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What's the best software for "mail-merging"?
SalesHandy provides mail merge feature. Why should you personalize your emails even if you send to multiple recipients? For any sales team personalizemunication with customer yields better results. Personalized email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 1% 3 Aberdeen Emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened 3 Campaign Monitor s 5% ofpanies feel they can increase interaction within email by increasing personalization. 3 Experian s Check out this video how Mail merge can be done with SalesHandy s How to personalize mass mails? Mail merge is the process of automatic addition of names and addresses from a database to letters and envelopes in order to facilitate sending mail to many addresses. In a mail merge template one can include various placeholders (fields). These fields could be name address or any information specific to each recipient for example a contact name orpany or city which he belongs to. When the merge is performed the software will automatically pulls information from the database source to populate fields within your email message. For a list of 1 recipients the mail merge template will have been reproduced 1 times with each copy being unique. You can use the Mail merge feature of SalesHandy to send personalized emails to any number of recipients with just one click. Example of custom fields Job title 3 Congratulations on your new role as job_title.. Target audience 3 Target_audience find our product really useful Event name 3 Happy to meet you at event_name City name 3 Were organizing Live concert in your city-name An instance of personalized follow up email using mail merge Dear italic firstname italic ! italic Ive put a lot of time and effort into building SalesHandy but I know it not perfect. Brutal and honest feedback is the only way my team and I can improve the product. italic I noticed it been about a week since you signed up have you had a chance to try everything out? Whether yourepletely lost or having a great time please tell me about your experience so far! italic Thanks italic Arpan italic Use cases of mail merge The concepts behind mail merge are appropriate for any situation where an email has to be sent to multiple people but each copy will have some unique fields. Thus the approach is appropriate for anything from simple personalized newsletter toplex e-mail with many fields. Send personalized annual meeting mails to shareholders Product managers to send product update email newsletters Admin executives to send event invitations School Principal to send personalized exam results to students Why use mail-merge Using mail merge can increase the effectiveness of your direct email marketing content and can increase your sales rate and decrease your overall response time . Sales team can have higher success ratio when connecting with clients as the customer would have an impression that the salesperson is taking out time to write a personal email. You will get more response to your personalized emails like below is the email Ive received from my customer Response of the customer to one of my mail-merge email Hi Piyush italic Im happy using SalesHandy. It been excellent experience using it.. italic Thanks italic Annie italic Other benefits Saves your time and efforts. It a very fast way to produce hundreds of personalized emails. One standard email can be written and sent to all recipients without having to manually add name and address in each email. Producing personalized mass emails is much simplified especiallypared to the process of preparing individual email to many people. I loved this small but efficient piece of technology and hence we built it in SalesHandy. If you would like to try mail merge you can sign up here . Send us a mail at support@ mailtosupport@ if you need any help in doing so. SalesHandy consists some more awesome features along with mail merge feature. Features Email Tracking See when and how your customers interact with emailed content. Watch video here Email Tracking with Saleshandy | Get Free Gmail Chrome Plugin File Sharing Generate file s of your important collaterals and share anywhere. Email Templates You can make unlimited Email templates and use it directly from your Gmail(with Gmail plugin). ordered-list All these features make salespeople highly productive and help sales team reduce sales cycle time increase closure rate & ultimately revenue. SaleHandy is a tool which collects such behavioral insight and presents - them in an actionable format. Gmail and Outlook integrations for SalesHandy Download now
Is there software available to do a Mail Merge in Adobe Acrobat?
There's several Acrobat plugins that allow you to do mail merge on PDFs. Ie from the Variable Data print space so my focus is on moreplex solutions that will allow for design logic barcode creation and database connectivity. One thates to mind is Fusion Pro VDP Creator from MaCentral. FusionProuae VDP Creator - It is a powerful platform for merging data with design starting with a PDF in Acrobat but it's not a casual user's tool. It has been in the market for a long long time and as a result incorporates many features that professional mailers have been demanding over the years. It's not cheap but it's definitely worth it if you're in the business. Another is Debenu's PDF Aerialist. Debenu PDF Aerialist | Powerful Acrobatuae plug-in for professionals nIt has a Mail Merge capability that leverages forms and datasets which are CSV or tab-delimited files. You need to convert your mail piece to an Acrobat form but once you do that you're good to go. It's also not cheap but it's not as expensive as Fusion Pro and you get a bunch of other useful PDF tools along with it. Of course you could always roll your own using scripting techniques and forms. See the following for some gance. Excel and Acrobat nThe Debenu solution uses forms as its basis so the method is proven withmercial solutions. Now if you have InDesign you can always place the PDF onto an InDesign page and use its built-in Data Merge functionality to overlay your merge data onto the InDesign page. InDesign Help | Data merge s nYou will need to either delete the information you want to merge from the PDF or cover it up in InDesign of course. You could likely also do this with Word but you'd need to extract the pages from the PDF and place them (InsertPicture from file...) one at a time onto your pages then use floating objects to do the replacement. You may or may not be able to use the PDF as a raw PDF this way; you may need to save it as a bitmap which could cause quality problems when you print. It's clear that there are definitely options to mail merge on PDF. Commercial solutions are good and will do what you want including the Evermap solution you mentioned in your question. Evermap costs a lot less than Fusion Pro or PDF Aerialist so if you just need to mail merge and don't want to code then it might be your best bet. Of course if you have InDesign you can get it done for no additional charge with a little learning about using Data Merge.
What are the most useful gems to use in Rails?
