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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing mac paste picture in pdf


What is the best way to sign a PDF document?
Hello if you are really looking for the signature into your PDF document then there are various PDF software available that you can purchase. Some PDF are cheaper and some are expensive. The difference is the only advanced features available in PDF tools such as esign password protection with AES-256 encryption cloud services and much more. In our list we found Nitro Productivity Suite Foxit PhantomPDF and PDF Expert. All these above PDF provides you free trial period of 14-days. You may note that Nitro PDF works only on Windows but we find alternative way to work Nitro Pro on Mac s . PDF Expert works on iOS and Foxit works on both Windows and iOS devices. Here is the best way to sign a PDF document Using Nitro Productivity Suite Nitro Pro offers you two ways to sign a PDF document. You can either choose QuickSign or Signature Request option. For the quick sign we rmend you to choose QuickSign otherwise legal option is Signature Request option. Rmended Easy step by step tutorial for QuickSign with screenshot s Follow some simple steps below. Launch Nitro Productivity Suite Nitro Pro on your PC. Under the Home tab in the menu list on top choose QuickSign option. Choose the option of Signature from create handwritten as you want. Once created place the signature to the space by just dragging. Use Foxit PhantomPDF to add Signature Foxit is also easy to use and quick to navigate we have listed many advanced features of PhantomPDF and how you can use it to make more secure s . Launch PhantomPDF on your iOS device or Windows PC. Tap on Protect tab and select DocuSign Login to DocuSign. Create a account if you don have. Simple to create. Type your signature and drag to the place where you want to attach. By following these steps you can easily create signature on your PDF. Reference Made Stuff Easy - A Technology Website s
How can I copy a table with "data bars" from Excel 2010 to Word 2010, retaining table properties instead of as a picture or PDF?
Paste Special Word and Excel Linking a chart to a newsletter or report is an excellent example of how to use Microsoft Office effectively. Say someone corrected the data in the spreadsheet. The chart in Microsoft Excel will change. The chart that you ed with Paste Special in Word will update too. These same steps can be used to select a Range of data in Excel (including Conditional Formatting such as Data Bars) and Paste Special in Word. Memo to self When you Paste Special choose a Microsoft Excel to keep all of the original formatting that you applied in Excel. Before You Begin The Beginning Ge to Excel italic demonstrates how to create charts. You can watch those steps in a video on YouTube here %2Beginning%23%2Presenting%2Data%2Visually%21%2Charts%2Charts% . You can also make your own chart for this demo if you wish. 1. Try It Open a Sample Spreadsheet Go to Start -Microsoft Office .nSelect Microsoft Excel 21 .nOpen Rainfall % What Do You See? Microsoft Word Excel PowerPoint Outlook and Access were designed to work together. Most of the options you use in Word can be found on the same Ribbons in Excel. Keep going... Copy and Paste 2. Try it Copy the Chart Click once on the chart to select it. You should see a light border surrounding the chart. This border has handles in the corners just like a picture in Word when you select it. Go to Home - Copy . Keep going... Paste Special in Word In the next steps you will be working in Microsoft Word. You do not have to close Excel. You can have both programs open at the same time. If the newsletter is still open in Microsoft Word you should see it on the Task bar at the bottom of your screen. Click on the Task bar to restore the window for Word. 3. Try it Paste Special In Word go to Home .nSelect Paste Special . Keep going... Paste Special Paste Special asks two questions First what kind of object do you want to paste? You can paste this chart as a Picture a Bitmap or as an Microsoft Excel Chart . Second how do you want to paste this Chart? If you choose Paste Link the Chart in Word will look up the values in your Excel Spreadsheet. 4. Try it Choose the Link Please select Microsoft Office Excel Chart .n Choose Paste .nClick OK. Keep going... Paste Special What Do You See? You should see a Microsoft Excel Chart in your newsletter. It worked
What are some "less known things" that Mac computers can do?
