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PDF Expert License Not Working: What You Should Know

No Help on Email · 7. Unused User Account · 8. Issue when trying to sync Files · 9. Page Not Viewed · 10. Issues with the app's logo at Launch How to Fix If PDF Expert on Windows Cannot Be Installed 1. Ensure that your Windows Software Version is set to 8.1. This is the most recent version. 2. Download the PDF Expert for Windows App here. In the ZIP file, you will find the program (PDF Expert) and the license key. Just copy and paste the license key from the license activation tool into the download box of the app. 3. Download and install the PDF Expert for Windows App. Note: the file name is also the same as the program. 4. Launch the Adobe Download Center. 5. Choose the app that is to be downloaded. Note: When trying to choose a different version of the Adobe Download Center, please select the version that matched what you saw when you installed the Adobe PDF Expert for Mac. 6. Select the installation path. 7. Click Continue or Install. 8. On the Next Page of the Download and Installation wizard, choose the appropriate option. Note: On the next page (PDF Optimizer), you have the choice if you want to install the program in your system folder or on a user folder. 9. In Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10, choose the option for your system folder. On Vista, 7, 8 or 10, the option “Run as Administrator” is selected. 10. On the next page, select a location and click Continue. 11. In the Select the files and folders screen, select the folder that contains your PDF files. 12. On the Download and Install page, you will be prompted to choose the program's location. 13. On the Next Page of the Download and Installation window, click Continue or Install. 14. On the Select the program's location screen, select your desired folder. 15. Choose the path. 16. Click the Close button. 17. In Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10, the app will automatically open. What Is The Version of the Adobe PDF Expert for macOS App? The latest version is Adobe PDF Expert Mac for macOS 10.13.2 This means that any of the previous versions, not supported, not provided for, or that are no longer supported is no longer supported.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing pdf expert license not working


I took my 16-year-old daughter to Walmart to fill a prescription. The pharmacist demanded to know why she was taking it. Was it legal for her to ask and can my daughter refuse to answer this question?
Alright Im going to answer this question from the perspective of someone married to a pharmacist (and because other posters on here seem to think it an inappropriate question at is warranted for asking the question and then lock theirments when they were called out for posting factually bad information). I will back up my information with multiple other resources for you to read and consider and provide a factually correct answer. You may not like my answer but it will be factually correct. Yes. A pharmacist is not only legally allowed to ask the question but is legally required italic to ask the question. Pharmacists Neglecting Their Duty to Counsel s A pharmacist has a legal obligation to counsel patients. Part of that counseling includes asking why she was taking it. How can a pharmacist who holds a doctoral degree (PharmD) properly give gance on the medication if they don know why she is taking it? A pharmacist can also refuse on moral grounds. The legality of this is that it is legal but on shaky ground Can a pharmacist legally deny a patient a prescription? It depends. s Your daughter can refuse to answer. But the pharmacist is allowed to exercise professional judgment italic and not fill the prescription. The mere fact the pharmacist is ufortable filling the prescription is enough. There are a whole host of other reasons a pharmacist can refuse a prescription to include interactions with other medications medication that is not suitable for certain ages medication in improper dosages medications that don treat that particular ailment (doctors sometimes prescribe medication when a different medication would be more suitable) medications that are prescribed outside of the scope of a doctor practice (for instance an ophthalmologist prescribing birth control) etc. That a lot of pills. A pharmacist has to have a lot of school to have the knowledge necessary about all these drugs italic Here Why Your Pharmacist Won Fill Your Prescription and What You Can Do About It - GoodRx s ALBOP s states Pharmacists may refuse to fill or refill prescriptions if they believe it would be harmful to the patient if there a question as to its validity or they believe