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Delete Key On Mac Book Pro: What You Should Know

BACKSPACE key and then delete the text.  This is how you delete text from a document.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing delete key on mac book pro


As a .NET developer,u00a0 should I prefer to buy a Windows or a Mac laptop?
Due to the budget I would rmend you go with a Windows PC. However I currently own a MacBook Pro 15 with 16 GB RAM. If you consider a good PC with equal specs Mac would still sound costlier. BUT... and a very big BUT... the quality is actually the key. I absolutely love the Retina Display and I can go gaga about so many other stuff. But let me cut it short so that I don't sound a fanboy. The choice of a Mac for designing is a no brainer and since you can use Parallels to run Windows you can do pretty much all you can with a Windows PC using a Mac but not vice versa. That's the reason I bought it and I don't regret it. There are a few things that I miss as a developer and hence I am training my muscle memory to get used to Mac. 1. Absence of Delete key. In Mac you have only got 1 Delete Key that deletes backwards. Even if you run Parallels on Windows you will have to deal with only Backspace delete. It feels weird initially but I got used to it. 2. Absence of Home key etc. Same issue but you may get used to it. Rest all is just fantastic. Now I don't have to worry about how my page would look on a Mac. I can do all this testing directly. Being an author I like using iBooks Author a lot too. So while I develop code my key findings go in a book which may be later published. As you can see I may end up getting the best of both worlds with a Mac. One things that I absolutely hate about Windows PC is the reliability. I am too fuc*ing tired of installing Windows Updates on a daily basis only to realise than something went wrong and the OS conked off. With a Mac even if I spend a lot of time in Parallels I feel morefortable knowing the fact that I can revert to a snapshot when I need to. Majority of my other development task happens in the Cloud. Last but not the last I love photography and after using iPhoto I am 1% sure I don't need anything else. Bottomline... don't pick what others pick. Don't pick what you want to pick. Research and pick what you think might serve you for longer duration and fulfils your needs as well as budget.
I want a laptop for my computer degree that I can buy now and last me the 3 years of the degree. What should I choose?
Buy a MacBook Pro It can do everything You need it to and and it will last you a decade. How do I know? For one I own a Mac. That's not good enough though. spend a day going to coffee shops book stores Libraries co-working space. Everyone you see on aputer ask what do you use yourputer for? Then ask how long have you had it? Then ask the most important question of all but watch their face watch their eyes? How do you like it? I will bet you $1 That a larger percentage of people using a MacBook Will; 1. use theirputer for creating something other than word documents and power points and when they are creating word documents and powerpoints it's because they are starting or running a business. 2. Will have hair theirputer for more than a year and those have have had their MacBook for more than a year will have had it 3 years or longer. 3. They will want to tell you all about theirputer what they use it for. The percentage of people that will have something negative to say Will be extremely low. The ones that do have something negative to say will tell you I would buy another MacBook. You will be hard pressed to find someone that is serious about tech creation and has a clue about anything using anything else but a MacBook. Some me more interesting info. I bought my MacBook 3 years ago with apple care. It's was spends yes but I have never had a problem with It other than the screwsing loose When the guys at the apple screwed back in for me. I also carried a MacBook to war I had for three years. I took thatputer wit me on every mission and never had a problem. I had people have MacBooks shipped rom the states because they were so impressed. I then sold that MacBook for half what I paid for it and bought a MacBook Air which I used for another three Years and carried to war as well. I cant ant say this about a lot of expensive things (relatively speaking) But when ites to Apple you get what you pay for.
How can I clean junk files off my MacBook for free?
