big x on the upper right-hand side. It will ask you if you want to save the document. You answer yes and you save the document to your desktop now the first page is gone.
How do I remove all section breaks in MS word?
I take it you have your reasons of why you want to remove all section breaks; document layout can turn out to be very very messy if you remove all section breaks. Do a Find and Replace. I'm on a Mac and I access the Advanced Find and Replace... under the Edit menu. Apologies as I don't recall how the interface looks on a PC. This Find and Replace feature allows you to find and subsequently replace matching items. However Word extends this feature to allow not searching for s but also formatting. A section break (all four s of them) is represented with a ^b. italic On the Find and Replace dialog box enter ^b (without the quotes) for the Find what section and enter nothing for the Replace with section. Finally choose Replace All and essentially this action will locate all section breaks and replace it with nothing thus removing them. PS I'm using Word for Mac 211; there may be some differences in name ofmands items.
How do I delete a page in Word 2018?
With any Word you go to the page you want removed Select All and press Delete or use the safer Cut button. (the scissors button). Can you do that? Take care that you have removed exactly the content that you want in case it flows to next. Also you may also remove or disrupt format settings as they are not visible in Word. Please save a copy of your Word document before you make any major changes in case you want what you removed back. italic
How can I change a single page orientation to landscape in Word 2019?
How can I change a single page orientation to landscape in Word 219? Select the content you want oriented as Landscape. In the Margins tab click the Landscape button then choose Selected in the Apply to pulldown at the bottom. To better understand how this works toggle the view of non-printing characters by clicking on the ub6 button (Home ribbon) or pressing Ctrl-*. Youll see a row of colons with Section break (Next Page) before and at the end of the content that now is displaying on a landscape page. The landscape content is in a section of its own and you can make changes to any of the section-related properties (like margins paper size header behaviour and location and more).
Is it legal for Trump to delete tweets as president?
Very unlikely. But while I hate to be too lawyerly about itu221 it depends on the nature of the tweet and on how thoroughly he deletes it. Okay let just jump into the heart of the matter The Presidential Records Act of 1978 very deliberately used the broadest possible terms to define what constitutes a Presidential record that must be preserved by the White House. That definition s The term Presidential records means all books correspondence memoranda documents papers pamphlets works of art models pictures photographs plats maps films and motion pictures including but not limited to audio and visual records or other electronic or mechanical recordations whether in analog digital or any other formu22 or any reasonably seguadregable portion thereof created or received by the President the President immediate staff or a unit or individual of the Executive Office of the President whose function is to advise or assist the President in the course of conducting activities which relate to or have an effect upon the carrying out of the constitutional statutory or other official or ceremonial duties of the President. Such term includes any documentary materials relating to the political activities of the President or members of the President staff but only if such activities relate to or have a direct effect upon the carrying out of constitutional statutory or other official or ceremonial duties of the President. The only out that the President would have in deleting a tweet would be if the tweet could be argued to be a record of purely private or nonpublic character which does not relate to or have an effect upon the carrying out of the constitutional statutory or other official or ceremonial duties of the President. Of course a tweet being public immediately rules it out as being private or nonpublic in character so that an unlikely defense. So even though the law doesn specify tweets that a tweet is effectively a form of digital correspondence causes it to fall under the auspices of the Act; and as such it would be illegal for Trump to destroy the record unless he obtained permission from the Archivist of the United States s . Because Presidential records are official records of the United States a person found to have destroyed them illegally may be imprisoned for up to three years and is prohibited from holding any office in the United States government s . HOWEVER italic and I hate to disappoint a lot of folks on this the open question is whether or not Trump deletion of the tweet effectively destroyed it as a record italic . The Obama Administration enacted the following policy and it (at the time of this writing) remains up on the White House privacy webpage For the sole purpose ofplying with the Presidential Records Act the White House archives some information that users submit or publish when engaging with the White House through official White House pages or accounts on third-party websites. . . . On Twitter the White House automatically archives tweets from official White House accounts direct messages sent to or from official White House accounts and mentions (tweets from other users to official White House accounts; these tweets contain an @ and the username of an official White House account. . . . The White House also automatically archives any status that official accounts have favorited. In other words if this system were still up and running when Trump made his tweet then the tweet would have been automatically archived and preserved regardless of what Trump does with it on Twitter - and as long as that record is maintained then it possible that there been no violation of the law. HOWEVER HOWEVER italic that system appears to only be in effect for official White House accounts and the deleted tweet came from Trump personal account meaning that it was likely the only official record of the tweet. And note the Internet capacity to quickly capture and maintain tweets on countless third-party sites is not sufficient enough to say it been preserved because the law clearly puts the responsibility on the President s to maintain the record of the document and that record cannot be destroyed without written permission from the Archivist of the United States. Moreover in addition to the tweeting from Trump personal account after he had officially assumed the duties of the Office of the President the content of the tweet was clearly italic of an official ceremonial nature It wasn something innocuous like Im thrilled about Netflix announcement of the next season of House of Cards! it was one of the first officialmunications of the 45th President of the United States to the people of the United States about his bing President of the United States. Misspelled or not and from an official White House account or not that was a significantmunication and probably illegal for him to attempt to destroy. u22 Substituting the statutory definition of documentary material. u221 Because Im not a lawyer. Post script updates Chaffetz Cummings Want To Know If Trump Deletes His Tweets (March 217) Trump tweets will be preserved by the US National Archives s (April 217) Two Years Later Trump accused of deleting tweets in wake of El Paso shooting s (August 219) Donald Trump Deleted Tweets Twitter | Factbase s
How can I create a website and what are the neccessary things to create it?
