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Add Page Greyed Out In Pages: What You Should Know

I figured this would also be an option, but it has not appeared!! A quick fix would be to add the images before the .doc file; or else I have to edit all of my images each time I edit a page. I'm using Adobe Acrobat (the one not for Windows) and I can't seem to get the page number to appear. I'm using MS PowerPoint 2024 (it came with Word on my Mac). — Mike Jones-Bentham Apr 23, 2024 — My issue is that each page is numbered in a text file, the numbers go through the document, but when I want to make a page edit, the numbers stop there. — Jason Smith I have an Acrobat Reader installed on my Mac and the numbers and images don't appear. I was unable to get any numbers in this format. What do I do? — Jake Nov 1, 2024 — I have been seeing the Word 2007-Page Manager grayed out for the last five years. Can't figure out a quick fix here but if you can add the pages manually to the document, that's the problem. — J. D. Balsamo-Taylor, USA Nov 1, 2024 — This is a pretty easy fixes. Just make sure that you include the pages in between other sections you want to have the new info. The Numbers can't be read in Word 2007. If anything, the text is all wrong. But the page numbers? Not only can't I read them, but they don't appear. Any ideas? — Steve Fitch When you move the mouse over the page number in the Word 2024 window, the mouse cursor gets obscured. If you move the mouse over the page, the cursor disappears! Nov 10, 2024 — What happens to the text under the page numbers in Word is that everything in the text gets invisible. What would be the easiest way to work around that? — Kevin Tulsa How to set up the PDF page numbers for a PDF document? PDF pages have numbering. They are all numbered like this : Pages 1-4 Pages 5-8 Pages 9-12 Pages 13-15 Pages 16-18 Pages 19-20 Page 21-25 — I'm pretty sure that page 26 is the end of the book because it starts the last chapter. I thought it would be helpful if I put the page numbers down as I go because I don't feel like typing it all in.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing add page greyed out in pages


On Facebook, if you look at someone 19s page and where it usually says add friend but instead it says 18follow 19 but is greyed out so you can 19t click on it, what does it mean they did?
You can friend them. Follow only. They may have unfriendliness you but can follow rather & see their posts.
What are some initiatives that focus on support, education, funding, and incubation for social innovation?
Social Innovation Incubators n Virtue Ventures Good Company Ventures Spark Seed Echoing Green Starting Bloc Unreasonable Institute (bears repeating) Mars DD in Canada n Internet & Mobile Tech Incubators n Plug and Play Tech Stars Y Combinator n University Based Incubators for Social Innovation n1) Tulane (I think it may be focused on the developing world but I'm not sure)n) Santa Clara University n) UNC Chapel Hill n also have a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem) MITn) Stanford n (also their D-school & B-school)nfor instance design & Nuru International & others havee from Stanfordn5) University of Michigan (including the William Davidson Institute)n) I would feel remiss not to mention Northwestern's program. n I would also check the list on Net Impact which should point to support for those s of programs. I imagine getting to exact dollar amounts for possible investments is a little tricky. You can probably find additional info through Ashoka & Gray Pinstripes . n And there are a variety of businesspetitions which are either targeted at social entrepreneurs or have a special category for social entrepreneurs which are quitepetitive but have decent funding. Finally if it is a for profit venture check out the top universities for entrepreneurs and dig down into their programs and the infrastructure &munity they offer students. Grant Based Funding for Social Entrepreneurs nHere are some more from the Swearer Center at Brown which are grant basedn Mega-list of Resources Accelerators & Incubators n 13 Ways to Fund Your Social Venture Here is a list of accelerator programs (not social innovation focused) but very useful if you can turn a profit
Why are the add friend and follow buttons greyed out on a friend 19s Facebook?
There may be several answers to your question one in particular is something from my own personal experiences from my personal Facebook account. Common reasons may be that A) they're no longer interested in receiving new friend requests or B) I may've been temporarily blocked by Facebook for following too many people and not enough followers. For example I'm following 3 people but only 1 of them are following me back or may not have any idea who I am or have any friends inmon to the people I've requested to follow and chose not to grant my request. The most likely scenario is probably answer B that you may've been temporarily blocked by Facebook for following more people than youre following following 've updated my previous answer and here's what I learned from Google search today If you've tried to add them and they've denied the request Facebook can remove the option for you to be able to add them again by greying out the add friend button. They may have their settings that only people with mutual friends can add them and if you have none then the button will appear greyed out.
