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How do I convert a PDF to a Word on a Mac using Preview?
As far as I know Preview can convert PDF to Word. You can open a PDF in Preview copy the content and images and then paste them in a Word document. To convert a PDF to a Word and keep the formatting you need to use a PDF to Word converter.
How can you highlight specific text in a PDF using Preview on a Mac?
The answer is maybe. With respect to there are several sorts of PDFs (in my experience; Im no expert). One sort is just a document which has been saved as a PDF; for those you can highlight the in the usual way (click and drag) unless it has been copy protected. If that the issue google around for possible ways to unlock it. A second sort isprised of of the has been somehow converted to a stream perhaps by some sort of OCR process or simply by a person reading the content of the overlapping the visible (but uncopyable) image of the . This may seem silly but it allows presentation of the document with its visible italic appearance being that of the original while allowing copying (by making use of the content of the invisible layer). This sort of PDF should allow click-drag copying although the highlighted area may not align exactly with the visible .
On OSX how do you use Preview to delete the background of a small (about 20x20) image and still keep the image quality?
Open the Preview app Click on Help - Preview Help Select Show topics expand Edit e.g. PNG
Can I use reliance jio sim on any LTE phone after the initial activation on Lyf smartphone?
Lyf handset users who havepleted 9 days on Jio preview can now use Jio SIM on any 4G device. Yes you can but there seems to no point in opting for other phones since LYF mobile s offers VoLTE calling(Calls with HD quality). You will only be able to use data and normal calling on other phones. The other handsets now also available with VoLTE features. Also It depends on how you have acquired the Jio SIM. If is an employee trial SIM yes you can use it with any 4G capable dongle. If the SIM was acquired as a part of Samsung preview offer you can use the SIM in any device you want. If you buy the SIM after themercial launch it up to you which device you would choose to insert it in. ordered-list
How can I make it so that fillable PDF forms go back to "unfilled" when I close them and then open them again? (I'm currently using preview but would switch if need be)
This page seems to give an answer Disable autosave in Preview s
How does one remove the security measure in a PDF that prevents text from being read in text-to-speech? (For a purchased electronic copy of a school textbook. I can copy, but what gets copied is blank spaces. I am using Preview on a Mac.)
There are (at least) two sorts of PDF. One is just s of the pages. You might be able to get something useful by using an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) app.
How do I learn [math]\LaTeX[/math]?
What Martin said plus Start reproducing example s in TeX. The easiest way to do so is to pick a generated pdf and then try to reproduce it. You don't want aplete reproduction of the just enough so that you know how to do things like reproduction of formulas and environments. Through this process you will bump into all the things you don't know. )n While installing a distribution of LaTeX locally is the way to go you can also write in an online editor for example s s In order to follow steps 1 and 2 above you need to know how to start and end a document. Luckily clicking on writelatex and then on create a new paper will give you one to start with. )
Our new manager is forcing us to use Dreamweaver because “you can code and preview.” How do I convince her to let me keep using the editor I want?
Dreamweaver is pretty much the worst IDE available these days in my honest opinion. The preview is not accurate to modern browsers anyway and itpletely lacks the dev tools that all modern browserse with. If your boss insists on using DW herself then that's fine but I cannot understand why any boss would care which editor you personally want to use so long as you get your work done especially since some of the best ones are totally free! If it were me I'd be polishing my resume but I think it's worth having a conversation with your boss to try and understand why she is so insistent. Perhaps you can agree to disagree on which tool is best and simply use the one you are each mostfortable with on your ownputers )