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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing forward delete on mac


Why don't all Mac keyboards have a forward delete key?
Because on a MAC using the fn button is not bad. Fn Ctrl alt any of these hold down then press backspace delete key This also works on next word next line match a square and tons of other things including next page prior page which as also known as page up and down. This takes some time to get into. This keeps your fingers closer together and quickly able to do anything. There is a good reason for this. First Mac keyboards were done that was so IBM would not sue them.
Delete key on MacBook suddenly works to right instead of to left. How to fix it?
The delete italic key on the Mac works both forward and backward rather then being two separate keys. You make it forward delete by pressing the fn italic button before pressing delete. There is no way to switch the default behavior to forward deleting instead of backward. If it is stuck in forward deleting I would guess there is a problem with your keyboard. Either the delete italic key is malfunctioning or your fn italic key is stuck. I suggest opening up your onscreen keyboard viewer and see what happens when you press the key. If keys you aren touching light up on the screen it likely there a problem with your keyboard.
How can I enter delete on the Mac book air?
The single Delete key on a Mac keyboard does what most people would recognize as a backspace - I presume you're looking for a forward delete deleting to the right of the insertion point. Hold down the function ('fn') key while pressing the Delete key and it will switch to forward delete.
Why is the "delete" key on Apple Mac keyboards the equivalent of the "backspace" key and therefore has no real "delete" key as it appears on a PC keyboard that deletes characters appearing after the cursor?
PC keyboards were traditionally bound to idiosyncrasies of writers and other predecessor technology. (It's where we get terms like carriage return.) Backspace then literally meant moving the ge back a space to allow for overtyping. When Apple set out to reinvent the personalputer they had hoped to shed some of these ties to the past so they abolished over mode and renamed the key to delete. 15-key Apple keyboards such as the Apple Extended keyboard do have the key you are referring to. It is fittingly named forward delete.
What is frustrating about Apple's Mac keyboard?
Mac keyboards do not have a forward delete key. Frustrating as hell. iOS would be so much easier to with if there was a forward delete button too. To get around it I use a key remapping application called Karabiner Elements to assign the right option key as a forward delete key. I am not going to use some stupid keybination to forward delete. Its non-intuitive.
Has Apple ever made a product with bad design?
Actually Apple made several products with bad designs sometimes really bad. Some of the products made during the Steve Job era revolutionized tech forever; however some of the more recent products are IMHO a total disgrace. Disclaimer I am a bit of an Apple fanboy and I assume itpletely. italic I am a pro video editor and my MacBook is late 211 because it runs dual-core i7 and you can change the battery motherboard and upgrade the RAM. On MacBook from 212 or more recent you can even change the battery! It one of the best laptop ever made Recently in my opinion Apple had failed to deliver professional grade products and got trapped into producing one gimmick after another. Here are some of the worst Apple products ever made. Here is the mouse I use at work It called the Magic mouse and in theory supports multi-gestures like my MacBook trackpad. But none of the gesture I use constantly with my MacBook (like finger-sweeping 1 2 3 4 or 5 fingers recognition zoom pinch etc) work. Literally *none* of them. For instance when Im trying to go sideways scrolling through my Final Cut Pro X timeline with 2 fingers theputer think I want to scroll through all my open apps which normally takes 4 fingers and as result I cannot scroll through my timeline using the touch interface Heck my 211 MacBook have *perfect* recognition of all OS X multi-gestures. Really?! But. I can still use it and it doesn bug me out too much except for when the battery is done because Here is the same mouse charging Now WTF! I can use the mouse when it plugged in. italic First that a mouse designed for iMac which are desktopputers so it doesn even need Bluetooth. italic Bluetooth is just supposed to be a bonus. But here I can use the mouse while charging it. Hell Im working 8 hours a day with this mouse so yeah it happens that I forget about such a moronic designe back the next morning and have to wait for the mouse to charge up before I can start working on my projects. italic I guess Ill just get myself a nice mouse from a third-partypany just to use at work. Wow. To top all off Apple will market this as a pro product which is why I have to work with this. Im out. *facepalm* Here is another design from Apple The infamous new MacBook Pro. Yeah everyone is raving about it! Wow. It so beautiful. It gets a touch bar on top of the keyboard! Amazing! But it all really just a gimmick. Because you know what? In practice appart of making your laptop looking more edgy this touch bar change *nothing at all*. Why? Because if you notice the touch bar actually replaces the row of F keys on top of MacBook keyboards. Here is the touch-bar featuring all the mostmon functions for the F keys. What most people don know is all those F keys were always programmable. italic First you really don need more than the typical functions in order to do perform most tasks people do on aputer. Most of us don even make use of the rewind play and fast-forward button nor the mission control mode or the dashboard I personally use the trackpad for all this! In pro applications you can program your F keys - in fact if you dig a little deeper you could program those keys in all sort of ways. But point is Im already doing what the touch bar is supposed to let you do italic speeding up your workflow by customizing functions accessible with one click; and let you control your application with gesture which I already do with my trackpad anyway! Because of the touch-bar this thing retails at 17$ which is laughable for the performance. I mean look at the specs Display size 256 x 16 PC CPU Intel Core i5 PC Memory 8GB 1866MHz LPDDR3 Graphics Intel Iris Graphics 55 Storage 256GB PCIe SSD VS my 211 MacBook Display size 13-inch screen (non-retina) 1 28 x 8 PC CPU Inter Core i7 PC Memory 4 Go 1333 MHz DDR3 Graphics Intel HD Graphics 3 384 Mo Storage Serial ATA 75gb My MacBook Pro cost me 6 $ italic used and have a better CPU than the latest MacBook Pro costing 27$. Edit the CPU is not technically better since it a SandyBridge i7 VS a last generation i5. I would need to run benchmarksparing both CPUs. However my point is that Apple introduced a 3K machine that doesn have at least a quadcore i7 KabyLake. That a rip-off it you ask me. Yes it not retina (although I couldn see the difference and use an external display for pro work anyway). There are tiny improvements on the RAM (you can get 16 gb of RAM anyway in the 211 edition and I get some nice RAM). Still the GPU on both are really average - it doesn matter for me as Im using an nVidia Quadro K22 (understand a Ferrari) as an external GPU anyway and I only plug it in when I need to render heavy VFX or to edit heavy RAW 4K footage which doesn happen everyday for me. Now here the thing Most pros in the world of video music production etc use MacBook pros. I haven seen a single one of the new MacBook pros. Not a single one. The new Mac Pros are being replaced with Hackintosh meaning custom-built PC with OS X installed - it more or less legal but manypanies do this. All-in-all as a pro a 211 MacBook Pro satisfies me more than their newest offering. And the average consumer doesn have 27$ to spend on a fancy laptop. I personally rather have my 5$ GPU and save my money to invest in a Gigabyte Aero (with the best screen on the market better than MacBook as it is Pantone X-rite certified) when myputer bes irrelevant. Heck I can buypanies overstockputers for 3$ that perform just as well as the newest Mac Pro. Apple will be obsolete in the pro world even tho it used to be the norm in the creative industries. They will lose their market share for consumer laptops (they pretty much already have anyway). Don even get me started on the new iPhones and whatnot. I really do believe that under Jobs Apple was in a Golden era never to be seen again and smallerpanies like Gigabyte offer much better alternatives. I expect to see less and less MacBook Pros iMacs and Mac pros in my industry and theyll bepletely extinct in 5 years from now.