it is not in the patient best interest. Not in the patient best interest. That vague as all heck and aligns with a pharmacist who is an expert in medication whom may exercise professional judgement. How can a pharmacist ascertain a patient needs and figure out what is in the best interests for a patient if they can ask why they are taking the medication? Being a pharmacist nowadays requires a doctoral degree and a professional license. italic Pharmacists go through a similar amount of schooling as a doctor (8 years bachelor degree plus another 4 for a PharmD a pharmacy doctorate degree). They are professionals who are experts in medication. I wouldn trust my wife to diagnose my issue - that what a doctor is for. But I dammed sure would trust her to know what I can or cannot take medication-wise to fix my issue. She spent years in school learning nothing but medication specifics. Doctors spend years learning about diagnosing and diseases and whatnot and they are smart and good at what they do. But they spend less time learning about drugs than a pharmacist will. Summary The pharmacist has to ask why they are taking the medication in order to properly counsel and provide treatment to the patient whose medication they are filling. If they don they could miss something and a patient well-being is put into jeopardy. A pharmacist may have valid reasons to ask or demand to know why a patient is taking a medication. A patient doesn have to say why but a pharmacist may refuse to fill a prescription for any number of reasons including moral grounds or simply professional judgment. italic Edit 1 Shannyn Mc Arthur pointed out in thement that it could also be for insurance purposes. For example a drug like a topical creme could be use to treat acne or wrinkles. Insurance will only cover acne usage. In order to run your prescription through insurance your pharmacist may need to know what it is for or your insurance may not cover it. Again there are a myriad of reasons to consider when a pharmacist asks you why you are taking something! Edit 2 A lot of thements are focusing on the fact that my doctor wrote it therefore the pharmacist should fill it! No. That not the way our system works. Doctors cannot dispense medication. They are not licensed italic to dispense medications (they can in certain circumstances or environments such as hospitals but generally pharmacy exist for a reason to dispense medication - I won discuss reasoning further as Im not a doctor NP or PA and I don know all the circumstances and reasonings behind when they can give meds and not). But generally pharmacists dispense medications because they have a license italic to operate a pharmacy and dispense medications (which doctors do not). You can read more below here which discusses ALL the requirements to hold a license to run a pharmacy (at least in Texas each state will have different requirements). The requirements are significant and a pharmacist can say no to any prescription for a myriad of reasons (read the below .PDF it extensive and covers a whole range of reasons why they can say no). Just like doctors need to have a license italic to prescribe pharmacists must have a license italic to dispense medications. If a pharmacist fills something inappropriate the pharmacist can be held liable just like a doctor and risks losing their license and malpractice suits just like a doctor. The responsibility of prescriptions is a shared responsibility between physicians and pharmacists (and other healthcare workers too like PAs and NPs). s%2Rules_MASTER% s%2Rules_MASTER%
Regarding PDFelement and PDF Expert, which one will you choose for editing a PDF on your Mac?
Truth be told neither. Both of them lack support for dynamic XFA forms. Many people may not pay attention at the lack of this functionality once upon a time even I didn pay any attention to it but then I came across dynamic XFA forms especially the ones provided by govt. offices (Passport Driving License etc) and these two PDF editors hit a brick wall in that con. The only PDF editors that support filling up of PDF containing dynamic XFA forms on Mac are Adobe Acrobat and Master PDF Editor. My first choice is obviously Adobe Acrobat but Master PDF Editor is the next best PDF editor for Mac after Adobe Acrobat. Just like Adobe Acrobat it has the functionality to open and fill up dynamic XFA forms and it works way more smoother than PDFelement and PDF Expert. Of course unlike Adobe Acrobat none of them support the option to video 3d content and flash content into PDF. So better stick to Adobe Acrobat if you video and flash media into PDFs. None of them are enterprise oriented like Adobe Acrobat or Foxit PhantomPDF Business.
Which is the best iOS PDF reader app?
