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PDFshuffler Command Line: What You Should Know

You can also download the latest version from . You can also find a list of all programs that you can use with this tool on GitHub. Download and install the new version We are using Firefox browser to open pdf-soup program. Once you open PDF-Shuffler with Firefox, click on View → PDF → Select PDF-Shuffler as the default. After that, you can start to merge and split the PDF-Shuffler, you can just right-click on a document, and choose To merge and Split from the menu shown below. Click here to see how to download and install PDF-Shuffler on Fedora Linux How to install PDF-Shuffler on Fedora Linux — HowtoInstall Installing PDF-Shuffler on Fedora Linux. Install PDF-Shuffler. Installing PDF-Shuffler package on Fedora Linux is as easy as running the following command on terminal: rpm -UV pdf-shuffler-utils-1.2.3-14.fc16.x86_64.rpm Once the package is installed, restart the system, and you are all set to start using PDF-Shuffler. Open PDF-Shuffler, go to Preview → Import and save the PDF file to a location (e.g., ~/Documents/pdf-soup/Untitled-Document.pdf) Choose the file and click on the menu entry on the bottom right, and choose Print → Save and then Save. If you want to see some more ways to use PDF-Shuffler, please go to following post. The following steps are necessary for Ubuntu 16.04. The script below is created for Ubuntu 16.04, however, it should work for any version with minor changes. Use the following commands to install or upgrade PDF-Shuffler — The first command creates a directory where we will put the updated package. The second command will install the new version. Sudo sh -c 'CD /etc/yum.repos’d sudo yum update' sudo sh -c 'sudo yum install pdf-shuffler-utils' In both cases, you will have to reboot the system in order to make the changes effective.

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