How to Create a Website - Source How to Create a Website Step-by-Step Ge for Beginners (219) s I created How to Create a Website Step-by-Step Ge for Beginners (219) to give beginners a fast and simple way to create a website without having to learn HTML coding or read long boring tutorials. In this ge I will show you how most web developers build their sites and how you can avoid expensive website builders that are often too limited italic for a bigger site. Ready to launch your website today? Let get started n n Before You Start Read This There are hundreds of different website building platforms and website builders around the market. WordPress Wix Joomla Drupal Just to name a few. You can also code your website from scratch but I wouldn rmend it on mainly two reasons It just takes too much time (seriously) Your end result will be mediocre at it best But which one should you choose? Let take a look at these recent statistics made by BuiltWith s . How People Build Websites in 219 As you can see from the graph above in 219 the most popular website builders (or content management systems) are WordPress (free) 51% Wix (paid) 7% Joomla (free) 4% Squarespace (paid) 4% Weebly (paid) 2% Here Why Most People Use WordPress to Build a Website Unlike website builders s itpletely free. WordPress is the easiest platform Ive ever worked with but it flexible enough to suit everyone 3 small business websites online shops bigger organizations and so on But more importantly WordPress vs. HTML & CSS Learning HTML from scratch can take 6+ months let alone CSS and PHP. Having a basic knowledge of HTML can help you gauge things more quickly but if you want to create a website within a day or two learning HTML isn a viable option. WordPress vs. Website Builders Website builders are expensive and often very limited. They are good for one-page websites but not more. WordPress vs. Joomla WordPress is just so much more user-friendlier. If you want more details Ive put together aprehensiveparison between WordPress Joomla and Drupal. If for some reason you don want to build your site with WordPress check out my Drupal Joomla and HTML5 ges as well. They are all FREE to use. But for the beginners I strongly suggest sticking to WordPress. P.S. Don choose your platform right away. Most web hosting services offer one-click-installs for WordPress Joomla and Drupal. You can decide later and you don need to download anything. STEP 1 Get Web Hosting and Register a Domain Name In order to set up your WordPress (or any other of website) youre going to need two things Domain Name (a web address like ) Web Hosting (a service that connects your site to the internet) In order to store your s and more to build the page you want then save it when youre done. Adding pages to the menu If you want your new page to be ed to your navigation bar 1. Save any changes youve made to the page by clicking Update 2. Click Appearance - Menus in the sidebar of the WordPress Dashboard 3. Find the page you created and add it to the list by clicking the checkbox next to it and then Add to Menu. Adding and editing posts If you have a blog on your website Posts will be where you turn to next. You can use different categories to group similar posts. If you want to add a blog to your website you can use different categories and posts. Let say you want to create a category named Blog. Simply add it to your menu and start making posts. Here what you need to do a. Create a new category by going to Posts - Categories OR b. Create a blog post by going to Posts - Add New. Once youve finished writing your blog post you need to add the right category for it. Once youve created your category simply add it to the menu and youre in business! Customization & Endless Tweaks In this section Ill cover some of the basic things Im asked about all the time that will help you tweak your website. Changing Your Title and Tagline Page titles ex to searchers what your website is about. Theyre also a big part of how search engines determine your rankings. You want to be sure theyve got the keywords you want to have targetted (but in a natural way written for real people). You should use a unique title on every page of your site. For example my site title is How to Make a Website. (Can find it? Just hold your mouse over the tab at the top of your web browser). italic Taglines are added at the end of titles across every page. My site tagline is Step by Step Ge In order to change the title and tagline on your website go to Settings - General and fill in the form below Disabling Comments for Posts & Pages Some websites (business sites mostly) don want their visitors to be able toment on their pages. Here how to shutments off on WordPress pages 1. While you are writing a new page click Screen Options in the top right corner. 2. Click the Discussion box. The Allow Comments box will appear at the bottom. 3. Untick Allow Comments. Want to disablements on every new page by default? 1. Go to Settings - Discussion and untick Allow people to postments on new articles Setting Up a Static Front Page Some people contact me saying theyre frustrated that their home page looks like a blog post. You can fix that by making your home page static. A static page is a page that doesn change. Unlike a blog where the first new article will show up at the top every time a static page will show the same content every time someonees to the site 3 like a home page youve designed. To set up a static front page 1. Go to Settings - Reading 2. Choose a static page that you have created. Front Page denotes your home page. Posts page is the front page of your blog (if your entire site isn a blog). If you don choose a static page on your own WordPress will take your latest posts and start showing them on your homepage. Editing sidebar Most WordPress themes have a sidebar on the right side (in some cases it on the left). If you want to get rid of the sidebar or edit out items you do not need like Categories Meta and Archives which are usually pointless here how 1. Go to Appearance - Widgets in the WordPress Dashboard. 