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Why do some people ask questions on Quora that could easily be answered by using a search engine?
To italic Wallis Pearson italic user 96693 italic Sarah Luu italic user 482587 italic Madie Fox italic user 738752 and italic Reza Hamidi italic user 416157 Variations of this question have been around for years italic (this one dates from 215). When people ask questions on Quora that could be answered by using a search engine the motivations vary. Shockingly many questions asking for simple answers are often not really seeking the answers! I shall go out on a limb and assume the people who ask those questions actually might italic know how to use Google and other search engines. If so they are QPP abusers who merely post easily answered questions to attract lots of answers in a vain hope to get rich quick through the Quaintly Puerile Program (QPP) . I am not in the Quora Partner Program but in early 22 Quora changed the algorithm so we might not be forced to see as many inane insincere questions at least all bunched together. It is a moot point whether Quora changes the algorithm though because many of us have already muted the worst QPP abusers so we will never have to be flooded with their repetitive dreck again. Some reasons for simplistic questions are below. NOT TECHY Some people seriously do not understand how to ask questions online; they are new to the world ofputers and this newfangled thing called the World Wide Web and have not yet figured out how to use search engines. Wikipedia and Google are foreign concepts to them. (This bullet was written in the sorely needed Sarcastia font which has never been developed for some reason.) italic LAZY Too many people ask simplistic questions because they are lazy and want someone else to do their homework or write their essays. (You know who you are!) italic QPP ABUSER Most italic ask these questions not out of laziness or curiosity but because they are chasing the proverbial bucket of gold pennies at the end of the Quirky Perky Parabola reflecting a rainbow of real and unreal reality. Sad but especially if the original poster (OP) chooses not italic to follow a question a dead giveaway of his ulterior motive and if the OP asks multiple template questions that only change one word such as the city. Not italic following a question tells me the OP does not care about the answers. (Again changes to QPP rules in spring 22 may have eliminated much of this trash.) italic SINCERE A tiny italic italic fraction italic of people might actually ask a simple question in a sincere bid for real answers. These are the money questions in my book. The QPP at its most basic (for some people)n source italic pixabay italic s artist italic OpenClipart italic s -Vectors (English) italic Sarah Madden italic Written and italic italic ua9 Copyrighted italic italic u2661 italic 22 October 219 (updated 21 May 22) italic horizontal-rule QUESTION Why do some people ask questions on Quora that could easily be answered by using a search engine? italic (asked 5 August 215 by Madie Fox)
If life give you a chance to go back in past, what is the one thing that you would like to change?
This question has appeared in various forms on Quora. The consensus is that you can not intervene due to possible time paradoxes. Therefore Im not going to formally change something; so no killing of Hitler no Saddam Hussein torture or no return of a beloved one. Im just changing my knowledge. horizontal-rule Im assuming I can go back in time multiple times and for as long as I want. I want to unravel the Beale ciphers s or Beale Papers You could read the details in the above but in summary The Beale ciphers are a set of three Description of the location ( Unsolved ) Names of the treasure's owners and their next of kin ( Unsolved ) ordered-list Text two is deciphered via the US Declaration of Independence the most important one is however one this would give the location of the treasure; gold silver and jewels estimated to be worth over 43 million US$ horizontal-rule Long introduction to get to my story A few seconds ago I pressed my time-lapse button I sigh heavily It's bitterly cold out here. I should have prepared myself properly when I went back in time to Lynchburg January 182 . What did I expect? A heat wave in January? I wore a Quaker hat that I bought at the carnival shop a blue shirt and plus four trousers. The plus four was related to my silly sense of humoring from Belgium and dressing myself like Tintin . Anyhow I had to plough through 3 cm of snow. Needless to say that my walk to the Washington Hotel in Church Street was shivering cold. When I stepped into the lobby the warmth of the fireplace and Mr Robert - the director - weed me. I asked for a room and had a small chat about the weather. Even the most cursory look at my clothes would have drawn some suspicion but Mr Robert was a business man. I was a customer so he did not ask questions. I received the key of my room and subsequently I went ahead and asked him as casually as I could if Mr. Beale already arrived. Yes as a matter of fact he arrived yesterday. Funny little chap he is do you know him? We have a mutual friend but I never met him. I was going to meet him tomorrow. Could you give me his room number I might want to visit him already today. Oh he is in room 5 but he not there he left this morning should I leave him a message when he returns. No thanks we have a meeting tomorrow at the