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Why Can't I Delete A Page In Pages: What You Should Know

Drag the cursor to a blank space on your screen. Click the trash can icon to remove the page from your document. 4) Press Control-C and delete the page. You can delete a page by just clicking on it. This is more efficient than clicking on the small Delete icon in the bottom right corner of each page layout. How to Delete a Thumbnail — Edit > Delete To delete a thumbnail, select it by clicking Edit in the toolbar. Press Delete at the bottom of the Edit window. How To Delete a Page Layout — Edit > Delete To delete a page layout you must select the page layout using Edit > Delete in the toolbar. How to Delete a Page — Edit > Delete Click on the thumbnail to delete. Then, select the page you want to delete in the toolbar and click Delete. You can do either of these. Delete a page or a page layout…  Click on the thumbnail to delete it.  Remove the page at the end of an empty file with Pages — Easy Delete This feature is similar to the Add, Delete, and Delete menu (below). It's in Pages 2.13 (now Mac App Store) or later. It's the Delete button in the bottom right corner of empty pages under the Thumbnail sidebar. How to Delete a Page Layout — Edit > Delete To delete the page layout, select it in the sidebar, click Edit in the toolbar, and select Delete from the Delete menu. How To Delete A Page — Edit > Reset When you delete a page layout with this menu, Pages for Mac automatically restarts it. And it won't save a layout with this menu. How to Delete A Page — Select All To hide the Select All button from the Clear Page menu, click the Clear page button in the toolbar. How to Delete A Page by Hand Step 1: Click on the page you want to delete. Step 2: Click on the Choose option (it's in the top left corner). Step 3: Click on the Choose option in the bottom left of the Choose dialog. Step 4: Click Delete. Step 5: Click Close. Click on Page Layout Page. When the page layout opens, drag it to the trashcan. How to Create a Page Layout Click Menu → Add → Page Layout → Thumbnail.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing why can't i delete a page in pages


How do I delete my Quora account?
Quora allows users to delete their account if they choose to do so. Deleting your Quora account means that the following content will be removed from public view your profile including photos and bio your answersments blog posts votes endorsements and messages. Questions you may have asked will remain since questions on Quora aremunity owned but will not be associated with your name publicly. Deletion of your account is not reversible italic italic once the process isplete. Alternatives to deletion include Deactivation answer aid 6844848 Deleting individual pieces of content such as answersments or posts ordered-list If you are certain you wish to delete your account visit your account privacy settings and choose Delete Account. Once you confirm your account will be deactivated immediately and the deletion process will begin. If you login during the next 14 days the account will be reactivated and deletion will be canceled. italic Once the 14-day grace period has expired and your account has been deleted your content and profile will be permanently deleted and personal data associated with your account will be removed from Quora databases. Keep in mind that your content may have been republished or shared by others outside of Quora. Account deletion here does not remove any s or data hosted by others. If you have further questions regarding account deletion contact us using our contact form .
What is a selenium tester doing in real time?
January 1 218 I get to the office this morning. The weather is bad as usual in the last 2 weeks with cold and heavy rain. The office is warm and dry so I put myself a cup of coffee to increase the level of energy. Where did I stop yesterday? I was working on the maintenance feature. 6 months ago I automated the Add scenarios for the items that can be maintained such as products clients categoriespanies. Not all items were working so I ignored the ones still in development. Today I can work on the remaining ones (users permissions attributes). I did a bit of exploratory testing yesterday for them and they seem ready. The maintenance feature uses similar pages for adding a new item and editing an existing one. The fields are all different on the Add and Edit pages but the page design is identical. I will start by reading the code from 6 months ago to remember how I implemented the add functionalities for the previous items. I can continue the same approach for the remaining items. horizontal-rule 1 hour later. The code is a bunch of . And I wrote it. Honestly this is what it is no other way of looking at it. I understand why it is this way but dont agree to it any longer. Each item has a page class called AddEditProducts or AddEditClients which inherits from a generic AddEdit base class. italic The AddEdit base class provides methods that are useful for adding and editing any items such as find an element on the page select an option on a list element generate random data to be used for an element save changes and close the page The page classes (example AddEditProducts AddEditClients) use the AddEdit methods to either add or edit an item. I do this mistake over and over. Some bad practices are difficult to avoid s ( Create a base page with methods that aremon to multiple classes and make each page class inherit from it. And every time Ie back and redo the code without inheritance. Because inheritance is just not the way. Composition is. italic The code of the AddEdit base page is ho-rri-ble. I have a hard time understanding what some methods do and I wrote them. italic If a developer would review this code he would probably not stop his WTFs as response to what he has to review. The funnyices to mind and makes me laugh even if the code is in this case mine How do I make the code better and reduce the number of WTFs? horizontal-rule 2 hours