If your current work involves long PDF files that require lots of editing Kdan s PDF Reader s is a great option to consider. Ites with advanced functionality and a wide range of user-friendly features for extra productivity. Apart from viewing PDFs you can also annotate and edit PDF files adding multimedia for enhanced interactivity merging different pages into one document and password-protecting your document. On top of that you can easily rearrange pages add signatures convert files from and to PDFs andpress them for easier handling. This software will allow you to execute all your PDF-related tasks fast and in a hassle-free manner regardless of whether youre working on a PowerPoint Presentation doing scientific research studying remotely or collaborating with your co-workers. Kdan PDF Reader is relatively new but it has already be a favorite app when ites to PDF readers for iPhones and iPads and for good reasons as well. Additionally to the features mentioned above there is also a built-in scanner so you can scan any document to searchable PDF perform OCR and manage multiple files across devices and platforms. You can install a free version or take a step forward and go premium in order to unlock all the features and take advantage of the full functionality through a convenient one-time purchase option. Two other apps that I can rmend for any iPad and iPhone user are Foxit PDF Reader Mobile s and PDF Expert s . Both are great user-friendly solutions that will allow you to boost your productivity while dealing with PDFs on a full scale in a paper-free mode. Since theye with free versions you can give them a try as well or take a look at Slim PDF s - an incredibly lightweight PDF reader which makes it the fastest reader out there. Its license-free functions are pretty basic but if you just need the fastest reader just for viewing PDF files - Slim PDF could be the right choice for you. Disclaimer I am a member of the Kdan team and my answer might be a bit biased. italic
Can anyone refer me a book to use to study for the Comptia A+ CompTIA A+ 220-901 and 220-902 exams?
Hello There are many good books to study for the CompTIA A+ certificate. But I strongly rmend not to limit yourself with just book other training materials such as videos exam practicing and study groups are so valuable. Regarding the best book I suggest the official certificate ge. I always rmend the official study ges. Here are the general steps I go to prepare for any certificate exam Comprehensive Video Training. Official Certificate ge Exam preparation Network+ Identify the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)ponent that is also known as an NMS. s CCNA Convert the subnet mask .. to slash notation. s
What is the best major to make a lot of money in a short while and in the long run still a good career choice?
Get a degree in business and also your license to be a realtor then set up and operate your practice as a business which most realtors don and so they starve. Set it up so that every operation works like clockwork and then within 1 year hire an assistant so you can offload the stuff that takes you away from being with your clients and prospects. Going paperless (such as with PDF Expert and Docusign for contract edits and signings and Dropbox Dropbox and did I say Dropbox?). For example every listing has its own folder in dropbox and your assistant sets it up to be accessible by your client so he or she can see all of the documents pics videos - and all of the work youre doing. Your whole business is documented in Dropbox available whenever and wherever you want. My realtor friend hasn faxed anything for years and years - same with printing. Nada. You also get a notification when your client accesses the folder set up for that listing. Use the Eternity app ( iOS ) to track and categorize your ACTUAL hours so you know what your ie actually is per hour. It great for your assistant too to clock in and clock out because he or she will be expected to work with an ultra-flexibility. It is all very slick and you don need to have a degree to make a good chunk of money and relatively very fast but a business degree will help you to do more than understand and set up the business. It will stretch your mind build it up like a muscle for you to be thinking with very smart decisions about how to tolerate or not tolerate all kinds of things thate into play for when running a business 3 any business 3 such as negotiating and watching what you do with your time and assets to ensure a good balanced life. Being a realtor is one career where you can make a good chunk of money within your first year but with unlimited potential for the long haul since there will always be land to buy and sell and everyone needs a home including renters and all without a degree 3 if you so choose but I would not rmend. Business is great for putting food on the table and having some toys but the real value for the money shows itself when you SELL it. Yes there lots of value along the way - monetarily and personally specifically helping people with big challenges - important as in life changing and involving lots of money. You can start your practice while in your 3rd year and yes it a practice where you are an agent and not merely a vendor. Agency means many things according to the law but it all boils down to Representing the best interests of your client - no one else - and that includes yourself. No vendor makes it their goal to know the customer as does a professional who practices agency. Clear the path for your client first and you will do well 3 very well.
Did Bill Gates steal the GUI concept from Steve Jobs?