It can create a PDF from any PRINT dialog box. MailDrop Email attachments now have no limit 1 If an attachment is sent between macOS users is oversized then macOS uses iCloud to transfer it to the other Mac use seamlessly they will see the attachment in their email without realizing that it actual was transported by iCloud. 2 If an attachment is sent between a Mac user to a Windows or other user the the recipient will see a to iCloud where they can effortlessly download the attachment. 2 AirDrop transfers files between Macs iPhones and iPads effortlessly just click on the AirDrop icon in the Share button all the AirDrop users in range will appear just tap the person that you want to send that object to and it gets to them like super easy magic. Multiple Desktops Run Windows software natovely Run UNIX software natively Run Linux software natively Siri is on the Mac! Continuity Copy something on your Mac and then you can Paste on your iPhone and it will show up automatically 1 Unlock your Mac just by wearing your Apple Watch iCloud replaces DropBox Picture in Picture Video you are watching can be popped up into a picture in picture so you can do something else while the video is running 1 Time Machine for super simply hoy backups Bonjour printers just automatically show up no need to install them AirPrint allows printers to just show up (originally for iPhones it also works on Macs) iMessage Text messaging on your iPhone shows up on your Mac so you can continue the conversation seamlessly. Boot Camp allows you to install Microsoft Windows seamlessly Optimized Storage shows you where you are filling up your hard drive Tabs in Finder windows (desktop environment) Tabs in all apps (that use the macOS APIs) Built-in (effective) anti-virus anti-malware protection (continuously updated) Automatic location detection (sets time zone for you automatically when you travel) Split Screen and Full Screen modes Notes app is now a lot more like Evernote and has rich features Mute Tabs (tabs in Safari that play audio can be muted instantly without going to that tab) Shake the cursor to make it big (so you can find it on a busy screen) Dynamic Desktop automatically changes the desktop wallpaper to match the time of the day (more useful than it seems so you don't have a bright desktop glaring at you in the evening. News App This is the first iOS app that runs natively on macOS more toe (UIKit) Favicons in Safari tab bar Intelligent Tracking Protection in Safari Password Auditing in Safari (to help you avoid reusing the same password) Pin tabs in Safari (so the are always here locked in for rapid access) Group Facetime (up to 32 people at the same time) Editing images within QuickLook (no need to launch an app) Edit Screenshots without opening an app Settings for this website allowing you to customize Safari on a site by site basis Autofill two-factor authentication codes (for sites that send them to you)
What should I do to prevent Powerpoint Textbox Text Horizontal Alignment change after save as image?
I tried doing this on MS PowerPoint 27 and it did what it was supposed to. There was no misbehavior in terms of alignment. However I have faced alignment issues when an MS-Office file is saved as PDF or PNG. (Specifically the vertical axis title of an Excel Chart changed from horizontal to vertical). You may try doing one of these 1. If you are using Microsoft Office's Save As PDF add-in try using an alternate converter like CutePDF (it solved the alignment issue of an axis title mentioned above) or a similar utility available for Mac. (Try Mac PDF Converter ) 2. If you aren't working with many slides you can try grouping all the boxes and arrows (going by your image) cut paste special as Picture (Enhanced Metafile). This way the alignment won't change. 3. Extremely crude method View each slide in Slideshow mode take a screenshot paste it in MS-Word (or Mac's equivalent of MS Paint) and convert the Word file into PDF
How do you copy paste data into Excel from a project solicitation (VBA, Excel VBA, MS project, development)?
Many project solicitations are pdf files. It is difficult to copy data from one of those and paste it directly in Excel. The workaround is to copy the data and paste it in a Word table. Word is much smarter about being able to deal with pdf hints. Word 213 and later is also able to open a pdf file using its FileOpen menu item. Once the data lands in Word you may copy it and paste it in Excel. Excel understands Word tables very well. The process of moving data from a pdf into Excel via Word is affectionately called Word-washing by some. horizontal-rule Desktop Excel is getting the Data from Picture feature that iOS and Android Excel already have. The feature looks at the clipboard and converts and numeric data in a picture into values in a range of Excel cells. At the moment I have it in Mac Excel (Microsoft 365 subscription) but not yet in Windows Excel. To use the feature make sure the original is well-lit and the paper is flat. Take a photo or scan the page then import that into yourputer. Next copy the s 184 1846
Do you know an app that can take screen shots from a web page and send them to Word? The web page will contain a set of pages and I would like to send page after page to the same Word document by a push of a button. I know about Windows tools.