Tobacco Warehouse. Can I have some dinner Im hungry? Yeah sure please leave your belongings at the desk; I will make sure they get to your room. My wife prepared a wonderful stew Im sure you are going to like it. His wife was Sarah Mitchell a fine looking young lady. It might have been related to my funny accent and my strange clothes but she seemed to have some interest in me. After she served me her stew she sat with me at the table and we started to talk. I guess it is not difficult to impress a woman of the early 19th century with the knowledge of the 21st century. Other time other setting and I might have scored if you know what I mean. (On second thought my wife would not like that even hypothetically so forget that) I wanted to be low-profile and I was here for other business. When I finished my dinner I thanked her for the wonderful meal and told her that I would go upstairs to my room. The hotel was almost empty so I could not resist and tried to open the door of room number five. I brought a cordless Dremel 82 with me for the occasion so opening an ancient door should not be that difficult but I was lucky the door was not even locked. I knocked on the door to check if nobody was there and sneaked in. Next to the bed I saw a suitcase which I opened. Besides some cloths I noticed some papers. I immediately recognized them as the famous Bale ciphers and 3 books a copy of the US Declaration of Independence a copy of Philosophi naturalis principia mathematica s by Isaac Newton and a History of the Expedition Under the Command of the Captains Lewis and Clark by Meriwether Lewis. Jesus I never thought it was going to be that easy. That was exactly what I was looking for. I pressed my time button again and went back to Belgium 217. Using Google books I searched a copy of the book by Isaac Newton and used this to try to decipher the code of 1. From Buford's Tavern travel one mile north past the Inn turn right and proceed a distance of three miles straightlined with the top of Porters Mountain. The treasure is two feet on the left of the Mason signal italic I traveled to America. Buford tavern obviously did not exist anymore but Im not the only person in history that tried to solve the Beale ciphers. Based on the answers I got from the locals they get this question numerous time. Some of them are actually fed up with people like me but I found one friendly local that gave me the correct coordinates. I followed the directions I got from deciphering the and ended up in in some rocky territory. I searched hours for some masonic sign and I was about to give up when I noticed this little sign in one of the rocks. The Mason Square & Compasses or the Freemasonry's Universal Logo. I had to remove some rocks and dig a few cm in the dirt and than I saw the big box. Full of excitement I removed the stones and sand until I finally could open it. It was empty besides one little coin and a small note Dear Sir You deciphered the Beale Papers Congratulations! But unfortunately you were not the first one. For your effort I left you one silver-dollar. I Hope you enjoy it ! Your sincerely John D. Rockefeller February 8 1865. For a brief moment I thought of going back in time I had a location and a clear date. It would be easy to get to the treasure before Rockefeller would have. But I abandoned that idea it would disturb American history way too much. I might not be rich but at least I have a good story to tell to my grandchildren. Maybe I could sell the silver-dollar on e-bay it might be worth something. horizontal-rule This was a A2A ; Already some time ago I wonder why most questions I answer are about chemistry just a few hypothetical answers but those were also somewhat related to science but I was flattered so that why I did answer. Although it took me some time to find me a good subject and to put the above together. I really have no clue if it is creative enough. Im a chemist I do not a consider myself a writer but I had some fun and learned something about American history. This answer might go into the anonymity of the zillion other Quora answers but Ive written it so I might as well post it. (I would appreciate somements though positive or negative.)
Is MongoDB (or other document database) a good noSQL option for application where it has users (millions ) and user can have one or more lists, each list containing items (photo, video, note, song)u00a0 associated with users. Users can add more lists, delete lists...users can add items to lists, delete items from lists ...And all this requires real-time interactions.u00a0 OR HBase (or similar columnar database) could be a better option?
Of course this is possible. I would not store any blobs in the database though instead using S3 or CloudFiles depending on what you need to do with the data. Here is how I would approach this * Start using a hosted database like . The $5 plan should be good enough for your needs in terms of volume. You can always upgrade later when you have high numbers of concurrent user activity. * Implement a test server in and mongoose. Create some test data.n* Use any load testing tool to test the performance of this.n* Fine tune the schema until you have derived an optimum for your use case. The key to making this work is having a good understanding of the underlying data set especially the quantities involved (How many items does a list have etc) and your ability to let go of things you learned when creating SQL schemas (like normalizing the db).