Yes he did. Here is the story of what actually happened told directly to me by the two men who are the experts on the subject. This story has been mistold for decades and people who are allegedly experts are still repeating the same inaccuracies. There are many quotes floating around the Interneting from movies and books that tell the story second or even third hand and they do not bother to get the entire story. What I illuminate here is what the vast majority of those reports conveniently leave out. Where did the GUIe from? Jef Raskin and Doug Engelbart both told me directly their part of the GUI mouse and Macintosh story and everything below I got directly from them either in person or in direct person-to -person email many years ago so without any media involved I know this to be absolutely . (Doug and I were members of the same education foundation so he sat next to me every month and we would chat endlessly about this stuff.) The very first (GUI) personalputer that you could actually walk into a store and buy set up in your home and do something productive with it was the Apple Lisa (quickly to be replaced by the Macintosh). Before that there were no products that had a GUI. So if we go by what the US Government uses as the yardstick in patent disputes to determine the winner then Apple wins. If you go by who first conceived italic some sort of interactive on a human interface (that we now call hyper Display PDF and a GUI) then we can credit the 1941 short story by Argentine writer and poet Jorge Luis Borges toiled El jarduedn de senderos que se bifurcan italic and it was definitely not Xerox. Jef Raskin the Father Of The Macintosh italic told me that he wrote his thesis titled A Hardware-Independent Computer Drawing System Using List-Structured Modeling The Quick-Draw Graphics System Pennsylvania State University 1967 italic which preceded the founding of Xerox PARC by three years so again it did note from Xerox. The Quick-Draw Graphics System not only described what was later to be called Quickdraw in the Macintosh operating system; it described how to make a personalputer with a graphical user interface a feat that had never been done before. 1 So if we go by who did the first public technical documentation of a GUI then the winner is Jef Raskin who beat Xerox by years and Xerox never did document it anyway. Jef went on to use his design in the Macintosh which actually made it to market and you could actually buy it so Jef and the Macintosh still are the winner not Xerox. 1 Doug Engelbart presented The Mother Of All Demos italic in 1968 showing a live audience a workingputer with a GUI and a mouse (the mouse allowed the GUI to make sense to the user) so if we go by the first public demonstration of a GUI then Doug wins (with thousands of humans who witnessed it live in person) this demo preceded the founding of Xerox PARC by two years so once again Xerox had nothing to do with it. Doug demo was mind-blowing impressing all of us but as he told me theputer was large too impractical to place on a desk and it was never sold to anyone. 1 Apple and Xerox Apple paid Xerox US$1 for an unlimited license for all Xerox technology. 1 Xerox PARC was a think tank and the way they made money was to think of ideas that would attractpanies to pay for a license to see these concepts and protos. The only way to get in to see anything was to pay the fee and be a customer. Apple paid the fee and was a customer and this is how Steve Jobs got past security and got into the top secret rooms to see anything at all. Steve saw that Xerox also had aputer with a GUI which Apple already had as a proto but thisputer used a mouse and Apple was using a light pen which Steve Jobs hated. When Steve saw the mouse he was ecstatic because that is exactly what he wanted for the Lisa Steve went and got his staff and brought them to Xerox to show them The Mouse . They already had their own GUI proto in place so when they asked if the mouse was covered by the Xerox license Xerox had to admit the mouse actually came from Stanford AI (another think tank) that was literally up the road (at Stanford University) and that Xerox had nothing to do with the mouse. 1 This moment is the one that everyone misquotes badly. Yes Steve Jobs did bring his staff to Xerox to see something that excited him and he brought them there during his second trip to show them The Mouse. That is the moment that everyone gets wrong since the GUI was already protod at Apple. It was the mouse that the movies and the books mistook for the excitement that Steve showed nothing more. If you look at the Xerox PARC proto and thenpare it with the actual realization of the Macintosh then you will see that they share nothing inmon other than both being a GUI. The Mac design was as different as different can be. Macs are modal where Xerox was amodal. Macs are linear and logical where Xerox was obfuscated in mystery because the average person could not see where they were supposed to click to do anything so the functionality was aplete mystery. Mac design is very simple and consistently reliable for a person to find any function that is needed at any time. The two systems could not be any more different if they had tried. Obviously neither one was a copy of the other and yet there are still misquotes and misattributions about what Steve was actually excited about when he was legally visiting Xerox. 