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Okay in this video I'm going to show you how to edit your PDF file so I'm going to open up Foxit reader I'm going to this is just their little cover page so I'm going to go file open and it comes up with this particular menu so you're going to go to computer then you're going to go find your folder on your particular machine might happens to be in this particular one here because I already reset it up so the search and find the PDF file that you want to edit I'm going to double click it open it up now once it gets open I am going to go and kind of pre can this already but it would normally show you a page 1 I'm going to go to page 16 17 sorry got to get to the right page 17 and we have on page 17 of this particular one the conclusion we've got two areas now I'm going to zoom this in just a little bit here all right click here to grab the supplemental report right so what you're going to do is you're going to put a link there to wherever the supplemental report is alright then this one down here click here to join the group now that would probably be the Facebook group your Facebook group our Facebook group whatever you're going to do that so how do you do that we're on this particular page we click the link up here under home and it says link then what we're going to do is we're going to draw a rectangular box over this particular area that we want to have as a hot link so we're going to do that we're going to click open a web link we'll click Next alright and enter URL for that link so in this particular case here you would put in your membership link or wherever this particular report is so they could you know do it or whatever so you're going to put a link in here now I'm going to put in dummy links cpp colon slash slash boom save that and now that link is set up and all set to go then you come down here we're still selected unlink we enter click here to join the group we go through the same process open a web link click next put in HTTP dummy link again I'm just doing dummy links all right those are the two links on page 17 of this report other reports it could be on different page you'll just have to look to see what page it would be on this case we also go to page 18 see 18 of 18 and we're going to do the same thing link we're going to highlight this one here boom open web link enter a web link for where you want it to go alright you get.