Why use more cylinders in a car engine and not use two or one cylinder with the same amount of volume as the multi cylinder one and what are the drawbacks or limitation of such a single cylinder system?
Why use more cylinders in a car engine and not use two or one cylinder with the same amount of volume as the multi cylinder one and what are the drawbacks or limitation of such a single cylinder system? italic I won try to duplicate Les Denham very good answer which gives a lot of detail. I just want to throw in some general design considerations gleaned mainly from motorcycle experience but also from cars. Let just talk about specific fuel consumption and power output for a given displacement first. Pistons sliding up and down inside cylinders create friction. The smaller the cylinder the more surface area it has relative to its displacement; I won go into the math but this is the same reason a mouse has to work harder to stay warm than an elephant does; the massive elephant has less surface area for its volume and so doesn radiate away its body heat as quickly while the tiny mouse has much more surface area relative to its size and so would cool off more quickly unless it had a much higher metabolism and heart rate (which it does). For a given displacement a single massive piston in a single cylinder will have less friction and also more volumetric efficiency. That means it can get more power out of a given amount of fuel at a given RPM or that it can put out the same amount of power using less fuel. The more cylinders into which you split up that given volume the more friction you are going to produce and that means the fuel efficiency will go down (worse gas mileage). But that not the whole story. The single cylinder is fine if youre putting along slowly but the bigger it gets the slower it has to turn because there are physical limits on how quickly you can speed up and slow down a given mass as the crankshaft and connecting rod must do tens or hundreds of times each second as the piston reaches top dead center and bottom dead center in its stroke. So a big single is slower-turning. Dividing up that given volume into a larger number of smaller cylinders lets it turn over faster . And the faster you can get fuel-air mixture pumped into a cylinderpress it burn it and spit it out the more power your engine will develop. Multi-cylinder engines of a given size allow higher RPMs and thus more power from that given displacement than do single-cylinder (or two-cylinder) engines of that displacement. Finally the other big advantage of multi-cylinder engines is smoothness both in terms of steady power output and lesser vibration. The various pistons can be made to offset each other in their movements so that as one goes up the other goes down and so forth thus canceling each other out in terms of the vibration they would otherwise produce (it moreplicated than that but that the gist of it). Modern cars are heavy and are meant to carry at least two more usually four or more people with luggage and to have enough fuel to go several hundred miles without stopping. Even the smallest car has an engine of close to one liter (1 cubic centimeters or about 6 cubic inches) in displacement. A single cylinder that size would be as big as a one-liter (approx. one quart) saucepan or a one kilo (two-pound) can of beans. That a lot of size and weight to throw around back and forth 5 to 1 times a second or so. The vibration would be terrible and that would also affect the reliability of the vehicle as a whole not just passengerfort it could literally rattle the fasteners loose and cause parts to fall off. On a motorcycle the biggest single-cylinder engine you are likely to see would have a displacement of about half a liter (5 cc or 3 cu. in.) or just a scoonch more. Anything bigger than that would shake the bike (and the rider) to pieces in a very short time. A two-cylinder liter bike or larger is a possibility but a two-cylinder bike that size (or bigger) is far more likely to be a slow-revving high-torque cruiser rather than a high-revving power-oriented sports bike. And the real speedsters among that size typically have 4 cylinders. All those other factors Les mentioned hold ; multis are moreplicated have more parts are more costly to make and so on. But it depends on what the designer wants the engine to do. If it just loping along at barely above walking speed in a golf cart or utility buggy or powered rickshaw a one-cylinder engine may be fine. If it a supact road-going passenger carrier I have seen (and driven) a very few two-cylinder models (Honda 6 and Citroen 2CV for example) but most these days have 3 or 4 cylinders in the 1cc to 25cc range. Anything bigger than 25cc is likely to be a six-cylinder on up to 4 liters or more; and 8 or more cylinders aremon in an engine displacing more than 4 liters (24 cu. in.) these days.
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