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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing mac delete file shortcut


Is deleted File Recovery possible after Trash gets emptied?
Yes it is possible to recover emptied Trash on Mac. Even when you have emptied Trash the deleted files will remain hidden on your Mac's hard drive as long as new files do not overwrite them. Therefore it is highly rmended that you avoid using yourputer if you want to recover deleted Mac files or emptied Trash. Also you must start the recovery process as soon as you empty your Trash to increase the chances of restoring deleted or lost files. Here are some of the methods you can use to recover emptied Trash on Mac Recover emptied trash through Mac Terminal italic Recover emptied trash through the external drive trash bin italic Recover emptied trash through Mac files recovery software italic Solution 1. Recover Deleted Files on Mac Terminal The terminal is the in-built program on Mac just like the Command Prompt on Windowsputer. Through Terminal you're able to recover deleted files from trash on Mac. Press CMD + spacebar together to launch Spotlight and Terminal. italic Input mv xxx.. and hit Return. (xxx means the name of deleted file) italic Enter the name of the deleted file and hit Return. italic After the above steps the deleted files can usually be recovered. Solution 2. Check the External Drive Trash Bin If you delete files from an external device like an external hard drive or SD card the files will go to the hidden .Trashes folder rather than the Mac trash. Thus although you have emptied the Mac trash bin you're able to sometimes restore the deleted files to the original location. You can view the invisible files by pressing the CMD + Shift + .hotkey. If the shortcut fails use the Mac Terminal. First you need to launch Terminal and input the belowmands to find the .Trashes folder. defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE italic killall Finder italic Solution 3. Recover emptied trash through Mac files recovery software To recover emptied trash on Mac you need a Mac Data Recovery program. Here I rmend Recoverit Mac Files Recovery. Free download Recoverit Data Recovery for Mac on yourputer launch it and follow the next steps to restore Trash and get your lost files back. Step 1 Select the Trash location to get started. Step 2 The Mac data recovery will start scanning the trash folder to restore your files it will take for minutes. Step 3 After the scan you can check all recovered data and files. You can preview some recovered photos videos music and office documents. Select your files and click the Recover button to get them back.
How do I recover deleted files from Mac without software?
When ites to the file deletion it's usually discussed in 3 different aspects - deleting files permanently emptying recycle bin and removing files accidentally. If you erasing files just by accident you can resort to some Mac utilities and recover deleted files on Mac Undo Option When you delete the wrong file on Mac and notice your mistake right away you can instantly recover it using undo. Thismand reverses the lastpleted action. Trash Bin For a recently deleted file or folder you can check the Mac Trash at the beginning to restore files from Trash. If files are deleted from the trash can then you can recover by following solutions Solution 1. Recover Deleted Files on Mac Terminal The terminal is the in-built program on Mac just like the Command Prompt on Windowsputer. It allows you to use the Unixmand line for different tasks. Through Terminal you're able to recover deleted files from trash on Mac sometimes. But generally speaking if the deleted files are removed from Trash or the Mac trash is emptied it would be really hard to get them back with themand line. Press CMD + spacebar together to launch Spotlight and Terminal. Input mv xxx.. and hit Return. (xxx means the name of deleted file) Enter the name of the deleted file and hit Return. After the above steps the deleted files can usually be recovered. Solution 2. Check the External Drive Trash Bin When you use an external device on Mac a bunch of invisible folders are created in order to ensure the normal working of the Macputer. If you delete files from an external device like an external hard drive or SD card the files will go to the hidden .Trashes folder rather than the Mac trash. Thus although you have emptied the Mac trash bin you're able to sometimes restore the deleted files to the original location. You can view the invisible files by pressing the CMD + Shift + .hotkey. If the shortcut fails use the Mac Terminal. First you need to launch Terminal and input the belowmands to find the .Trashes folder. defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE killall Finder Helpful Tips Avoid unnecessary data transfer The sooner you start recovering your files the better Eliminate the cause of data loss (e.g if you lost data due to virus then run an antivirus and remove it to avoid further data loss)
What is it that we as Indians are collectively doing wrong?
