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Why Can't I Add A Page In Pages: What You Should Know

This is your first time trying to add a page, we'll start with a quick tutorial. Select the page where you want the new page to follow. Click Add Page from the toolbar How to create a page from a section on the page How to create a new page from a section on the page If you're going to follow this tutorial, here's how to do the following: From the bottom right corner of the screen (not the toolbar), click in the top left corner in the toolbar, then choose Tools and select Document from the menu. In the top right corner, if the page you're currently in has a page break, in the Tools menu, choose Pages > Page Break, and click inside it as shown. If you're not in “Pages” and are using a “Web App” (such as Safari or IE), then navigate to the “Home”, then choose “My Pages”. You should then see the page break you just created, as shown on the right. The right side of your screen should now have a blank vertical strip. From the horizontal strip of blank vertical blank, click on Edit > New Page... When your edit window opens, you'll see a blank vertical strip as shown. You now have the option of either clicking the horizontal strip to create a new page on that corner of your screen as shown, or you can click and drag a line from one edge of your blank vertical strip up to the center of the page as shown. You should then have a new blank vertical strip as shown below in green. It is also possible to add a blank strip (left), edit the strip to add a line (the blue line), then drag this line from top of strip to the center of the page as shown. You can now either click the orange strip of red stripes to create a new page (right) or drag this line from side of strip to the top of strip as shown. You can also drag the stripe up (left) and down (right). Furthermore, you should also see a blank strip as shown below in purple, which can be used to add pages, as shown on the right. Furthermore, you can use this to create a new vertical strip with a blank page inside to create a new page in the same color.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing why can't i add a page in pages


What keyboard shortcuts should Quora add?
Keyboard shortcuts as a feature are only helpful for power users. Maven users require tight control over their experience while casual users have enough trouble with the existing Quora paradigms. This said shortcuts are sorely needed. Ideally they'll be baked into the product instead of shoved into a browser extension. My 2ua2 Feed navigation n j & k Progress down & up the feed (alt. n & p preferably not 3 & 1) Add pointer next to selected question. e.g. u25bb (Unicode 9659) + or = Upvote selection - Downvote selection m Expand a teaser selection (the more ) o or enter Enter question's full view f Follow question r Respond (add answer to question) h Share (should be merged with Ask to Answer IMO) n Site-widen Jump to Quora (search) bar g then h Go home g then i Go to inbox g then p Go to profile g then d Go to drafts g then g Go to topic groups ? Pull up cheat sheet in lightbox overlay (show markup shortcuts too) Esc Exits active field or dialog box n Rich editorn Browser standardsn u2318 + b Bold u2318 + i Italicize u2318 + u Underline The rest aren't shortcuts but proposed italic markup italic when editingn for blockquote e.g. For blockquote * for bulleted list * Bullet 1 n * Bullet 2 Automatic 1. 2. 3. numbering should make a list only when used consecutively 1. Blah n 2. Blah n 3. Blah n Reviewer feed navigation n shift + r Toggles reviewer tools e Edit selection (question or answer) When editing a question topics question and details fields should all expand for editing. Admin feed navigation (and random review mode)n a s d Approve skip deny (can also be adapted for normal feed nav) g then r Go to review page n Other considerationsn Perhaps most importantly tab must be implemented to jump to submit and cancel buttons and between fields for both ease-of-use and web accessibility standards. Make these keys customizable from Settings (accessibility). Modifier keys should be avoided at all costs (inter-browserpatibility). Don't default to search focus on the home page. nThis basic set can be expanded as usage paradigms are established. Feature creep is a silent killeryou're on a website in a browser not in Vim ( editor) topic tid 1216 !
Why is getch() used in C programming?
