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Hey guys it's Roxy buck with PayPal a student in today's video I will be talking to you guys about the latest updates from PDF Expert I present you PDF Expert 7 if you're new to my channel welcome don't forget to subscribe if you're looking for a solution to go paperless with your studies or your business and if you already subscribed make sure you turn on your notification so you know when I release a new video Music we are starting to see a subscription trend with a lot of applications that I believe could be the death of most of them I hope a lot of developers get and appreciate this not every app can sustain a subscription setup paid updates perhaps I could try and understand that subscriptions that's a completely different story I am NOT happy with PDF Expert smooth to go for subscriptions I was upset when I first got the notification when I first got the email from the retail team and I am still upset about it I will tell you this without a shred of doubt in my mind I will not be buying a subscription for PDF Expert 7 Pro features $50 a year for 3 features you should see the look on my face right now is the result in serious really unbelievable they don't even have a monthly subscription to offer which could have convinced people to pay I mean if you know that you're going to be paying maybe let's say four dollars a month or five dollars a month you could talk yourself into this I don't know what Apple is doing to encourage developers to do this but I doubt it will work for a lot of applications because I don't think a lot of us are ready to add apps to our monthly utility bills both developers and Apple need to come up with a better plan of making money of the applications let me know how you guys feel about the way subscriptions are increasing on App Store in this video I will be reviewing the free version of PDF Expert then I will sign up for the trial version with the pro applications to show you guys what the pro features are catching you in the next video on this application if you had the pro version of PDF Expert 6 like I did you don't lose your pro features from the previous version of PDF Expert they just confusing us this is officially the worst update I have seen in any application this year it breaks my heart that it had to come from riddle the interface is improved it is cleaner and more sleek which is to be expected of any application in 2019 I do love the new loop it's refreshing the homepage set up has slightly changed you get an option to create a PDF right at the very top here on the sidebar the.