1 THINGS THAT INDIANS ARE COLLECTIVELY DOING WRONG 1. Displaying our artistic skills on Historical Monuments. India is a country that is rich in heritage and cultural history and the living symbols of it stand amongst us in the form of monuments. But instead of taking pride in them what do we do we adorn them with our artistic skills. There is hardly any country in the world with such diverse physical structures representing the grandeur of architecture art religion knowledge in various fields we treat them like our own private canvas to be decorated and treated the way we want beautiful and mesmerizing monuments are scarred because of our appalling civic sense. We want to confess our love through them 2. Printing out account balance receipt unnecessarily and then throwing it away. If you go to any ATM you will most likely see account balance receipts lying everywhere on the floor which were printed for no reason. Listen people what if I tell you that there is a better way to check account balance. You can just click on balance enquiry and then click NO when asked if you want to print get printed receipt only if you need it. Don print it if you want to throw it away the very next moment. 3. Celebrities Culture Praise A bitter truth. People who live in the India are always famous for praising celebrities. The other countries people doesn remotelyes close to Indians on celebrity craziness. The celebrities who being on TV cinema cricket and politics are having huge number of fans following that is unimaginable for Americans elect a movie actress like Hema as MP ? Do other countries like USUKChinaJapan built temples for cinestars? But we do People who live in the various states in India have been washing large size of cut-out of the famous movie stars with milk and beer. These poor dudes might not even have milk for their home. There are even temples built for these stars and rural India is often dotted with their pictures. Here some of the crazy people celebrating this cinestar who is the SuperStar of Tamil Nadu 3 Rajinikanth. 4. Spreading Hoax Messages on WhatsApp. Even though you might be having really qualified parents and family members Im sure every one of has at-least once received a hoax message on WhatsApp these messages not only spread facts but sometimes create fear in the minds of the people. recently during the Chennai Rains someone started spreading rumors about crocodiles in the water electricity leaks in the water etc. Now in such situations people are worried so they forward it to the maximum people possible. But this situation is quite understandable as it was a calamity. Ill try to list the most bizarre ones Ivee across. Some HIV AIDS affected person who has mixed his blood into Frooti Indian National Anthem was chose the best National Anthem by UNESCO NASA Diwali Picture every year Messages that charge your phones battery give recharges change the positions of emojis etc And I don even know what else could be possibly be hoaxed .Indians believe and fall for such hoax messages and WhatsApp amplifies the reach of such fake ones. So there needs to be an awareness that verify or at least think before you forward any message on WhatsApp. 4. Not standing up when somebody needs help- Bystander Apathy italic Not only Indians everybody is doing thousands die on Indian Roads and a staggering number of girls are molested in full public glare almost each one of us stands indicted for playing the mute spectator. Be it accidents or molestations in public place very rarely do we step in and help. Call it the bystander effect or and simple couldn care-less attitude or not my problem corrosive mindset the fact is indifference has almost be an Indian way of living. Indian Citizens please pay heed stand up and be counted. 5. Celebrating 2 crore package offered by facebook and google in campus recruitment in USA . Not celebrating Rs. 55 lac package in India. The package offered to students is approx. $3.2 lac per annum. When converted into rupees it bes Rs. 2 crore. This package is actually misunderstood by many people because people are unaware of the concept called Purchase power parity. In USA ie tax rate is very high close to 45%. So the guy or girl will get Rs. 1.1 crore in hand every year. Guy or girl in India with Rs. .33 crore in hand per annum has same purchase power as that of Rs. 1.1 crore in USA. 6. ELECTING YOUR LEGISLATIVE MEMBER (VOTING) Picture exs perfectly and if am correct many people who read this answer don even know there own constituency MP and MLA . do not vote just because the person belongs to certain party caste religion class status and celebrity status vote the person by looking at his performances and efficiency of work and service that he can offer to our regionstate and country. 