2. From here you can use drag and drop to add different boxes to your sidebar or remove the items you don want. There also an HTML box 3 a box where you can use HTML code. For beginners don worry about this 3 just drag and drop the elements you like in your sidebar. Installing Plugins to Get More out of WordPress What is a plugin? Plugins are extensions that are built to expand WordPress capabilities adding features and functions to your site that done as built-in. Theyre shortcuts to getting your site to do what you want to without having to build the features from scratch. You can use plugins to do everything from adding photo galleries and submission forms to optimizing your website and creating an online store. How do I install a new Plugin? To start installing plugins go to Plugins - Add New and simply start searching. Keep in mind that there are over 25 different FREE plugins s so youve got a LOT to choose from! Installation is easy 3 once you find a plugin you like just click Install. BUT 3 before you go and install every single one I suggest you read this article Things you need to know about using WP plugins italic . To save you some time Ive put together a list of the most popular plugins that webmasters find useful #1 Contact form 7 My website has a contact form on my About Me italic s page. It an awesome feature to have as people (like you!) can fill in the form and send me an email without logging into their own email provider. If you want to do something similar definitely get this plugin. P.S. Here a step-by-step ge for setting it up italic s . #2 Yoast SEO for WordPress If you want to make your WordPress site even more SEO-friendly this plugin is a must-have. It free and it awesome. Youll be able to edit your title tags meta descriptions and more all from within the page itself 3 no more fussing with WordPress settings. #3 Google Analytics Interested in tracking your visitors and their behavior? Just install the plugin connect it with your Google account and youre ready to go. Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg! Here a list of rmended plugins by me italic s . Congratulations 3 youre ready to launch! If youve followed the steps in this ge you should now have a fully-functional WordPress website! That wasn so bad was it? Last but not least 3 keep improving your website!
Why does ISKCON refute Darwin's theory of evolution?
The word refute means this in the dictionary prove (a statement or theory) to be wrong or ; disprove. It is safe to say that neither ISKCON nor any other school of creationism has ever refuted any aspect of Darwinian evolution. They have provided no evidence to overthrow the overwhelming scientific consensus on the theory of evolution by natural selection. They have never proposed any credible alternate scientific theory that would serve as an explanation of life as we know it. Darwinian evolution on the other hand has been consistently and repeatedly reinforced with evidence from fossils and genetic research. No scientific theory exists that can serve as a respectable replacement for evolution by natural selection. It is one of the most robust aplishments of modern science. What ISKCON does do is reject Darwinian evolution. That alright. India where ISKCON came from as well as America where it settled are both free countries and people are allowed to have their own opinions. Srila Prabhupada certainly had very strong opinions regarding Darwin. Here is a bit citation target s title Srila Prabhupada's Original Books index 1 unique_id ZyPdu from a page from the book Life Comes From Life. That hardly scientific. Srila Prabhupada is displaying a very basic misunderstanding of how evolution works. He is assuming that evolution works from the bottom up in the direction of superior beings. In reality evolution has no direction. It is a simple matter of organisms reacting with their surroundings in the best way possible with the help of occasional random genetic mutations. The thing is assertions can be very easily made. Whether or not they should be taken seriously depends on how much evidence supports them. Genes exist and they support the Darwinian model. Fossil evidence points in the same direction. But there is no evidence of spirit or anything beyond the physical reality that we all dwell in. In fact the preposterous nature of what Srila Prabhupada is saying here will be readily apparent to anyone who has ever gone to school and knows even a little bit about how evolution works. I mean look at me. I am no scientist! Since the questioner expressed an interest in Hinduism I should point out that there are aspects of Indian culture and civilisation that very much deserve your attention. India has a rich tradition of philosophy that stretches back to ancient times. ISKCON for some reason went to America and became Abrahamic in flavour. It began to have the same kind of exclusivist mindset that defines Christianity and Islam to the extent that ISKCON even requires you to swear a kind of oath of allegiance. They preach and push Gitas just like evangelical Christians preach and push Bibles. In recent times they have even started allying themselves with discredited creationists such as Michael Behe citation target #Prominent_works title Michael Behe - RationalWiki index 2 unique_id BBnPF and publishing books citation target title Rethinking Darwin index 3 unique_id FMfWK by him. Do I hate ISKCON? No. I love the snacks their temples sell. And the art thates out of there makes me cry tears of joy. Excellent work there! Edit dated March 1 219 I wish ISKCON supporters would stop trying to tag me in other answers about ISKCON that they have written and even by trying to sabotage this answer by suggesting edits that pretty much delete everything I have written and replace it with praise of Srila Prabhupada. Such behaviour is childish and will just cause me to report you to Quora admins. Thanks! italic And stop telling me to read the book Life Comes From Life. I have read it. I have from it in this very answer. I have put a picture from the book in this answer. I have even ed to the book in the answer. Read the answer before you react. italic
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