2 Therefore Apple did not ever steal anything from Xerox and they could not steal anything anyway since they had a paid license for everything anyway. 1 Doug Engelbart and The Mouse Apple went to Stanford AI and paid US$1 for a perpetual license for theputer mouse. 1 Apple is the onlypany in history to this day to have ever actually paid for a license for the mouse. 2 Theputer mouse was patented by Doug Engelbart and Stanford AI. 2 All otherpanies who use the mouse including Xerox did so illegally and are still doing so illegally to this day. 2 Doug told me in person that he was greatly saddened that The Mouse italic was stolen by all of thepanies in theputer business and for its part Stanford AI did not get any public credit by the media. I brought up that Apple did pay for the license and that it was Apple that made the mouse a household name so that now theputer mouse would be famous forever and he perked right up smiled at me (to be honest it was the first time I ever saw him smile) and after that we were buds. We always sat next to each other at the educational conference and he would tolerate my endless questions about the real history of theputer industry. I assume because he saw that I respected him and his amazing aplishments. May you rest in peace Doug; I miss you. 2 Doug did tell me in person that Steve Jobs flipped out over The Mouse italic because his team already had the GUI developed and they were using a light pen (which IIRC was integrated into the proto by a woman who I once met but I am sorry that I forgot her name. She either integrated it or she had used it on the proto. I just don't remember because we were at an event where I was super busy and did not think to give her my business card to stay in touch which I have regretted ever since) and The Mouse italic actually made sense to Steve which is why he jumped at the opportunity to pay Stanford University for the Stanford AI license fee that included The Mouse. italic 2 Xerox PARC stole the mouse from Stanford which I verified with Doug so Xerox did not ever invent a plete system italic and Xerox PARC was not a manufacturing organization only a think tank so Xerox did not ever bring anything to market and they did not invent aplete solution that could be stolen. 2 Summary -Sub Plot So far Jef Raskin and Doug Engelbart where the key technology contributors that supported Apple legitimate and legal creation of what led to the Macintosh. It was unique and was the first personalputer desktopputer that you could actually go buy and set up on your own at home and use productivity software that the averageputer user could actually do something with and produce a useful deliverable. By all corporate and US legal standards that makes Apple the first to invent and deliver a personalputer with a GUI to market. 1 Bill Gates Steve Jobs was going nuts over the Lisa When the Lisa failed to sell in significant numbers (apparently due to its astronomical price tag) Steve then saw that Jef Raskin was correct that a lower powered but fully functional personalputer with a GUI would be more appropriate for the market at that time and he gave Jef a lot more leeway to create the Macintosh. 1 One of the keys to success was to get software developers to start creating software right away for the new platform so Steve Jobs visited Bill Gates and convinced Bill to have Microsoft to start writing Macintosh software immediately. 1 Jobs gave Gates all of the Macintosh source code so that Microsoft could get started right away. 1 Microsoft Word for Macintosh was released in 1985. 1 Word for Mac was Microsoft first WYSIWYG word processor and although Word as a program had already been around for years on DOS it was crude. The Mac version was the initial modern version that was then back ported to Windows. 2 Bill gave his team instructions to use the Macintosh source code to develop Microsoft Windows. 1 Microsoft never had permission to use the Macintosh source code for anything other than developing software applications for the Macintosh user market ergo Bill Gates stole the GUI concept from Steve Jobs. 2 After years and the failure of the Look & Feel lawsuit to help Apple Bill Gates once said that they should not have given me the source code if they didn want me to use it in admission that he stole the source code for the Macintosh to create Windows (i.e. he had the source code legally and he used it to create Windows illegally and immorally). 2 Anothermon untruth that has been repeated is that Steve Jobs and Bill Gates collaborated on Windows and that Jobs somehow intentionally gave Bill the source code so Microsoft could build Windows. Not only is that un but Steve asked Bill to shut down Windows and when Bill refused Steve took him to court and sued him for theft in the infamous Look & Feel italic lawsuit. If Steve did not want Microsoft to do Windows then he would not have spent all that money to launch a very public lawsuit. 