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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing add line numbers latex


What is the best way to embed syntax-highlighted code snippets in LaTeX?
The listings code package 1 seems to be the standard way to set code in LaTeX. There are several alternatives 2 but listings code is the classic choice. It's quite customizable -- you can easily add languages change colors insert line numbers and so on. The full documentation 3 is worth looking at but I'll give some usage and screenshots for motivation. First here's a minimal examplen documentclassarticle code usepackagelistings code begindocument code beginlstlistinglanguage=Haskell code -- Recursive factorial in Haskell code factorial = 1 code factorial n = n * factorial (n - 1) code endlstlisting code enddocument code This produces a rather unattractive result that's not syntax-highlightedn nLuckily the poor-looking defaults are easy to fix. Options are passed to the listings package as key-value pairs . They can either be arguments to the lstlisting code environment (as above) or they can be set globally using the lstset code mand. Here are three useful options. Font family and spacing. By default listings code sets code in Computer Modern Roman and forces it to fit a fixed- grid. It looks much better if you use Computer Modern Typewriter and turn off the forced spacing. You can also stylements separately from coden lstsetbasicstyle=ttfamily columns=fullflexiblementstyle=rm code n Syntax highlighting. You can separately highlight identifiersments strings and keywords (see Section 4.6 of 3). Here I'll just show identifiers (because that's all my sample has)n usepackagecolor code code lstsetidentifierstyle=coloridentifierColor code n Line numbering. You can add line numbers next to your code. Here's the style I liken lstsetnumbers=left numberstyle=footnotesize frame=l code nBe sure to check the documentation for lots more options and examples! 1
LaTeX: What is the align environment?
The LaTeX align environment allows you to set equations that can ben numbered or not aligned or not nLet's do some examples with code and LaTeX output. First Example - no line numbering. nIn this example I use beginalign* code so I don't have any line numbers. beginalign* code g(p') &equiv int d^3 x phi(x) e^-ivecp'cdot vecx code &= int d^3 x widetilded p left(adag_p e^i bfpcdot bfx + a_p e^-i bfpcdot bfxright)e^-ivecp'cdot vecx code &= int widetilded p d^3 x left(adag_p e^-i(vecp+vecp')cdot vecx e^i omega_p t + a_p e^i(vecp-vecp')cdot vecx e^-iomega_p t right) code &= int widetilded p(2pi)^3 left(adag_p e^i omega_p t delta^3(vecp+vecp') + a_p e^-iomega_p t delta^3(vecp-vecp') right) code &= frac1sqrt2 E_p' (adag_-p' e^i omega_p' t + a_p' e^-i omega_p' t) code endalign* code nHere I use the ampersand (&) character to tell the LaTeXpiler where to align all my equations. In this case I align at the equals (=) sign here. Bonus what do you think this is from? Second Example - line numbering. n beginalign code F_molasses &= F_scatt(omega - omega_ - k v) - F_scatt(omega - omega_ + k v)notag code &approxeq F_scatt(omega-omega_) - kv fracp Fp omega - code &approxeq - 2 fracp Fp omega k vnotag3mm code F_molasses &= -alpha v code labeleqmolassesforce code endalign code In this example I use beginalign code to add in line numbers on every line. I then use notag code to create a new line and remove the line number for the line that the notag code mand is used on. Bonus #2 what do you think this is from?
What is the optimal way to include Python code in a LaTeX document?
The Listings Package LaTeX Code Listings #Using_the_listings_package n It's incredibly simple. Below the fold I'll present an example. Here's what I wantedn automatically include the source code for python code I was working on that generated s 577 452
How do I add contents in index without numbering in Latex?
Hello I believe what you want to ask is that you need a Table of Contents in LaTeX without any numbering preceding the Section Titles. I have prepared one such report available at s s If you check the Table of Contents I do not have any numbering for the Sections but only the Section and Sub-section titles and the respective page numbers. In this case I have used a renemand as can be seen on line number 19 available in the .tex italic file at sidaphale s The renemand is used to re-define an existing macro. The syntax for the renmand is renemandcmdargsoptdef I am sure you can find more ways and some might even be easier. There are lot of nice discussions about this on TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange . Good Luck!
What programs should I use to write and view LaTeX of Mac?
I write in LaTeX almost every day bare this in mind. I prefer to have as little helps as possible when writing LaTeX or programming since this forces me to remembermands and is a good PDF viewer. So what I have done is; install MacTex and install Emacs create a small bash script forpiling my LaTeX document and opening it in if itpiles. So that is my setup. Almost the rest of my project group uses TexMaker which is also nice ) but I just prefer simplicity. -Lars italic
How do you use LaTeX mathematical notation for formulae on Quora?
From our Help Center article How do you use LaTeX mathematical notation for formulae on Quora? s You can write LaTeX and have it styled correctly by using the Math formatting option in the Quora editor (see screenshot) italic or by using the keyboard shortcut. For more information about Quora features and frequently asked questions check out our Help Center s .