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Foxit PDF Editor Licence: What You Should Know

Fox It Desktop, PDF Desktop Publishing, etc.), will be automatically granted on purchase, unless you cancel it at a time  Fox it PDF Editor Pro Plus Desktop Licensing — User Guide Please visit the Fox it desktop product page to download the application, the Desktop Licensing Guide, and the Remote Access guide.   User Guide: Remote Access The license of the application and the license of your computer will be the same. Fox it desktop license is a limited license that allows you unlimited access to this software on your computer. The following steps are mandatory. If you miss any of them, you will be unable to use your software: The software will automatically start after installation, so you can begin working when the window displays with the application icon. You can get the software from Fox it Software Online Store ( ). Download the Software from Fox it online Store and install it. After you have installed it, click the Start button on your computer. Enter your password for a user account. It is the same password you use for your Apple ID at the Apple App Store, the “Forgot password” button. You will see the login button in Fox it desktop application, it will not be grayed out. If you don't see the login button, it means you can not log in at the moment. Click the button in the center of the window that looks like a red circle with a vertical gray-out line behind it, this button will be the one that allows you to start working with the application immediately. After a few seconds, the application will start on your computer. This process will automatically shut down the installed copy of the software if the computer is no longer connected to the internet (internet connection must be maintained). After the application shuts down, it will prompt you to restart your computer using the restart button on the panel in the center. The desktop application will be available to you for a short time only. Please keep this in mind. Using the app you will be able to make all the features of the application available to you, but there are limitations. All the features in the app are controlled by the settings of the remote desktop application. All the features are accessible in the Remote Access application but not all of them in the application itself. To make those features available in the remote desktop application, you need to log into the application as another user account.

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