RubyGems were developed to simplify and accelerate the stages of the application creation deployment and library connection. Utilizing this package manager for Ruby saves you time as you get ready-made solutions to almost any task instead of writing the functions from scratch. Each gem contains a particular element of functionality including all related files. Unfortunately they aren structured in any way so in order to find ruby gems it better to use a regular search engine and the required key words (check GitHub s ). Our dedicated development team also actively employs Ruby Gems in the process of software development. Here is the top of the most popular and useful ruby gems according to our experience GeoCoder s . Being able to connect through itself over 4 APIs this Ruby gem implements both the direct and reverse geocoding by IP address geographical coordinates and even real physical addresses (e.g. the address of the street). Bullet s . The most downloaded Ruby gems out there. It was initially created with an intention to boost software performance. It does so by decreasing the total amount of client-server requests. Basically Bullet tracks the N+1 cases of requests and notifies the developer when other tools can be used instead (e.g. cache counter). Pry s . We rmend to simplify the bug fixing procedures for your RoR-based application with the Pry gem which is a more advanced alternative to the standard IRB wrapper. ActiveModelSerializers s (which starts lagging while processingpound documents) and uses caching. Fast JSON API s . Fast JSON API wille in handy when you need fast serialization of software code. It works much faster than Wicked PDF s . This gem is working alongside with wkhtmltopdf s and helps realizing an interaction with the DSL generator. Devise Masquerade s . This Ruby gem helps developing multi user apps. In particular youll be able to test your app from the perspective of users with different levels of access. Devise s . Based on the MVC model the Devise gem can provide secure user authentication and session management. Letter opener s . If you need to create a newsletter mechanism to send notifications to all users that launched your app this gem will help you do that much easier you won need to integrate and configure your own SMTP server. Money Rails s . If you are planning to integrate your app with Ruby Money this gem wille in quite handy. Pundit s . A tool that allows defining different levels of access to the app functionality according to the rights of an authorized user.
How do I extrat certain data from image and transfer it to determined fields in pdf or word given templates?
You can do this in many different ways. You may consider a Robotics Process Automation solution. Robotic process automation - Wikipedia s If you use a capture solution of any kind and store that result data into a database you can also use the Merge feature in word to create documents based on the records in that database. Use a table or query as a mail-merge data source s Mail merge using an Excel spreadsheet s OpenText has a product called Teleform (A capture solution) that has a form-merge function that could be used to create PDF images with this data populated from the database. TeleForm - OpenText Desktop Form and Document Automation Software s I am sure the list of products and solutions that can do this are numerous and it will all depend on your budget volume and specific needs to see how it can best be done. You really should consult with a solution engineer to figure what is best for you. Here is another example filling a PDF from a spreadsheet. s
Which is the best tool I can use for my office database?
You're using Ms Excel from Ms Office which it has Ms Access (DBMS) on it. I suggest you to use Ms Access very useful and quick tool for creating and manipulating databases which allows you to create a database application (Database + forms + reports ...) Also you can analyse your data via Excel; for example you can connect from Excel to Access or export data to Excel and analyse it with pivot tab tool. Ms Access is not very designed to support a lot of users in the same time and from differentputers. If you want to make a client application I suggest to pass to Sqlserver as a DBMS with Ms Access for the front end apps (Database upon Sqlserver + forms report and queries in Ms Access) . I've been working on Ms Access for 3 years ago and I created a lot of database applications. What I can tell you it's a great tool to create small databases easy quick development but the point I hate is the amount limit is 2 Gigabyte. Don't worry about you canbine SqlServer and Ms Access as I said before. All the best for you.
How can I find a job as a Graphic Designer / Layout Artist / Prepress Operator?
Graphic Designer Artist Operator What are your strengths? nA good Graphic Designer will be a good Layout Artist as well but not vice versa. A good Graphic Designer may or may not be a good PrePress Operator and vice versa. So apply to your strengths ONLY and your portfolio should attest to that. To qualify as a candidate for all three one should have graduated from a reputable design school and should have worked in a digital print environment for at least a year. That one year working in a copy center will prepare you for what the school neglected to educate you on. Take it as a year of internship and you wille out a well rounded Graphic Designer with knowledge of the basics that the school left out including but not limited to Crop mark bleeds bleed marks acceptable amount of bleed RGB & CMYK gamut ICC profiling custom profiling when to apply which PDF preset pantone colors pantone color conversion variations creep importance of paper grain printing terminology importance of device calibration dot gain difference between offset and digital output impositioning software finishing equipment when to use registration color what is pitstop variable data printing using InDesign for mail merge (and a lot more) After that one year you will most probably edit your resume CV because you will realize that you learned so much that your old resume did not do you justice. Good Luck
What is the best document scanner for Android?
There are a lot of document scanning apps on the Google Play store and many of them contain annoying features that you don need make you sign up for a subscription or on a mailing list or make you pay additionally to unlock once you download. For these reasons it can be very difficult to sift through all of the apps on the store to find one that is good. Im part of the Kdan team and I like to rmend Kdan PDF Reader s for your document scanning needs. For over 1 years Kdan has been building document management apps to take care of the mostmon needs for businesses and office workers and document scanning is one of the most important features. You want to be able to use the camera on your smart device or use already available pictures and have the software automatically detect documents applying smart filters and formatting them into a PDF document so you can make edits and send to your colleagues. PDF Reader does all of these things in one app. It scans crops filters and merges into one PDF document where you can search the with OCR edit add annotations attachments or even forms and legally binding signatures with DottedSign. PDF Reader has all of the most useful features like convert to PDFbining and splitting documents and even opening attaching or converting to or from Word Pages and other Microsoft and Apple document formats. If you need to manage documents starting with a great scanner try PDF Reader today. It free to download and use the most popular features and you can use it on your Android tablet or phone iPad iPhone Windows PC or Mac.