If I understand correctly what you wish to do ( Do you know an app that can take screen shots from a web page and send them to Word? The web page will contain a set of pages and I would like to send page after page to the same Word document by a push of a button. I know about Windows tools. italic ) there are a couple of ways to possibly do this. Actually it makes a difference if you want a picture of the page a PDF or Word document with pictures of the page or an editable Word document of the page. I just answered another question with this way. Firefox browser has an extension Print Edit WE which allows one to edit (or not if you want the whole page) a page and create a PDF of the result. That kind of the same as print to Microsoft PDF in Windows. This produces a PDF of the page which may be opened in Word. I frequently just select the areas of a web page I want in Word and copy (control+c) and then paste into a Word document. Easy peasy. Editable Word document of the parts I want of the page. That gets the and pictures in a usable form. You can also save the web page from your browser (Save as Web page - html). That can then be opened in word and viewed in web layout. It probably won look like the web page. You can even create web pages in Word! OneNote (free Microsoft program which works on Windows Mac Android iOS even Linux via a browser!) has a Firefox add-on which can save a whole web page as a note. One can then export the note as a Word document. I rmend OneNote for lots of things not just this function. If you want a collection of pictures (e.g. JPG) or the page one screen at a time you could of course use the Windows (free) Snipping tool to take a screen shot of each screen in succession and paste them into a Word document. I have used all of these techniques at different times. I do not know of a single-button tool or browser add-on (for any browser) which would automatically scroll down through successive screens and save a snap of each screen to a Word document. Good luck and I hope this helps
Can you copy and paste from a scanned document?
A scanned document is in fact a picture and may be saved in many of the graphical formats. If you do not need to copy and past the from the document you simply cut and paste the required part as a picture. The default procedure on a Mac would be scan save as .jpg or .png open the picture in Preview cut the required part paste the clipboard into your document (.doc .docx .odt ) If you need the you need to perform the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) so that the SW reads the s of individual pages and then paste the pages one by one into their appropriate places in the master document.
What are some useful tech hacks for everyday use?
Universal Parcel Tracking is great for tracking any shipment with a parcel number. Use PC Part Picker s to help build aputer. It keeps track ofpatibility issues between parts lists the most up-to-date price for a majority of websites has amentary section for every part and also lists builds different parts have been used in. Love the Chrome (Chromium) browser but hate Google? Try Vivaldi s . Want a browser that is incognito all the time? Try Brave s for PC and DuckDuckGo s for your smartphone. Wikipedia provides sources for most of its articles near the bottom of the article. Every Wiki article on the internet has a History page & Discussion page including Wikipedia itself. The History page allows you to view every single change ever made to its particular Wiki article and the Discussion page is where youll see people discussing issues related to the article. Don want a particular webpage to get any kind of clicks or views? Or want to keep it archived in case the webpage is ever changed or removed? Forget using screenshots which can be easily manipulated or the Wayback Machine which has been not only known for deleting controversial snapshots but still sends viewer data and just try out s instead. (It also has a History feature allowing you to view different saved snapshots.) Use Outline s to get past Wall Street Journal paywalls. Use an app like Hiya s to block private numbers scams telemarketers etc. In File Explorer file extensions are hidden by default. To show them in Windows 1 at the top of the window youll want to click on View then youll see a box with File name extensions next to it. Click on that. (Prior to Windows 1 and even with Windows 1 you could do this by typing in Folder Options in the Start Menu go to View and unclick Hide extensions for known files.)
Would you substitute pen and paper for taking notes with an iPad Pro/Surface Pro?
Ive been in love with stylus touch basedputing since my Palm Pilot and original WinCE iPaq. Compaq T1 ThinkPad convertible tablet PCs a Surface Pro and now an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. Even a Livescribe. What works best? What do I use now? A knock off Moleskine XL and a mechanical pencil. Why? It fast silent high res light and amazing battery life. The chronological page based system makes it easy and faster to find things than digital search. I just write the date time and location at the top of every page. The tap tap of a stylus on a hard screen is just too distracting in an internal meeting or a client workshop. When I need to save something I just take a quick picture of the page with my iPhone and send it to Evernote in the same way I take a picture of a whiteboard weve been working on. I tried a Livescribe pen and notebook (with sync back to Evernote) but I really did not like writing and sketching with a ball point pen. I prefer a pencil fine liner or a fountain pen. I also found I was saving a lot of notes I really did not need to keep for the long term. When I want to share something I write it up on my MacBook Pro either as a confluence page or an email and then email it to the team and Evernote. This way Im sharing considered information and I can find it in Gmail and Evernote if I ever need to refer to it.