Are there any little secrets to be found when reading G.R.R.M. 19s appendices at the end of the ASOIAF books?
I wouldn say there are any secrets but there are certainly benefits to reading them. It far far easier to remember who each character is when theyre mentioned at random when theyre listed on the back page. However I think there are little hints in them This is a photo Ive taken of the appendix for House Stark in the fifth book A Dance With Dragons italic . As per the usual all dead characters- Lysa Tully and Smalljon Umber for example both of whom died in the third book A Storm of Swords italic - have their names bracketed. This even applies to dead characters who are just missing like Gerion Lannister who is lost at sea but some fans think is alive. Gerion being bracketed out in every book appendix so far suggests to me he definitely dead at least as far as the author concerned. Look at the photo again. Im fairly certain Benjen definitely going to turn up alive in one of the final two books. He being kept for something. That the only thing I consider a secret if you want to call it that that Ive spotted in the appendixes though. horizontal-rule Edit I had a look through the A Feast For Crows Appendix as well which has House Westerling names under the House Lannister Appendix as their bannermen. Ser Raynald Westerling is also not bracketed out having released Grey Wind at the Red Wedding and being believed dead but no body ever being recovered. I probably add him to the same list of the Not Dead Just Yet I have Benjen on.
What is all the Quora slang, like A2A , BNBR , etc.?
There are already some excellent answers here but I can try to cover new ground. This is as basic as anyone can possibly get Upvote means that you found an answer orment helpful and clicked the upvote button on it. Downvote means that there was something significantly bad or unhelpful in the answer question orment so you clicked the downvote button. Three dot menu usually on the right side of your screen it holds all the extra options for editing changing settings etc. Looks like this u222u222u222 Content includes anything you add to Quora like questions answersments and blog posts. Quora blogs (changes name mid-219 now called Quora Spaces) mini-websites within Quora that many Quora users use to share their content that they liked write about random things or share their opinions. You can often submit a post to a blog There are some blogs that serve larger purposes on Quora like fixing bad questions or sharing answers that deserve to be published outside of Quora. Topics the little greyed out words at the top of questions these help writers and readers to find content that they enjoy and know about. Follow when you want to see the answers of a writer more regularly you go to their profile and select follow. This adds their writing to your feed. Turn on Notifications when you want to see everything new that a person writes you can go to their profile and turn on notifications which sends you a notification every time the person adds a new answer. Feed the page with all the mixed questions answers and suggestions from Quora about writers and topics to follow. Bios the small snippet of next to many writers names on their answers bios say why this person knows what they are talking about. Usually includes an occupation or personal experience that is relevant to the question. Mods Quora employees who monitor the site for users who break policies. Block when you would prefer not to interact with a certain Quora user or are being harassed by them you can go to their profile and permanently prevent them from interacting with you on Quora again. Edit-Block if you have violated a specific Quora policy and been reported moderators may be temporarily block you from adding content on Quora for a week or so. Ban if you have really egregiously violated Quora standards you may be banned from the site. Your profile may be deleted and you will never be allowed on Quora again even to read answers. Go Anon to post an answer or question using the anonymous function to hide your identity. A2A Ask To Answer a tool on questions that allows you to send the question to a specific Quora user or up to a number (15325) of users in order to request their answer to the question. BNBR Be Nice Be Respectful a core belief of Quora that users should treat each other with kindness and respect even when they disagree. Also that users should assume that anything they read was meant in the best way possible. Failure to follow this policy could be reported to moderation as harassment. OP Original Poster usually refers to the person who first asked the question TL;DR two possible meanings. Either a short summary of a very long segment by the person who wrote the long version or a rude way of saying that you thought an answer was too long to warrant the read and are trying to save other people the trouble of figuring that out for themselves. TWs Top Writers an award Quora gives to a few hundred exceptional writers each year through an internalpetition. Usually includes a badge on their profile a gift of some kind (Quora swag) an invitation to special Quora meetups to get to know other writers in person and access to Quora admins to provide