later. The AddEdit base page will go away. The methods for saving changes saving changes and closing and canceling changes will go into a save widget class. Then since the test data shoulde from the test it should be created by a dedicated class. The base class methods that generate random data will be moved to a class that deals only with the test data. The remaining methods for finding elements and creating their locators will be just deleted. No point moving them anywhere else since I have custom classes now for each of HTML element. So good bye base class! italic I will need to write on my arm to remember whenever you think about inheritance you are wrong! Now about the page classes the AddEditClients and AddEditProducts why the f... did I do this? Yes the add and edit pages are similar but there are differences as well. A class should have one responsibility either to add an item or to edit one. I will break each page class in 2 classes then AddClient EditClient AddProduct EditProduct etc. Each will have its own locators and methods. There will be a bit of duplication among the locators but it is ok. Better this than having the AddEditClients class. I can deal with this duplication later. Both the AddClient and EditClient classes can use better design through additional widget classes s . Instead of doing everything for each page in one class I can break the one class in multiples one for each widget. The SaveWidget class will deal with the save save and close and cancel buttons. I will have to figure out how to create widgets for the remaining content of the add and edit pages. horizontal-rule What time is it? Already 1 pm? Time to go for lunch then. No more coding after lunch since the sprint just ended and there are a few meetings about it (sprint review demo etc). I will continue on the add and edit pages tomorrow now that I know what to do. horizontal-rule More about a Selenium tester day below January 18 s
How do I reactivate my Instagram after it has been temporarily disabled?
How do I reactivate my Instagram after it has been temporarily disabled? Answer is - s horizontal-rule When some younger abandoned kid hangs out around an older adult long enough and that older adult starts to love the kid as their own. They be a father figure to them. It a very sweet and heartfelt relationship in a movie series. I can see why they would incorporate that. But it also teaches kids who don have parents or who have toxic parents to hold the expectation that the other adults in their lives will accept them and be parental figures for them. So long as they get close enough to them. Because that exactly what happens in the shows and movies. Over and over. italic They see it all the time. So it must be right? Other authority figures in these orphaned kids lives will automatically take on parental roles for them? Well sometimes italic this can happen. But in most cases it doesn italic . Taking on a parental role for a child that is not your own is a huge responsibility to hold up. Especially if this child is older and you weren around to raise them at a young age such as a teenager. I used to believe this growing up that other older women in my life could take on a mother role in my life. Because it always happened on TV right? It must italic be realistic. But I was constantly disappointed by authority figures because this expectation was way too high of a pressure to place on them. This relationship is not entirely realistic . The chances of this of relationship actually occurring in real life are slim italic . And this gives hope to kids growing up in terrible homes. It probably an unrealistic detail you wouldn usually notice too considering how they make it seem so real on TV and we like to assume people in authority will help others below them. But sadly in reality this doesn happen as often as TV shows give off.
What are the worst U-turns made by BJP after forming the government? Before the Lok Sabha elections, BJP made many promises, but it slowly seems it's taking many U-turns.
Sinceing into power Modi Government has took many key U-Turns from its own Poll promises. Lets count.. The count here is around 3 though if you separate it as claims came one after another the count may go beyond 45. (1) Electricity RatesnBJP before Delhi Polls promised 3% cheaper electricity but after assuming power at center and as Delhi was under President's rule it was the duty of Central Government to propose Delhi budget the Modi government took U-Turn and since then increased the Electricity twice. Once in July by % and in November by 7%. Not only that when AAP government ordered CAG Audit of Power Dis and dis are not co-operating with CAG instead of asking Dis to co-operate they are increasing electricty charges.. nBJP Promise in 213 n BJP promises cheaper power vegetables in Delhi | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis nU-Turn nJuly - Delhi Power tariff raised by % for all 3 dis - Hindustan Times n November - Business Standard n(2) Its known fact that BJP is stern opponent of Article 37 and even mentioned it in their manifesto that they will scrap Article 37 but recently as Polls in J&K are due so BJP is again taking Election 214 Manifeston s 586 65 There are many more U-Turns taken by Modi Government like free Visa to Bangladeshis Diesel Price Hike (though it has been reduced now due to global price reduction but they increased it earlier) Bowing down to Khap Panchayat which disrespects women Low government advertisement regarding government achievements and Augusta Westland are some U-Turns which are good for the country but it exposes the hypocrisy of BJP which disturbed many parliament session and its workers destroyed many buses public properties when UPA done it thus wasting the tax-payers money. Whether in government or in opposition BJP is adopting UPA policies at will and taking U-Turns for which they have done massive destruction of public property and tax payer money by disrupting parliament sessions.
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