We can experience getch() in most of the programs. Most of us unknowingly it in almost every program we write. I also did it in my initial stage of learning. We can say from its usage that it has its importance. Why is it even used? When we try out any program we might have experienced a problem like; sometimes thepiler exit to the program tab as soon as we give some input value for the result. Such of issues will disable us to wait until the output is shown. It means when we give some input for our required result it gone to the home page. This thing is a great disadvantage beacuse we can't verify our output. Eg Let us take that we have written a program on Multiplication Tables. Program for Multiplication Table void main() int t i; printf( Enter a number); scanf( %d &n); for(i=1; i<=1; i++) printf( %3d*%3d = %5dn tit*i); When we such program and run it. According to our program it will ask a input of the table which we want as output. Enter a number Let us take we have given input of 63 or something. Now we have to press Enter button for the output. After pressing the Enter key what we observe is that we have been return to the initial program page. Now what happened? The program was correct there were no errors. Why did it didn show up any result for it? Let's try it again. Run the program. If we run the program for next time we can observe the result of previous input value 63 i.e we will see 63 table. So what happened previous time? All I want to say is that we need to define some holding function to hold thepiler until we have satisfied our need. Nowes getch() into the picture getch() satisfies this holding property. Now rewrite the same program using getch() #include
Does content on Quora need to be written in English?
Quora requires that content on English Quora ( ) be written in English. Foreign language is allowed as long as the is translated and necessary for the questions and answers. Translations and interpretations requests are also okay. For instance the question What does the title of Y tu mamue1 tambiue9n mean in English? is fine because it isprehensible by an English speaker. Quora is also available in other languages citation target answer aid 75292864 title Quora's answer to What languages does Quora support? index 1 unique_id WWNjf . In these language versions of Quora you may write content in the supported language. To join other language versions go to your Settings page at . More languages will be available in the future.
What is a good list of resources for startups in Boston?
Boston is the capital of Massachusetts in the USA. Boston is the centre of education because of many colleges and universities built. It's been hard for the startups to find the best resource in Boston. But as Boston acts as education centre school alumni resource acts as best resource for the startups. Massachusetts Small Business Development Centre acts as other good resource for the startups in Boston. Resources like website magazines and ges act as good resources. contentmart . is online freelancing website gives opportunity for the startups all over the world. Meet ups in the local area of Boston is another resource to introduce with startups with other entrepreneurs. Masschallenge bolt TechStars LearnLaunch TiE ScaleUp Founder Institute NeuroLaunch Power Launch Smarter in the city Leangap are few startup accelarator in the Boston. Few startup incubators in the Boston are Greentown Labs Hack RaizLabs XLR8 M2D2 e.
What are the best Python scripts you've ever written?
I am aputer engineer with 15 years of experience. I have created multiple python scripts (similar to many scripts described already ) for daily usage tasks. However my best python script would be facebook automation. The setup includes a selenium driver on firefox. The script is triggered once every 6 hours on a dedicatedputer. The scripts opens web browser and logs in with my account. Some of thing it can do are listed Parse my full friend list and create an xml with all relevant details. (This is important as later steps take action only on feeds from people in this created xml.) Scroll the feedpage and take actions on individual feeds. By default it will like any profile pic cover pic change. If other people congratulate my friend it can parse thement like the feed andment congratulation message. I am anonymous because most likely it against facebook policies to use this kind of scripts for daily interaction. EDIT 1 This edit section is for people who are interested in knowing how the whole script works. I will try to keep it minimal so that it doesn be too technical. The script has 3 main work areas Navigation Navigate to a webpage scroll the page etc. Action Take some action on specific element based on info collected. ordered-list Navigation Selenium driver gives the direct capability to launch a browser navigate to a scroll down etc. Hence this part is pretty much straight forward. Info collection This is one of the most hard parts. On firefox you can right click any element and inspect it . Inspect Element gives details of what the html code for an element looks like Here is a snapshot of what firefox shows when i inspect a friend name in my friends list. The class of div element is very important. I now know that whenever i will parse an element of this class it will have the details of my friend (name etc ) I first statically find these elements manually and then hardcode them in my script. I can now parse necessary elements and collect the information present in those via selenium. Selenium gives the api to extract each information of an element. For e.g. I can extract the href in above picture and i can save the of my friend. This example also covers first point of my script of how i created xml of all my friends. I need to parse my friends list only once and save it for future use until i add a friend. In a similar way we can parsements count events etc . Action Once we have collected the information we can apply our own programming logic to that information. For e.g if someone hasmented Nice picture we can post a similarment. Selenium provides the api to click on element in a area etc. So for like we simply click on Like element with that specific class. That all folks.