Looking for a free method to clean junk from your MacBook? Do check theplete ge on below . 5 Effective Ways to Clean Junk Files on Mac - Tech Untangle s Here we have listed free methods with which you can free your junk files from MacBook. There are different s of junk such as System Junk Photo Junk and other. It is hard to locate and even not visible to the users. But there are different ways with which you canmand your Mac to delete Junk and free up space from MacBook. I you are willing to spend few bucks then we personally rmend you to go for CleanMyMac which is one of the best junk cleaner software. s It automatically scan your Mac and removes every trace of Junk. Along with this it also removes all cache temporary files uninstall applications and protect you against malware. Rmended CleanMyMac Review (Latest) s Follow some methods to clean Junk Clean your Trash Bin This is 1st way to remove junk simply head cursor to bin in the dock and empty it. Manage Apps Remove all unwanted apps that may store some temporary files and also junk which occupies storage. Go to Home screen tap on Apple logo About this Mac Storage click Manage and delete unused applications. So these are some different ways with which you can remove junk from your MacBook. It this isplicated then definitely go for a software. I hope you find all information useful!
My MacBook was stolen a while ago. How hard is it to unlock a MacBook Pro Retina without a passcode?
Very easy if you know how. Getting past the keychain intact is the hard part. Bottom line a.) your passwords in the Keychain are probably secure since they would have blow away the keychain without the password. Your unencrypted data is vulnerable. Hopefully you did timely Time Machine or Carbon Copy Cloner backups and backed up your Apple I.D.- controlled data to iCloud. It probably already too late. If you have Find my Mac activated you can take another iDevice or log into on anotherputer and erase the unit and restore the data on a new Mac from your backups. Most home insurance policies cover theft. Good luck.
Why did you stop using Apple laptops?
I bought my first (and only) Apple laptop a mid-212 non-retina MacBook Pro in the fall of 212. It is almost certainly my last italic Apple laptop. Earlier that year I had bought my first Mac ever a mid-211 mini in order to track work being done by a team in Mexico on a Ruby on Rails application. Even though the delivery was to Red Hat Enterprise Linux the team insisted on using iMac systems for their development. As I was due for a new laptop that year I decided to drink the Kool-Aid and get a MacBook (Pro) for my next laptop. As it had Bootcamp and could boot into Windows (7 at the time) I thought there was really no risk - other than how expensive it was. Well not only was it expensive but I made it even more so by missing the one-year deadline to pay off the no interest loan. I got hit with several hundred dollars of accrued interest thanks to that - admittedly my mistake. italic Anyway I decided to find out just what all the fanboys were talking about how once you used a Mac you would never go back to that horrible Windows junk. Jump to the conclusion italic In 215 the next italic laptop I bought was an ASUS Republic of Gamers G751JT - now running Windows 1 Pro. I had decided that not only was the MacBook extremely expensive but it was also much italic less productive for me. I am unlikely to buy another MacBook - ever. Especially with the questionable design decisions in recent years. So what happened? italic It turned out that booting into Windows 7 with Bootcamp was not all that useful italic . I could use VMware Fusion to run the Bootcamp partition as the disk in a virtual machine (VM) for a more useful environment. When I later upgraded to an SSD I ditched the Bootcamp partition entirely and just run Windows 1 Pro as a virtual machine with a virtual disk. An issue with running Windows programs was the different keyboard shortcuts used. For instance using Command italic -Left-Arrow versus Ctrl italic -Left-Arrow to jump back a word. The Delete key deleted backward instead of forward - unless you held down Ctrl (?). The built-in keyboard had no labeled Home and End keys. Screen capture was absurd (Command-Shift-3 or 4) instead of there being a Print Screen button. Im still not sure how to capture a Windows screen or window. As for OSX itself I found many aspects of it just stupid. In particular Finder seemed very poorly done italic and much less useful than Explorer in Windows. Only in later versions of OSX did they even offer the most basic function of resizing windows italic by pulling on any italic edge. Good grief. I was extremely used to using Start - Run - to open programs explorer windows and web sites and found nothing as convenient on the Mac. The menu bar at the top of the screen instead of the program window was OK except when using a large monitor the program window might be at the bottom with the menu oh! there it is way italic up there! Multi-screen handling was very brain damaged in that era of OSX. I used an external 3u233 monitor but how it handled the menu bar was just dumb. It was often difficult to know just what program had the focus. This is much better since a couple of OSX upgrades back. It irritated me that I could only turn off the built-in screen italic by closing the lid - which caused the system to run much hotter during software builds. I couldn believe that I could not move and resize windows except with the mouse. I am very used to using Alt-Spacebar to get to the standard Windows menu in the upper left and do those functions. This is especially important with brain-damaged software like Adobe Reader which will open a window off screen if you last were on the external monitor but did not have it attached at the moment (like at a client). I finally found and installed Mercury Mover just for this purpose. Conclusion italic Switching to a Mac was not a huge win. In fact for me it was a horrible step backward in many respects. I still have and use the MacBook Pro for certain things. Messaging with it instead of my iPhone or iPad is much more convenient. I do certain software builds on there - including for Android (long story why). I usually take it to clients instead of the (huge) ASUS RoG system. I was able to do the Mojave upgrade with few problems. With its core-i7 processor 16 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD it is plenty fast. I also have my mid-211 mini as part of the entertainment system in one room. It makes a handyputer for the big screen can use Messages and the DVD player can display old-fashioned captions (versus sub-titles) - unlike my external DVD players. I can also access my camera server and view any of the 25 cameras spread around my house and guest house. However my next laptop is likely to be a Microsoft Surface Book or a ThinkPad X1 Carbon.