7. BRUSHING italic Yes you read it right. We all are brushing wrong as we don know the amount of toothpaste needed for brushing and end up following the advertisement shown by toothpaste manufacturers. Youre using too much. nDon be so suggestible!nToothpaste ads show you how to use up the tube more use 1 as much the size of a pea. It will still taste good I promise! With time if you use too much toothpaste you can cause the irreversible damage to your enamel. Additionally swallowing fluoride contained in toothpaste could be harmful and there more likelihood of swallowing larger amounts of fluoride if you use a lot of toothpaste. And too much foam can make you lose track of where your teeth(s) is actually located. 8. Believing that men are always wrong. As far as it has been observed in a fight between a man and a woman the public takes up the side of the woman without verifying the background. The men are often beaten up and arrested for the crime they didnmit. If a man slaps a woman then the man is assumed to be wrong. If the woman slaps a man then again man is assumed to be wrong. I would request you not to take anybody side and do not take the law in your hands unless otherwise genuine. Like a woman is being teased stand up for the right. If she is merely shouting just let go. But again the victim can be a man as well. Stand up for him as well. In Nagaland a man was lynched because people intuited that the man was a rapist. And later on it was stated that it was a consensual sex not rape. This is how people are believing blindly to a woman hokum. On the contrary when two sisters beat up boys in a bus nobody stood up for them. They were alleged eve teasers. The guys were severely beaten by belts but in spite of being victim they were arrested because according to the people and law women are always right. italic They had qualified for the army but rejected because of the police case was filed on them even when nothing was proved. Aftermath both the Rohtak sisters namely Aarti and Puja failed polygraph test but still roaming in peace. Their so called molesters passed the test. The most recent story is that of Jasleen Kaur which created a Storm and everyone took side of Jasleen Kaur but when the truth came out no one chided Jasleen even in a fractional proportion of the way they chided Sarvjeet. 9 . An IITian Yes you read it right. An IITian italic . Understand first this analogy.n A and B are neighbours.n A italic is a Father of child italic C italic . Certainly italic C italic s all expenses will be paid by italic A italic . italic n C italic works very hard end up in elite College get a good Package at the End of college. And then my friend instead of taking Care of his FatherChild italic C italic treat italic B italic as a Father. italic Though I don envy them at all(after all they have achieved such a feat with immense hard work of their own).nBut there are some facts that have enlightened me with the greater truth Sir italic have a look at first picture below shows the approximate expenditure by the Indian Government in past year for the IITians According to the non-planed expenditures in the budget estimates of the govt. money allocated for the IITs for the year 215-16 is approximately crores( Million US Dollar). Now from the same amount you can buy 16 Bugatti Veyron.(which is most expensive car in the world and still you will ended up with .96 Million US$ ) Government spends a large portion of their money on educating a 4 year batch of precious IITians. italic While an IITian pays merely Rs.9 as his fees the total expenditure on his education is not less than Rs. 3.4 Lakhs an year italic . So an amount close to Rs. 2.5 lakh is borne by the government per student per year italic which is nothing but the taxes collected from the so calledmon Indian man. If one extrapolates this to all the 3954 students in IITs the cost borne by the tax payers on educating the IITians extends to crores annually. On the other hand considering the ROI ( Return of Investment italic ); one can figure out what is actually being done (for the home country India which is continuously sponsoring the students so lavishly) by looking the below pics (Go back to the picture again and check the number of IITians who have joined ISRO Indian Army & DRDO. And it is not at all about joining fights or wars but mainly about joining and contributing to research development and strengthening of the backbone of India.) An RTI filed recently has shown that less than 2% of engineers in Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) are from IITs and NITs. Our best space programs don get our best engineers every year. I do not envy Chetan Bhagat but Hey why did an Indian Common Man pay(as much as Rs.1 lakh) for his (IIT-D+IIM-A) degree???Why did we do it at all..?? Another RTI(Right to Information) filed with IIM Bangalore has revealed that out of the current batch of 46 students 97 students are from IITs. Another 39 students from different IITs are in IIM Ahmedabad. If all that these engineers wanted was to be a successful manager why does the tax payer need to