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Can't Insert Pages Into PDF: What You Should Know

The greyed-out box is to prevent an error while opening the document. I'm having a problem where Acrobat won't read .docx or .dock files in my app. — Apple Support Communities Please see the following link for assistance: I am using Microsoft Word 2024 or 2012. When I save the new file, or insert it into a file and then edit it, it appears in the file as a “template” rather than the version I'm editing. — Microsoft Support Communities I received this error while trying to edit a document: A page of text is hidden… Please see the following link for assistance: Where is the File menu of Acrobat? — Acrobat Forums How to move PDF into another PDF? — Adobe Support Forums How to Add Page from PDF File? — Acrobat Forum In the Document menu, where the file is inserted, there is no page or page number or even the option to choose another Page. — Adobe Support Forums I tried to add a Page and all Pages in the document are greyed out. — Adobe Support Forums I tried to add a Page and there is no text to the left of “Add Page…” in the Document menu, or the option to choose another Page is greyed out. — Adobe Support Forums How to add a page from a document I find the option to choose from other Pages in the drop-down in the Insert from File dialog is too simple. — Adobe Support Services Forums Sep 29, 2024 — You can't use this when inserting from a PDF file because “Acrobat won't parse it”. To read if it's: When you select File > New Page, select Page and you will see the number of pages displayed and some instructions on what to do. It is not valid. You will need to open the document and make a new document. There are other ways for adding Page in a PDF file, please see the following link: The Insert From File menu should appear by default in the document editor. In the document editor, there is still only one option called “Insert/Replace Page”. However, when you click in it, Acrobat displays no options. (See also: “How to select an image as a Page or a page”). I don't have the option to change Pages, which makes a page unusable.

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