feedback. Most Viewed Writers writers who have gotten into the top 1 most viewed category on a specific topic with their views in that topic over the last 3 days. This gets listed on their profile page as long as they remain in the top 1. Mute when you mute a person Quora removes their content from your feed and when you mute a topic it removes everything tagged with that topic from your feed. The person has no way of knowing they've been muted unlike blocking. Collapse if an answer receives a lot of downvotes OR if it violates a specific Quora policy and is reported to Quora moderation it will be collapsed (meaning hidden behind a Collapsed answers bar at the bottom of the question page but still visible with a click). You can appeal a moderation collapse by sending a message to moderation and anyone can upvote your answer and get it uncollapsed if it's been downvoted and collapsed. Merges sometimes two questions are very similar and can be answered identically. In that case Quora and the Quoramunity prefer to merge the two questions into one using the merge button found in the u222u222u222 menu on the question. Thisbines all the answers that already exist under one question. If you had answered both questions it selects one of your answers to save and removes one. There's also a ton of slang that initially forms in small parts of themunity and is gradually creeping into the mainstream. I won't catalogue all of it since some is very temporary slang. Just the important stuff like Everyone Dies22 (hypothetical scenario) topic tid 21613 a slogan coined by Dave Consiglio user 5552968 to describe his whimsically devastating answers to Quora many unpractically hypothetical science questions.
How do busy successful people get time to read a lot of books?...
They don get time but they make a time to read because busy successful people are usually well organized and self-disciplined. To believe this you should know how a successful person like Bill Gates is spares an hour everyday read books. He reads 5 books a year and annually shares two lists of his selected and favorite works of non-fiction and fiction A summer reading list and a winter reading list. Gates suggests setting aside at least an hour at a time for serious reading. This is not the kind of thing you can do five minutes here 1 minutes there. Magazine articles or short YouTube videos fit into those little slots. Here an article from on how Bill Gates Follows These 4 Rules to Get the Most From His Reading s ordered-list Take notes in the margins Taking notes makes him focus more and think hard about the topic he is reading. This is particularly with works of non-fiction. If he disagrees with a point the author makes in the books he writes his own viewpoint in the margin. Don't start what you can't finish Bill Gates does not start a book unless he knows he is going to finish it. It's my rule to get to the end he says. Paper books Vs. ebooks He thinks that over time he will make the switch. But for now Gates enjoys reading paper magazines and books. Perhaps this is not too practical for some people and the option of reading ebooks suits them better. Block out an hour per day For Gates reading a book is not something you can do five minutes here and five minutes there. You need to sit down with your book and devote an hour to it to be able to concentrate and ultimately enjoy it. Every night I'm reading a little over an hour. 2. Bill Gates blog on Books s s In this Books section of his blog you can see his latest write up reviews and video reviews of what he read. Currently what in his book bag Reading lists for summer winter and his favorites each year Here his review for Factfulness book written by Hans Rosling Write up by Gates n Why I want to stop talking about the developing world s# ( Why I want to stop talking about the developing world s# ) Video Review by Gates s His Blog
Is it necessary to submit all website versions in Google Search Console?
To get the mostplete visibility into your domain Google rmends that you create 4 variations of your domain s s This may seem a bit excessive and indeed in practice it may be. If you have valid redirects set up to control which URL format your users will see there may be no additional information provided by the other 3 formats. But it can also be good to monitor them all as a validation of your redirection (whether enforcing s or www or both). Google sees and s as separate sites so you should at a minimum monitor both of those. If you take the additional step to add www and non-www variations as well it unlocks the capability to tell Google which format you prefer your URLs to be presented in. Without registering both www and non-www this option is greyed out. Depending on which verification method you use you should be able to add all 4 variations without additional verification steps. (I prefer the DNS entry method because it less likely to be deleted later accidentally.) The good news is you can then consolidate all of these views into a single set. Just choose Create a set at the top of the home page add all 4 variations of your URLs give it a name and then you can view consolidated data by viewing your set as opposed to one URL.
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