What is a selenium tester doing in real time?
January 1 218 I get to the office this morning. The weather is bad as usual in the last 2 weeks with cold and heavy rain. The office is warm and dry so I put myself a cup of coffee to increase the level of energy. Where did I stop yesterday? I was working on the maintenance feature. 6 months ago I automated the Add scenarios for the items that can be maintained such as products clients categoriespanies. Not all items were working so I ignored the ones still in development. Today I can work on the remaining ones (users permissions attributes). I did a bit of exploratory testing yesterday for them and they seem ready. The maintenance feature uses similar pages for adding a new item and editing an existing one. The fields are all different on the Add and Edit pages but the page design is identical. I will start by reading the code from 6 months ago to remember how I implemented the add functionalities for the previous items. I can continue the same approach for the remaining items. horizontal-rule 1 hour later. The code is a bunch of . And I wrote it. Honestly this is what it is no other way of looking at it. I understand why it is this way but dont agree to it any longer. Each item has a page class called AddEditProducts or AddEditClients which inherits from a generic AddEdit base class. italic The AddEdit base class provides methods that are useful for adding and editing any items such as find an element on the page select an option on a list element generate random data to be used for an element save changes and close the page The page classes (example AddEditProducts AddEditClients) use the AddEdit methods to either add or edit an item. I do this mistake over and over. Some bad practices are difficult to avoid s ( Create a base page with methods that aremon to multiple classes and make each page class inherit from it. And every time Ie back and redo the code without inheritance. Because inheritance is just not the way. Composition is. italic The code of the AddEdit base page is ho-rri-ble. I have a hard time understanding what some methods do and I wrote them. italic If a developer would review this code he would probably not stop his WTFs as response to what he has to review. The funnyices to mind and makes me laugh even if the code is in this case mine How do I make the code better and reduce the number of WTFs? horizontal-rule 2 hours later. The AddEdit base page will go away. The methods for saving changes saving changes and closing and canceling changes will go into a save widget class. Then since the test data shoulde from the test it should be created by a dedicated class. The base class methods that generate random data will be moved to a class that deals only with the test data. The remaining methods for finding elements and creating their locators will be just deleted. No point moving them anywhere else since I have custom classes now for each of HTML element. So good bye base class! italic I will need to write on my arm to remember whenever you think about inheritance you are wrong! Now about the page classes the AddEditClients and AddEditProducts why the f... did I do this? Yes the add and edit pages are similar but there are differences as well. A class should have one responsibility either to add an item or to edit one. I will break each page class in 2 classes then AddClient EditClient AddProduct EditProduct etc. Each will have its own locators and methods. There will be a bit of duplication among the locators but it is ok. Better this than having the AddEditClients class. I can deal with this duplication later. Both the AddClient and EditClient classes can use better design through additional widget classes s . Instead of doing everything for each page in one class I can break the one class in multiples one for each widget. The SaveWidget class will deal with the save save and close and cancel buttons. I will have to figure out how to create widgets for the remaining content of the add and edit pages. horizontal-rule What time is it? Already 1 pm? Time to go for lunch then. No more coding after lunch since the sprint just ended and there are a few meetings about it (sprint review demo etc). I will continue on the add and edit pages tomorrow now that I know what to do. horizontal-rule More about a Selenium tester day below January 18 s
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