pay for their engineering education in IITs ??? italic 1. Social Media italic 1.) A few days back may be in the mid-august a Delhi girl posted on her FB about how she was harassed by a fellow delhiite near the signal and viola it went viral and the media uproar it generated people started asking for the boys head many on social media said he was a pervert and should be ostracized from the society he lost his job was almost confined to his house for a large part of time some news channels asked him to apologize on national television for his wrong doing which he bluntly refused and tried exing his point of view about what has actually happened that night but neither the mainstream media nor the social media was ready to buy his words. At last some by standers came forward and the truth was in front of the world but Hey..! none of us cared to apologize to the poor soul. The hashtag #Sorry italic never trends of twitter or facebook #STRANGE italic 2.) The case of the # brave Rohtak sister italic where they thrashed a fellow bus traveler went viral on social media too and the girls were hailed as #brave #heros_of_contempory_india italic and what not. The social media didn spare the so called #molester_boys italic and the attention it generated due to multiple shares views andments led to the Indian Army issuing a statement that they were not taking the molesters into the Indian Army and eventually they lost their jobs. When what has transpired actually came into focus it was known that the girls were at fault and being #men italic they were made scapegoats by the social media. 3.) Now the latest social media blunder that we all should be responsible for is the case of a Delhi Cop the video in which he was apparently in an #inebriated italic state went viral thanks to our shares on social media and the hashtags #shame #delhi_cop_drunk_on_metro italic started trending but recently the cop with a heavy heart came out saying how social media has ruined his life after that incident because what we don know is that he was suffering from brain haemorrhage and was on medication and on that fateful night he had a stroke that left his left part of the body paralysed and he could not help himself and collapsed and we # Humans italic as we call ourselves instead of helping him made a video and put it on social media which goes viral the cop loses his job is boycotted by friends and relatives the govt. says it is ashamed of this act by the protectors of law the concerned department orders an inquiry and hees out clean but again we never apologize for the trauma we have caused him. So Im not saying we should not put up things on social media but before doing that we should be sure and ascertain some facts for ourselves before jumping into the social media bandwagon and generating a fuss and hullabaloo about it because we may just share likement logout and go back to sleep. But these things may make or break someone else lives. Bonus Generalizing italic All Pakistanis are potential terrorists. All Bangladeshi cricket fans are fanatics. All Delhi people are rude. All guys are the same. All Bengalis are lazy. All IITians are nerds. All blah blah blah Get the picture? Im sure you have heard one or all of the above at some point. We have a certain encounter with a person or group and that experience is extrapolated to all entities related to that person or group. This is wrong. Heck even math says it wrong. We are basically treating a subset equal to the universal set. This generalization is usually followed by judging italic . Say you had a bitter experience with a Russian. In the aftermath we assume all Russians to be the same. What worse we take the liberty of tagging every Russian the same in front of people we interact with on a daily basis. It goes without saying that many problems can be arrested if we take the effort to stop generalizing. Source Deepak Maurya
Can Apple's TextEdit be tweaked to reinstate command-d to delete a document? Cmd-d used to be strictly enforced by "Apple Police" and now it's gone from their own app.
Command-D normally duplicates things. In 2 years of using Macs Ive never known it to delete anything. That usuallymand-backspace. It is possible to customise keyboard shortcuts using System Preferences but there has to be a menu option in the app for the shortcut to be as shortcut for. Text Edit doesn have an option to delete files because it is a editor not a file manager and Apple tend to take the purity of purpose of their apps fairly seriously (with the occasional aberration like iTunes). If you want to delete files you use the Finder. But don try to do it with themand-d shortcut because youll duplicate the files instead. You can of course change those shortcuts if you want but if you do youll find other Macs frustrating to use because they work properly. It much better to just learn the correct shortcuts.
How do I recover my deleted data files from a hard disk?
