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PDF-shuffler Github: What You Should Know

In other words, it  uses Python to rearrange and merge PDF documents from a set of files. The main features are: -- Reshuffles all page breaks in a PDF document, by merging multiple PDFs  with respect to page breaks. -- The “s” option (which generates a standard text form from a PDF) is supported using the “PPDF” -- It also supports a variety of output formats, including: JPG, PNG, pub, acre, and ASCII -- The Python version and the python version of the Doppler library  (included by default) are set up so that the PDF-Shuffler application can be used with non-free software, that is, with  unmodified versions of the libraries and executable programs. This means that the following programs are supported:  — Doppler (any version) — PDF_utile (any version)  — Doppler_tools (any version) If you have any suggestions or bug reports to help improve this application, please contact me, or  please feel free to use the feedback form as a support system. This application is licensed under the terms of GNU Public Licensev3.0.

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