Should I get a Macbook Air or an iPad Pro?
There are a few things to consider when considering to buy an iPad Pro or a MacBook Air. Performance - Do you need more performance? Do you do tasks that require more power? The iPad has some great apps to handle heavy duty tasks and definitely has the performance needed to do so. Entertainment - Do you use your device for entertainment frequently? If so the iPad Pro is a solid choice as it provides an amazing display with quad-speakers that create an amazing experience. Personal use - If you will be using it for casual things such as web browsing consuming content doing some Word and PowerPoint the MacBook Air is your choice. If youre a college student you could honestly get either depending on your budget and preference. Budget - The MacBook Air is fairly priced especially for students. Whereas the iPad Pro is definitely overpriced for an iPad but can make great things and has great performance and can handle any task you throw at it from personal experience. Im using the 218 iPad Pro 12.9 and it handles everything so the 22 would be the best choice. Battery Life - If youre going to use your device a lot iPad Pro is your choice. The MacBook Air packs a battery of 51mAh whereas the iPad Pro 12.9 inch has 1875mAh and the 11 inch has 7812mAh outstanding battery life. Conclusion - College student? Get either based on your preference and budget. Causal user? - Get the MacBook Air you won be needing much more than that the iPad Pro has features that you probably wouldn notice. Heavy user? You could get some of your tasks done on the iPad Pro but the MacBook Pro would be the obvious choice. Considering portability of course.
Why do people get MacBooks when they could get a cheaper, and more powerful, Windows laptop?
Why do people get MacBooks when they could get a cheaper and more powerful Windows laptop? italic I have owned an ASUS (Windows XP Home) an ACER (Vista) and a SONY VAIO (Windows 7) before eventually I said ENOUGHHHH! and purchased a MacBook Pro. ASUS was the best Windows-runningputer I have ever owned and it was because of Windows XP. I never experienced an unexpected blue screen or an update error that ended up with aputer that doesn boot. Unfortunately there was a hardware problem with that version of ASUS notebooks that they were suffering from cracks while mine also suffered from a broken monitor hinge. Then I moved to an ACER! It came with a pre-installed Windows Vista. Every cent I spent on thatputer has gone to waste because of both Microsoft and Acer. Vista was a total disaster! When I realized it wasn working reliably I tried to install Windows XP. All the drivers for XP were available on ACER website except the power management driver. The cooling fans were constantly running at maximum speed. Imagine the noise it used to make in the university library! Then I tried to install Windows 7 which seemed to be working but soon I started having unexpected shutdowns. Probably there was a problem with the motherboard but ACER service could not identify it in a month and returned the notebook back. Sometime later the graphics card was burned and the machine went to trash! SONY Vaio came pre-installed with Windows 7 Home. It did run perfectly for a year but then the hard drive failed. Then cracks appeared on the notebook although I treat all my electronic devices very kindly. After getting some blue screens and another hard drive failure I said ENOUGHHHH! On April 11th 213 I purchased a MacBook Pro (13u233 mid-212 non-retina). That notebook lasted 5.5 years before I sold it to someone in perfect working condition with minor issues. I upgraded its HDD with an SSD and went through grad school with it. I literally did not shut it down for 5 years. I installed COMSOL simulation software and run overnight simulations that kept the fans running all night. I installed Windows and run ANSYS simulations overnight and it did not give an error or shut down unexpectedly not even once! After 175 battery charge cycles I was still getting 536 hours from the battery before it gave a replace battery alert. The only time that MacBook Pro did shut down unexpectedly was due to Microsoft Office for Mac. The