There are two methods to retrieve data from a hard drive ( Method-1)Plug Your Old Hard Drive into a Desktop Computer Get a hard drive disk enclosure. This is an external system into which you can place aputer hard drive in order to run it on anotherputer via a USB port; essentially the enclosure will turn your laptop hard drive into an external hard drive. Differentputers use different hard drive models so be sure to check your dead laptop specifications before making this purchase. Ex. If your laptop has a 2.5 SATA drive you will need a 2.5 SATA USB enclosure. Unless you have a SATA drive be sure to buy a laptop-sized disk enclosure ; only SATA-ready enclosures can amodate both desktop and laptop hard drives. Note that disk enclosures arenmonly found in big-box stores and are usually purchased online. Borrow a workingputer that ispatible with your old one. If you had a Windows use another Windows; if you had a Mac use another Mac; etc. Make sure it has enough space to amodate the files you want to recover from the dead laptop; alternatively you can hook a second external hard drive up to the workingputer and simply use theputer as a transfer system for the files. A Linuxputer will be able to read files off of a Windowsputer (but not the other way around); unless you understand both systems however it is best to use a Windowsputer to recover a Windows hard drive. Mac users can insert a Windows hard drive into theirputer and be able to read (not write) the contents of their hard drive if they did not install a separate driver for example NTFS-3G or Paragon NTFS. Take caution though and only use Disk Utility during the process to mount the hard drive. Any other action you make on Disk Utility may remove contents. Remove the hard drive from the dead laptop. Turn off the laptop unplug it and remove the battery. Turn it over and youll see that various sections of the laptop base can be unscrewed and removed separately. Either look up your laptop model online to see exactly where the hard drive sits or simply look for the most likely candidate though it differs between laptops a laptop hard drive is often similar in size and shape to a floppy disk. Unscrew the hard drive cover and remove the hard drive. Some models will pop upwards some will slide outwards etc. Remove the disk enclosure connector plate and insert it into the hard drive interface. Look for connector pins at one end of the drive to see where to make this you have an IDE hard drive note that there is a detachable adapter sitting over the interface. Simply pull this adapter off so that the drive will properly connect with the enclosure connector plate. Insert the hard drive into the enclosure. Screw it shut if necessary; read the enclosure manual for additional details. Connect the external hard drive to the workingputer with a USB cable. Make sure theputer is turned on. Once the drive is connected an icon should appear on your desktop (Mac) or a notification should pop up (Windows). Theputer might also open the drive for you Windows doesn automatically prompt you about the new external storage unit simply open it manually by going to My Computer and looking for the new the hard drive isn recognized at first try ejecting it and plugging it back the hard drive is not readable it likely that the hard drive itself (and not yourputer software) failed. If this is the case you will need professional assistance if you wish to continue the salvage. Be warned that this can be very expensive. Explore and salvage your old files. Transfer them to either the workingputer or to a second external hard drive by copying and pasting clicking and dragging etc. If you have a lot of large files (ex. songs movies) note that the transfer could take many hours. When youre done close the window to your hard drive. The good news is that the deadputer is still physically intact and will probably work fine if you reinstall your operating system . Right-click the USB icon and select Eject. You can now detach the old hard drive.
Why is my Mac no longer sending files to the trash, permanently deleting files instead?
You could be using the wrong keyboard shortcuts as previously mentioned however if you are deleting files from a peer-to-peer network share they are deleted immediately. You must be on a Mac network (in other words a network with a file server) that supports network Trash Can in order to recover deleted files from it.
What are some tech hacks that can be learned in 10 minutes?
1 3 To quickly change the case (upper vs. lower) of in Microsoft Word highlight the phrase then hit Shift + F3 . Word will automatically lowercase everything first and if you tap the shortcut again it will take into account periods and capitalize the start of a sentence. 2 3 Ever close your browser by mistake? We all have. No worries! To re-open an accidentally closed browser tab use Ctrl + Shift +T . Cmd is for Mac. 3 3 If you need to proofread a long essay be sure to paste your article into Google Translate and listen to it instead of reading it. This makes it easier to pick up mistakes and makes you a more proficient writer in the process. The tool can help you pick up minor typos that often shoot right past our eyes. Below you can see an example of the site. It super easy to use! 4 3 Run your writing or document past to clear typos grammar mistakes and get help with writing styles. As per the below s 495 88 Source Click here s
How can I permanently delete files from my SD card in MacOS without using special software? See comments for specific info.
If this question is about data security stopping others accessing deleted files if they have physical access to the SD card. If the SD card is just used with Macs then you could format the SD card with encryption. In this case the whole card is protected except when it is in a Mac and unlocked with a password Encrypt disks or memory cards to protect your Mac information s Once encrypted you can move files you no longer need to Trash and empty Trash in the normal way. If you lose or discard the memory card the data is safe (unless someone can guess your password). The Mac can store the password in Keychain and so can remember the encryption password. If the question is about immediately deleting files rather than the default delete action (which is to move them to the Trash which then needs to be emptied for the files to be really deleted). When you select files the default delete option under the File menu in Finder is Move to Trash However if you hold the alt key down this changes to Delete Immediately When you press this you get a confirmation dialog If you select delete then the file is really gone (no intermediate stop in Trash). Note that there is a keyboard shortcut action alt+cmd+backspace that also invokes Delete Immediately.