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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing pages won't let me delete a blank page
Instructions and Help about pages won't let me delete a blank page

Have you ever finished a document and been really pleased with the way it all looks and then just before you print it or send it to someone you realize that it flows onto a second page and there's nothing on that next page and try as you might no matter how many times you press delete' or backspace' that page is not disappearing in this video I'm going to show you four quick simple ways to get rid of that deadly last blank page oh it can be really irritating when you've just finished creating a document you've got everything just perfect and then you scroll to the bottom and finds you have an extra page a blank page nothing on it at all and you go to get rid of it and you can't microsoft word just will not allow you to get rid of that last page you can try hitting backspace you can try hitting delete you can click on the previous page right at the end of it and hit delete for all you like you can try and highlight between the two pages and do backspace or delete it's no good nothing seems to get rid of that last blank page what I'm going to do is show you four very quick very simple and easy tricks that you can do which will help you get rid of that last page you'll generally only ever need one of them but which one you choose will in some cases depend upon the formatting of your document so you might want to try one see what it ends up looking like and if you don't like it try another so let's move straight away onto a technique one technique one is to change the amount of space the top or the bottom of the page in your document very easy to do this we'll use the ruler which at the moment does not appear anywhere on the screen so what we'll need to do is click on the View tab at the top of the ribbon and then click ruler that brings up the ruler along the top and on the left hand side and what we need to do is just find the split between the needed area at the bottom and the white section the white section is of course where the content of your document will go the shaded area is the footer section at the bottom of your page we can reduce the height of that footer section which will slightly pull your document down and should get rid of this bottom page underneath for put my mouse just on the split between the shaded area and the white area on the ruler on the left hand side you can see the mouse pointer changes to a double-headed white arrow there so I'm going to click and I'm going to drag down slightly and then bingo there we are.