previous version of Office for Mac was very problematic; luckily Microsoft fixed them in new releases. I am now using a MacBook Air (the non-retina version with the good keyboard) and I am just as happy as I was with my previous MBP. In brief No one on this world can persuade me to buy a cheaper more powerful Windows laptop instead of a MacBook. horizontal-rule Added on March 13th 22 italic Thanks for yourments and 155 upvotes! Having read yourments I like to add a few things If I ever need to buy a notebook to run Windows in the future I will definitely buy a Lenovo ThinkPad. I trust the built quality and I love its keyboard! It indeed feels better than a Mac keyboard. I frequently check new Lenovo models and their prices. An X series ThinkPad which is as thin and light as the MacBook Air is one-third more expensive than the MacBook Air. The more affordable ones are actually bulky heavy and do not feel as solid as the Mac notebooks. It is that Mac notebooks have be less repairable and less upgradeable. Opening up the back cover of a MacBook to replace the hard disk and RAMs was an easy task. Most crucialponents are soldered on to the motherboard in the newer and current models. However this is for other brands that make thin form factor notebooks. Apple was the firstpany to make very thin and light notebooks and they had to implement soldering to fixponents to the motherboard with smaller connection ports. Those who self-repair and self-upgrade their notebooks were pissed including myself. I even purchased the previous generation MacBook Air just for a slightly better repairability when I will need it in the future. But soon within a decade or two maybe there won be separate RAMs or SSDs on the motherboards. A single monolithically integrated chip will include the processor the permanent storage and the random access memory. There will be no separate upgrades or repairs. If any part of this chip fails we will trash the entire thing. Until then happyputing! Added on August 18th 22 italic Thanks for yourments and 187 upvotes! I like to add a few things that I recently learned about and seem to have changed my choice of notebooks. My last Mac purchase (in 218) was a 217 MacBook Air instead of the newer model with the retina display because there were known problems with the keyboard of that model. As I focused only on the keyboard issue and availability of ports while selecting a Mac I totally missed the discussions about the security chips Apple started equipping its Macs since 218. This chip is capable of locking out the hardware if a 3rd party attempts to repair the display logic board keyboard or trackpad. The right to repair movement was initiated against this so-called monopoly in device repairs and I have been watching a lot of videos on YouTube about it. You can also read about it here Apple Blocking Third-Party Repairs on the New MacBook Pro s . Knowing that Apple Service Center charges very high prices for repairs I bought AppleCare with my MacBook Air to be on the safe side for three years. But I later learned that Apple puts sensors into Macs that change colour when they get into contact with water. But apparently these sensors could change colour even in very humid environments and this situation can be interpreted by Apple Service as water damage and voids the warranty even if there is no water damage. Recently Apple announced that they will equip their new Macs with ARM-based chips which will provide amazing performance and battery lifepared to the previous Intel-based Macs. This is exciting news but because of these repair-related issues I just can rely on Apple as a customer anymore. Even if I have AppleCare and three years warranty the 839% humidity in Singapore may indicate a non-existent water damage then I would have to pay a substantial amount of money to Apple for repairing myputer as I also cannot take it to a 3rd party repair shop. Honestly I will wait for at least a few years before I ever buy a new Mac again (and I am very sorry that I will have to postpone the ARM-based Mac experience) to see how Mac users will be affected by these repair issues in the near future.
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