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Preview App For Mac: What You Should Know

How to Use the Preview on Mac App on Your Mac Get it here. The Mac OS X El Capitan update of the preview app brings major changes to the app. Here's a look at all the features for viewing and editing PDF files. 1. Using a new design This time it's completely redesigned with a light, easy to use and user-friendly design. The toolbar has been moved down a bit on the left and on the right it is more obvious to see what is the most commonly used part of the editing process. 2. Drag and drop Now a lot more convenient for a lot of people. You can drag the file you want to add into the app just like any other folder. Just use the arrow keys and you will be able to drag it up and down.   3. Smart sorting Now, you get to customize this function according to what you want to do. This time it is sorted in alphabetically ordered folders. So if you want to see the latest photos you can simply go to the folder where the images you want to see are located and the app will search the image files there for the photos you are looking for. Just like sorting your email folders.   4. Printing Now, to print the images from inside the preview app on your Mac. Just click on any images you want to print and there you go. You get a print-ready PDF file that your print quality is also perfectly optimized. There's also option to upload all the photos in a folder to Apple's cloud service. 5. Copy and paste Now, this is a new feature. You can cut and copy the selected text and paste into the text field. You can cut and paste with two lines of text and this means that if you cut and paste with two lines of text, the second line gets lost or cut off.   6. Image preview Now, that the above features are added to the preview app, Preview has finally got some new features that are already available in the desktop version. Now you can preview images in the preview app on your Mac. The images that you see there will be in full resolution if you try to do anything like resize and pan the images.   That's it. Enjoy the updated version of the Mac OS X preview app. I hope you like it.

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