1 Andy Hertzfeld a famous Apple employee who was the core member of the Macintosh development team noticed that his contact who was working with Microsoft was asking too many questions about Macintosh and its functioning so he alerted Steve that Microsoft was in the process of stealing the Mac. If Steve had given Microsoft permission to copy Macintosh then Andy would not have had to raise the alarm to notify Steve of the theft in progress. 1 After the fact Bill Gates attempted to cover his tracks by stating publicly that both he and Steve stole from Xerox but of course that is a total fabrication. Bill did not steal from Xerox; he stole the Windows GUI from the Mac GUI that he had in hand. Bill Gates eventually admits the theft when he says that they should not have given me the source code if they didn want me to use it a clear and positive admission of his guilt (about the theft oft he GUI from the Macintosh source code). 1 Conclusion Bill Gates did steal the Macintosh GUI to make the Windows GUI. If we had enacted the DMCA law back then it would have been easy for Apple to win the lawsuit against Microsoft but at the time the law in the US was very weak in protecting software works and those s of lawsuits rarely resulted in a win (today the opposite is where patent trolls try to extort money from Apple IBM et al for vague patent infringements but they occasionally win significant amounts of money because the rules are poorly worded and the trolls figured out how to use those protections in a predatory manner). Postscript The first micrputer italic was invented by a team led by Bill Pentz at Sacramento State University italic in 1972. It was called the Sac State 88. This is another factoid that ismonly mis all the time. It was not the Altair nor Xerox Alto nor the Xerox Star as the proponents are apt to repeat incorrectly so that part of their claimed story is alsopletely .
What's the best choice of ios PDF reader?
PDF is a universal document format and it has been widely used for over 25 years. Right now when new digital technologies are emerging fast a good PDF reader is a must for everyone. Whether you are apany professional a freelancer a student or a teacher you need to have a reliable user-friendly multifunctional tool that is capable of eliminating all your PDF-related problems and helping you to solve all your PDF-related tasks quickly and efficiently. Though there are plenty of PDF readers on the market finding the best one isn easy especially if you are looking for software that won break the bank. Considering all the above I would like to rmend Kdan s PDF Reader s - excellent software that will take your PDF experience further than ever before. Well-designed and equipped with a huge array of features this powerful app is capable of creating annotating and editing PDFs adding interactive multimedia merging different pages into one document encrypting and decrypting these documents adding watermarks and signatures converting files from and to PDFspressing them for easier handling and much more. Created for all kinds of users PDF Reader is an ideal app for any iOS device regardless of what you are going to use it for this app is an excellent choice even for those who haven worked with PDFs previously. You can install a free version of this app or get a premium license that offers full functionality through a convenient one-time purchase option. Another tool that is worth your consideration is GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer s - an easy to use software for reading and annotating PDFs adding notes and drawings highlighting managing files efficiently syncing options while protecting your files with military-grade encryption. All these features make GoodReader a great alternative to more expensive solutions while offering pretty similar functionality. Also you may take a look at PDF Expert s - a well-known app with a beautiful interface and lots of useful functions like highlighting taking notes makingments and annotating. You can also fill out forms and sign PDFs add stamps and shapes and if you like using Apple Pencil this reader allows you to capture your most creative ideas by drawing painting or sketching right on top of your PDFs. The third option that I would like to bring to your attention is Foxit PDF Reader Mobile s - an advanced PDF reader that allows you to create edit secure and share PDFs on the cloud. You can upload scans convert different documents in PDFs add notes and bookmarks highlight phrases or entire paragraphs in different colors add remove and reorder pages in the PDF right on your iOS device fill in forms and sign documents grant and revoke document access and finally collaborate with your co-workers on a project. Since all these appse with a free version I would suggest you try all of them and see which one meets your needs. Disclaimer I am a member of the Kdan team and my answer might be a bit biased. italic
Get your PDF documents done in seconds